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'Specialist' and 'Holistic' are the two terms that epitomize the approach followed by Experts' Global. A student works with a team of specialist Mentors- an Advising Mentor who defines the theme of application and choice of schools, a Writing Mentor who guides in preparing impeccable and impactful essays, an Applications Mentor who helps with the online application, resume, and recommendation letters, and an Interview Mentor, who helps with rigorous interview preparation. Result is authentic, holistic admissions consulting that leads to a smooth experience and robust results!

Before you enroll, get an exhaustive profile evaluation conducted and receive a Guarantee Statement- the Least Possible Admits and Scholarships. In an unlikely scenario that the Guarantee Statement is not met despite your due cooperation, entire fee is refunded- something that is yet to happen! Learn more.

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     By atul_mishra 3 1

Confession #1: Not too many people have a sense of purpose in life and I was no different. An economics degree and three promotions later, I decided to take the ‘next logical step’. In the search of self-discovery, I deliberately applied to a lot of b-schools. I mean, a lot. Was it worth it? For me, it was. The Experts’ admission process forced me to reflect upon my past, including accomplishments and setbacks. Why an MBA? Why now? My career goal? What am I good at? All these questions helped me create a rock-solid platform, from where I could launch myself with more confidence.

Please note that the admission process is exhausting and expensive. You need to have a balance between your dream, practical and safe schools. Experts’ Global brilliantly tackled the challenge that was tripping me up, understanding which schools to apply to. They helped me select a list of 11 programs that would be best for furthering them, keeping in mind factors like budget, scholarship opportunities, post-MBA goals etc. Later, I added two more programs to this list. My mentor made sure that I had a good understanding of my profile’s strengths and weaknesses.

Confession #2: I do not have a score of 700 or above.

Having said that, my mentor encouraged me to dig deep into my profile and identify things that make me unique. A successful MBA candidate is more than his or her GMAT score. It’s the overall package that helps you get selected since one weak point can be compensated by other strong aspects of your profile. Experts’ helped me understand that, as they took me through the process. They knew exactly how to write essays with strong themes that could really convey my “story”, as a professional and an applicant. It really helped me gain a lot of confidence in my chances for admits. They divided the process into a series of milestones, some of which were my responsibility and some theirs. Again, I found these practices to be very good for maintaining maximum clarity.

Confession #3: Results matter.

With help from Experts’, I received interview calls from Ivey, Notre Dame, ISB, HKU, Imperial, Questrom, and Simon. Out of these I was waitlisted at ISB and received admits to Questrom, Simon (with 50% scholarship), and Notre Dame (with a $70K scholarship)

In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend Experts’ Global for their MBA admission package. It’s a bargain when compared to other admission consultants. The team was really easy to keep in touch with, they responded to all of my queries promptly and made sure to share information amongst themselves so that everyone was updated regarding my status.

PS: Be ready to do the heavy lifting. Unless you have absolute clarity of your career / post-MBA goals, I would suggest to apply to more number of schools and get a clarity during the admission process (if you can shell out some more $$$). To avoid fatigue, the applications may be divided among different rounds of different schools.

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In depth interview preparation
February 09 | 2019
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By nayakabinash 0 0

As with the rest of my MBA application process, I felt a little bit lost when it came to my interviews. Even though I had some understanding of how to conduct myself in an interview I was sure that there would be some type of nuance that I was missing. I had taken Experts’ Global’s guidance on my application process, up to that point and I knew that I would definitely benefit from further guidance. Experts’ Global’s interview preparation turned out to be excellent, just like the rest of their admission consultancy. It is a very clear and methodical process that gave me all the information I needed and helped me build practical skills, as well. First,I watched fifteen video lectures that covered all of the information I needed to know. I mean the videos covered what type of answers I should give, proper body language, etc. I was especially glad to see that they also covered specific questions, such as what to do if I did not know how to answer a question. After I had thoroughly gone through the videos, I filled out a questionnaire that covered the thirty most common MBA interview questions. Finally, my interview mentor held a series of mock interviews. She based the mocks on my answers to the questionnaire, to address my blind spots. This approach really worked, I had three mocks, (with a feedback session after each one) and I improved with every one of them. I really gained a lot of confidence, too, and was quite sure of myself going into the interviews. When I interviewedwith Sauder, Questrom, and Smith, I could tell that I had cleared the interview and would be getting the admit. I was right by the way. I ended up with four admits, with scholarship; Carlson-USD 36,600 per year, Smith-95% scholarship, Purdue-USD 20,000 per year, and Sauder USD 17500 per year. I also got two admits, without a scholarship, to Questrom and Schulich. Experts’ Global’s interview preparation was beyond excellent. I cannot begin to describe how much it taught me and helped me.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By nayakabinash 0 0

From experience, I can tell you that MBA applications are no joke. The entire process of applying to MBA programs is very complex, at every stage there are so many factors to consider. Even before you can start looking at the admission requirements, there are several intense steps. I was, frankly, overwhelmed and the more I learned about what type of applications I would need to put together, to get a seat at a prominent business school, the more lost I felt.
Thankfully, I was able to find an admissions consulting firm, as fine as Experts’ Global! The guidance I received at this firm, completely, changed how I looked at the admissions process. They managed to make everything crystal clear and guided me through the whole thing so well that I never had to worry about anything. Experts’ Global’s admission consultancy is end to end. That means that they cover the entire process, from start to finish. From what I have seen, it is not very common to find MBA admission consultants that offer this kind of coverage.
The admission team that I worked with was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. They had a great deal of information about MBA programs from all over the world, were always very fast in replying to my queries and were very accommodating of any additional requests I had. They also used a set of video lectures to explain how the whole process would work, before we really got started. This really helped me understand the admissions process and gain some confidence. I also had a very helpful conversation with one of my mentors that helped me to further understand and put my mind at ease.
The first big help that Experts’ Global gave me was in my profile analysis and school shortlisting. I had no idea how to judge my own profile and the countless MBAprograms, out there, but Experts’ Global was able to perfectly understand my background and career goals and help me pick out a set of schools that would be right for me. They also helped me understand how these schools should then be narrowed down, considering factors like geography, scholarships, etc. This step was, probably, what was overwhelming me the most. There were so many factors to consider and so many potential schools to apply to that I did not know how to start!One aspect of the team that was a real help here was the fact that they were very straightforward and honest with me.Once this first step was cleared the rest became much easier. I started out with a list of four schools to apply to and as my confidence grew, I increased that number to eight and then nine.
The other area in which Experts’ Global was a tremendous help was in writing the application material. They prepared an extremely crisp admission resume, for me, and their essay work was beyond excellent. I went into the process not really knowing how good MBA application essays are written and was actually a little surprised by what Experts’ Global told me is the proper approach. They told me that best essays are the ones that have a “story” element to them, not just facts. How my writing team approached this was to look for common themes in my background, my current MBA pursuit and my long and short career goals and use those to bring all three together into a sort of overarching narrative. The essays they wrote, using this narrative, were better than anything I could have written in ten years.
Beyond this, managing the applications themselves was very easy, using the milestone approach. Any doubts I had about the applications were answered well in time and I was able to finish the application, without the deadlines becoming a concern.
A third part of the process that Experts’ Global was very helpful with was interview prep. As I said earlier, they offer guidance on every part of the admission process, this includes the interviews. I took up three mock interviews and went through the interview prep videos that Experts’ Global provided, to prepare for my real ones at Questrom, Maryland Smith, Fisher, Carlson, Purdue, Sauder, and Krannert. This training was very helpful and by the time of my interview at Sauder, Questrom, and Smith I was completely confident that I would clear them and I did! I secured admits to four schools, all with scholarships; Carlson-USD 36,600 per year, Smith-95% scholarship, Purdue-USD 20,000 per year, and Sauder USD 17500 per year. I also got 2 other admits to Questrom and Schulich.
Without Experts’ Global, I would have been completely lost. I cannot see myself succeeding, as I did, without their help. I can’t express in words how much they helped me!

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Interview Prep
January 24 | 2019
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ParthKaushik 13 0

One of the best experiences while working with EG is the interview prep process. They share a comprehensive set of videos about the questions generally asked and how one should approach it. The Dos and Donts etc were really very helpful to me to formulate my answers in the best possible way.
It helped me cut short a lot of time to research what exactly to answer when the questions like Why MBA, why now etc come up in almost every interview.
They helped me polish my storytelling skills so that I look confident and present my answers in the best possible way.
I had quite a few mock interviews with them and they turned out to be very useful to practice looking into the camera and answering.
Overall, I had a great experience working with their team.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ParthKaushik 13 0

The experts global team has been of great help to me throughout my application process. They gave me honest opinions and feedback regarding my score and my chances at a particular school which was exactly the need for the hour. Very easily approachable and showing flexibility and availability at odd hours even helped me fill out some small questions in between the applications that were not part of the general essays.
the essay quality was rich and crisp and I liked the fact that they were open to changing the content after a meaningful discussion over the pros and cons of it. They werent rigid about what they wrote but had proper reasons backing it all up.
Their greatest strength is the experience and the team that they have. As students we hear a lot of things during our prep about trends, the GMAT score requirement etc , but they know really well how a story and a profile can be best represented to the school.

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Great interview prep for ISB
November 30 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By Earthandsky17 49 12

This review is for interview preparation by Experts' Global

It was quite late that I learnt on GMAT Club that ISB has a 1:5 success rate in the interviews! Experts' Global, I must say, has a very rich offering for interview preparation.

Starting early
Knowing that ISB gives just a few days' notification for interviews, my process was started quite early. This really helped me prepare at ease, without any undue pressure.

A great video series for interview prep
I was given a video-series for first training myself on the interview preparation. The content was really rich but crisp. In a matter of few hours, I could attain a strong, broad approach for how I was going to face the interview. The tips around softer aspects- mannerisms, body language etc were particularly helpful.

A rich set of frequently asked questions
I was given a rich questionnaire to answer with my ideal responses, keeping my application essays in mind. I prepared answers to these questions and rehearsed in my own space, sometimes against a mirror. This really helped.

Mock interviews followed by feedback
I then underwent mocks with Experts' Global. The first mock was nervous and I was telling long stories. The strict but constructive feedback, together with the recommendation to watch the videos all over, was given. As a good mentee, I worked on the feedback and was happy to see a rich improvement in the second mock. The third mock was quite smooth and I was given a go-ahead by my interview mentor at Experts' Global.

I was told some specific questions that I was likely to be asked (being a bit late for MBA, not needing it at all for my projected career goals) and to my pleasure, when these questions were asked in the ISB interview, I was able to answer them confidently.

This combination of standard training (videos and preparation of answers to FAQs) together with the personalized training (in the mocks and suggestion of likely, askable questions) is a great approach for interview training.

Thank you, Experts' Global.

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Amazing mentoring!
November 30 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By Earthandsky17 49 12

Through my experience of GMAT preparation as well as admission consulting with Experts’ Global, I would say that Experts’ Global is the best firm for GMAT prep as well as admission consulting. First, their amazing GMAT program got me the 99th percentile (a separate review on that soon) and then the personalized approach through the application process got me the dream ISB admit! Here are the highlights of my association with Experts’ Global for my ISB applications-

Great theme building
The admissions teams at Experts Global are absolute masters at theme building- the story that joins your past, present, and future. First, I was made to fill a detailed questionnaire and then, relevant elements were picked to craft a narrative that brought together the history, the current ambitions, and our long-term goals. In my view, this was their greatest value to my story as such narrative is what takes an application profile from just a collection of information to something that grabs the committee’s attention.

Great training resources
One of the best parts of working with Experts’ Global is that they educate you with rich knowledge. On the day of enrollment, I was given a set of 20-something training videos that really equipped me with the knowledge of the entire application process. In just a few hours of investment in watching those videos, I felt I knew a lot and several months of self-research may not have given me so much knowledge. Similarly, they kept providing me great training resources for every part of the admission process, until the interview prep.

“Mentoring”, rather than “service”, attitude
Their attitude throughout the process was of “mentoring” and not once I felt (not that I wanted to) like a client. The reason I reached out for professional help was that I knew little about the process and hoped to gain from the expertise of a reputed admission consultant. That is exactly what I got as I felt I was learning from the people involved and the process rather than working with a typical, mechanical-sounding consultant.

An extremely organized, efficient, no-nonsense approach
At the core of the quality of Experts’ Global is their really organized process. On the day of enrollment, I was given a planner in which the entire application process was broken into multiple milestones with clear, achievable deadlines. To my credit, I religiously stuck to the milestone and to the firm’s credit, they did so as well. Together, I think we each over-achieved every single milestone and we completed the entire application process comfortably. While there was great amount of interaction and discussions, there were no unnecessary, useless calls (any professionals applying alongside a demanding work schedule will hear me) and the entire process was highly efficient.

A very approachable team
One of the best parts of working with Experts’ Global is that they are extremely approachable. A special note for their emails management- really prompt and organized; kudos! On any complex issue, I would request a call or they would call themselves. It is not any one person at Experts’ Global that works with you, there seems to be a well-knit, well-coordinated team guiding you through the applications.

Experts Global, you are fantastic. Keep up the nice work and help individuals like me! All the very best!

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reviewer identity verified by post count
     By smritisingh8 46 13

First thing first, Experts' Global helped me score 760 from a 700 earlier through their very effective GMAT online program. That made me gain trust in the firm and I didn't bother inquiring about any other admission consulting company. I must say that the intuitive decision I took has been totally worth it.

On the day of the enrollmental, I was assigned a team of specialists for different aspects of applications. I was also sent a detailed video explaining the entire process together with a planner that divided the entire process into 20 plus milestones with clear ownerships, a way that I personally found extremely effective for my style of working.

Thereafter, I was given two very detailed questionnaires to fill; these documents made me think and put all main accomplishments and experiences in an organized way. Then, I engaged with Experts Global in a long discussion about my career goals and the complete story of my life and career. With this brainstorming complete, I found the broad aspects of applications in control.

Over the next several days, we worked closely on the application essays. With a solid background work in place, the essays came up really well and I was extremely happy with the final draft. I felt confident about my essays and in facing possible questions on them in the interviews.

Simultaneously, I was helped with my resume, online form, and approach for recommendations. Soon, I received the interview invitation and I got great support for the same. Particularly, the set of interview preparation videos I was provided with by Experts Global were great help and prepared me for the frequent questions and three general approach towards the interviews.

I have received an admit from the only Spring intake school I applied to. I will be applying to more programs for fall intake and do so with confidence, with an admit this early in the season.

Thank you Experts Global for all the support in my GMAT as well as applications.

My main tips for any future applicants taking their help-

1. Please follow their processes and the milestones in the planner prepared for you. You will find the application process completing in an effective way.

2. Watch their set of videos for applications/essays as well as interviews. They are particularly helpful and bust several myths and help in avoiding common mistakes and setting a strong base.

3.You are bound to have questions; consolidate your questions and have them clarified. I found the team quite helpful and aproachable; they always help.

I hope this helps. Thank you all.

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Multiple Admits :)
May 31 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By sonikavadhera 103 33

The first interview call I received was from Tepper, my dream school. Therefore, I needed to ensure that I do well at the very first MBA interview of my career. Fortunately, I had three weeks to prepare and Experts Global played a great role in helping me.

I was made to fill a questionnaire with my likely responses for a large set of frequently asked questions. I was also given a set of videos for developing and approach for the MBA interview preparation.

Next, I had a series of mock interviews. The style and the set of questions were different every time, followed by detailed feedback. The practice really helped me improve as I gained confidence.

Eventually, I secured worthy admits and I am joining Tepper in the coming fall with $40,000 scholarship.

This was a rich, successful association. Strongly recommended.

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Happy Association :)
May 31 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By sonikavadhera 103 33

Experts' Global team encouraged me on the prospects of getting some worthy admits, despite a 710 on GMAT, a score considered average in the perspective of the over-representative pool of Indian engineers.

The brainstorming sessions helped me in ascertaining my post-MBA goals and a long-term vision. I got a great help in preparing a broad story for my applications, linking my background with the need for MBA from each specific school and the career goals. The schools shortlisting was meticulously done, ensuring that the forte of the programs synced with my story.

As a result, I got multiple interview calls and I converted three of them. Eventually, I am joining Tepper with $40,000 scholarship, a dream admit, something that seemed unreachable when I started the applications.

It was a totally worthwhile association!

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