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Fortuna Admissions is a unique team of former MBA Admissions Directors and senior MBA admissions staff from top tier business schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, LBS and many more.

Our experience gives you a level of MBA admissions insight that you won’t find anywhere else. With our passion for coaching, we can help you bring out the best in yourself so you truly shine in your application and interviews.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By kchung3 16 10

Fortuna is a relatively new name to the admission consulting scene. Its selling point of having a team of former admission directors on board was what got me signed up for their services.

I started off with an introductory phone call with Matt, the founder. Matt was very knowledgeable on all the top business schools, describing the characteristics of each school's admission process relative to their traditions and geographic locations.

Fortuna assigned both a senior coach and coach to assist with the application process. Overall, both coaches did a great job in helping me to map out my ideas and tailor my essays and applications. In terms of interview preparation, Julie also gave great advice on articulating my story and answers.

However, the idea of having 2 coaches at once would sometimes lead to confusion and seemingly miscommunication among the 3 of us. Therefore, it would be better if there were a clear division of responsibility and communication from the get-go.

Nonetheless, I believe being able to see through the lenses of former admission directors is what make Fortuna unique, and I would definitely recommend them.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ns2016 0 0

After working with Malvina and Judith over several months, I can definitely say that Fortuna shines in the following two regards:

1) Approachability – In order to get the best essays out of you, you have to feel comfortable bouncing ideas back and forth with your counselors. I had a million questions regarding my applications, essays and interviews, and never had any qualms about emailing or setting up a skype call with Malvina and Judith. They were prompt and gave me useful, direct advice based on their years of experience.

2) Interview prep – Fortuna not only gave me access to dozens of school-specific interview questions but also connected me with alumni and a prior admissions officer to schedule multiple practice interviews. As someone with little to no connection to any of my target schools, this access was invaluable.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By lucila 0 0

I worked with Malvina to prep for the Harvard Business School interview. She was great! Malvina was honest about the challenges that I would face, but she was also very encouraging. Ultimately, Malvina made me feel confident in bringing my authentic self to the table. Her feedback after our mock interview was very detailed. The mock interview and debrief helped me work through the natural nerves that came up throughout the process. I would recommend working with Malvina to anyone who can afford the investment and just wants more opportunities for practice and constructive feedback. It is definitely a privilege!

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Fortuna is Best-in-Class
January 27 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By DarkMashew 0 0

Contacting Fortuna Admissions is easily one of the best decisions I have made in my business school journey. I had been skeptical of the value from consultants in the past. However, after facing four rejections, I decided to contact several consultants as a means of revamping my strategy and tactics.

Caroline differentiated Fortuna Admissions by being an active listener, empathetic, and neutral in offering comprehensive advice from the beginning, which set a tone of trust and comfort that continued throughout the entirety of my engagement. She was genuinely vested in my success and accessible in all stages, from pre-application school consideration, profile fit, to admissions committee communication and negotiations.

On a working-level, Karen (expert coach) proved candid, clear, and exacting on the areas that needed my attention. We discussed my profile at length during our first session, wherein she took detailed notes to help translate my objectives, strengths, and weaknesses in a coherent and concise manner for my applications. She offered strong insights into the thinking of admissions officers and how to present a unified front as an applicant. We jointly addressed problems and revised my essays to paint a focused and aligned picture that articulated my vision, reasons for an MBA, and specific rationale for individual schools in a compelling fashion. We were able to jointly leverage content matter and tailor sections unique to each university, which altogether amounted to an enormous amount of value and impact in a relatively short amount of time. Karen demanded excellence (i.e. dozens of interactions and iterations for each school) and grasped both the granular details and holistic big picture to help me deliver my best in final drafts and interview preparation.

The duality of Caroline and Karen was potent indeed. Together they not only drastically enhanced my applications, but also instructed me on how to leverage offers to maximize my position and secure scholarships. And the results speak for themselves: I was offered two scholarships and a waitlist from top-ranked European schools, a turnaround from four rejections! Fortuna was invaluable in my process and I would wholly endorse their services to others to radically improve their chances of success!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By GB1305 0 0

I worked with Judith Hodora right before my group interview. From my first touch point with Judith, she was compassionate and encouraged me to focus on my strengths which definitely helped me calm my nerves. We also discussed specific ideas I could undertake on the interview day to tackle aspects I had missed. She was definitely invested in my success and even volunteered to go out of her way to give me extra coaching on the Sunday afternoon right before my interview !! This was quite heart warming and really made me feel like I was ready to ace D-day. Her experience having seen numerous candidate profiles really comes through. I would 100% recommend working with her throughout the process. Great mentor to have !

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Highly Recommend!
December 26 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ampark88 0 0

I worked with Heidi Hillis through the Fortuna Admissions Comprehensive School Package, and I am extremely excited to say that I was accepted to my top choice program, HBS!! I highly recommend Heidi and the Fortuna team as their insights, advice, and encouragement helped me highlight leadership examples and craft a thoughtful application despite my non-traditional and very technical background. She helped me reflect deeply on my past experiences and pushed me through numerous drafts to compose an application that I was extremely proud of. She also made the intense and overwhelming application process very manageable -- providing a clear roadmap for approaching recommenders, completing essays, and surviving the interview process. Ultimately, I was able to develop a story that expressed clear short and long-term post-MBA goals and I couldn't have successfully completed this process without Heidi's invaluable support. Thank you, Heidi and the Fortuna team!!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By theone100 0 5

After extensively looking for a consulting firm with the necessary experience to help me apply to the Top Canadian MBA programs, I finally decided to work with Fortuna Admissions.

I worked with Melissa Jones, a consultant with solid experience helping students apply to the top business schools in Canada, and who demonstrated the necessary professionalism and attention to detail to submit the best possible applications.

She used her expertise to guide me throughout the application process, from developing a compelling story that truly showcased my strengths, to helping me prepare for Skype interviews, asking relevant questions and providing feedback. Her responses were always very timely, which is a must-have in my opinion, especially when trying to meet school deadlines.

There are many consultants that claim having experience with Canadian schools, but in reallity not many do. I am fully satisfied with Fortuna's services, and I would highly recommend them.

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Par Excellence
December 20 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By AcidXXX 25 1

I mostly worked with Nonie on my INSEAD application. I also briefly worked with Caroline, who helped me polish my final drafts.

Nonie has been the real superstar in my successful journey to INSEAD. Everything about her is Gold! Her honesty and open-mindedness are the biggest hallmarks of her coaching attributes. She has been pleasantly honest about her opinions and feedback throughout the application process, even if that meant more re-work, drafts and revisions. She has a tremendous eye for detail and helped me rectify things that are sometimes easy to overlook. Nonie is also extremely open-minded, flexible and accommodating. She never restricted my chain of thoughts; she always encouraged me to write different narratives and her insightful critique eventually helped me select the narratives that best showcased my winning attributes and presented me in the best light possible. Although, I started working on my application quite late into Round 1, and hence was always racing against time to submit my application by the Round 1 Deadline, Nonie never allowed me to settle for less or compromise on the quality of any aspect of my application for the sake of meeting deadlines. In fact, Nonie powered me throughout the journey, especially at times when I felt that I might not meet the Round 1 deadline. Despite the zonal time difference between UAE and Singapore, Nonie was very flexible, responsive and her turnaround time was exceptional. Her feedbacks were succinct, crystal clear, and extremely constructive. Nonie leveraged her tremendous knowledge of INSEAD to help me create a bullet proof strategy for my INSEAD application.

However it was not all tough love from Nonie all the time. She displayed abundant sensibility when I shared a few of my personal stories with her. She helped me allay my anxieties and overcome my inhibitions. The mock interviews with Nonie were a lot of fun. I feel, this is where the student-coach relationship really came to life and started thriving on an entirely different level of comfort and camaraderie. Nonie's care and coaching was extremely personal. I could feel that she was really invested, almost like a stakeholder, in my INSEAD dream, and when time came, she seamlessly switched gears from being my essay critic to becoming my biggest supporter. She championed me and positively reinforced my thoughts right until the decision day. Her confidence in my candidacy eventually became the cornerstone of my own belief, faith and confidence. With, Nonie beside me, I never felt alone in the journey - She not only kept me in the race all the time, but also helped me get over the line. I am absolutely indebted to her.

While Nonie was the Superstar of my INSEAD application journey, I would like to remember Caroline as the real Rockstar of my application. Having been the MBA gatekeeper at INSEAD admissions for several years, and having shaped the application procedure herself, Caroline sprinkled the much desired magic dust on my application that quite literally transformed my solid application to a sparkling one. Caroline stressed on brevity, simplified complexities and helped me make my application a breezy read. Her comment's were razor sharp and succinct. Caroline's initial assessment and feedback about my goal was also a massive help as it genuinely made me rethink about my career goals, propelled me towards a more realistic goal and definitely helped me avoid any potential red flags in the minds of the AdCom regarding my post MBA employability. In the end when Caroline, who herself made the final decision for more than 34000 applicants during her time at INSEAD, told me "I enjoyed reading your essays", I did feel a lot more positive and optimistic about clicking that "SUBMIT" button, than I would have felt if I did not have Caroline's blessings.

Succeeding in my INSEAD application, while being a part of the most overly represented demographic (Indian Male Engineer), on the wrong end of the 20's, with a modest GMAT score, a young family, a very demanding work schedule, and no plan B (INSEAD was the only school I applied to) could not have been possible had it not been for Nonie and Caroline, and Matt (who posited a reservoir of optimism, faith, belief and encouragement in me right at the beginning, in the initial free consultation). As Gordon Gekko said “The most valuable commodity I know of is information”, leveraging the collective insider knowledge of INSEAD was my biggest advantage of working with the Fortuna Dream Team. The recipe for success at Fortuna pivots on a fine balance between the various stakeholders at play - the coach, the mentor and the applicant - In my honest opinion the balance, as it is, is perfect.

Therefore, Fortuna's Dream Team receives my highest and strongest recommendation.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By js823 0 5

I have worked with Emma for 'Director's Evaluation' service as well as 'Hourly Consulting Service' after I was invited for the interview. I enjoyed working with her because of her 1) expertise and knowledge about LBS, 2) insights in admission process (behind the scene), 3) responsive and enthusiastic attitude toward my application (and me).

1) If consultants can provide information that I can find from the web (or even worse, not knowing about the information I find), I think there is no value. In that matter, Emma, from her time at the school, knows every bit of the school that outsiders cannot really find out. Also, even though she left the school some time ago, she is up to date with all the history and changes to the programme (curriculum, events, culture, etc.) because she is still closely connected with many people (incluing admission team) at the school. When she received my full application for the 'Director's Evaluation', she was quick to recognize all the details about the programme I put in (even though some of the things were new this year), and provided more insights and details so that my application and essays looked like someone within the LBS community had written (in my opinion). I was also able to demonstrate my "fit" with LBS in interviews with additional inside knowledge Emma provided.

2) Also, as an applicant, I was always curious about what happens behind the scene with admission team when they are making a decision, and I could not really find the "answer" because most people can only "guess" (although some people/consultants are arrogant enough to say they "know" when they have never sat at the table). Because Emma has made the admission decision with the team before, she exactly knows what's happening behind the scene and what admission team is looking for. This was helpful in many ways: editing irrelevant information in my application that would only bother admission officer to read, changing perspectives in telling my story so that I can showcase my qualities that admission team is looking for, knowing my weakness and addressing it properly, even helping my mind to be at peace as I know what will happen when I hit the submit button, etc.

3) Lastly, her passion for applicants wanting to attend LBS is tremendous! She tries to help me in any way possible and is willing to communicate ASAP. For past 2 months, we've had more than 100 emails going back and forth. She got back to me by the next day (and this is at the latest! she sometimes just emails me back in a real-time). Her comments and actual edits are so detailed and insightful as well. For example, I think my CV initially had all the good contents, but only with her edit, the reader could actually see and easily recognize those great contents. (I believe this is so important for CV!) Also, just working with someone who is so willing and passionate about my admission definitely helps when I am so tired working on applications. And, I can actually build a trust toward her so that we can truly become a team!

All in all, I believe I wouldn't have received my admission if I have not worked with Emma. With Emma's input, my initial work has improved (more like evolved) to shine! If anyone is interested in LBS, I am 100% confident that Emma is the best consultant in the planet!

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Excellent advice and Support
October 04 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Hinjax 11 5

I started looking at MBA applications last year, after a few years of considering an MBA an decided to go with Fortuna for some assistance during the process. After filling out the strategy form, Karen and I worked on application essays extensively. Based on my prior experiences, I filled out the essays and Karen assisted me in refining these essays, with comments sent to me normally within a few hours. The whole application process is generally stressful anyways but Karen assisted me in focusing on important aspects of the application. Karen was extremely helpful during the interview process as well and the mock interviews helped in calming the nerves. I would definitely recommend Karen as she was immensely helpful during the whole process, especially at times when you get a mind blank or a mini writer's block. The final essays were then reviewed by Caroline Diarte, with important additional input on what should be highlighted. I enjoyed the whole process as there were important topics discussed, highlighted which I wouldn't have thought about to state in the essays.

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