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Fortuna Admissions is a unique team of former MBA Admissions Directors and senior MBA admissions staff from top tier business schools, including Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, Wharton, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, LBS and many more.

Our experience gives you a level of MBA admissions insight that you won’t find anywhere else. With our passion for coaching, we can help you bring out the best in yourself so you truly shine in your application and interviews.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By herrke11 0 0

I cannot more highly recommend Sharon - with her help I got into Ross, Anderson, and McCombs, with generous scholarships to each school. Sharon helped me through the R1 process with resume review, essay review, gut checks for all of my communications with adcom, interview prep, and ultimately school decision-making. Sharon gave no-BS advice which made me feel like I could really trust her, and was such a pleasure to work with. She was incredibly flexible and quick to respond, which is VERY helpful when you're pushing up against deadlines. Something I really appreciated was that I never felt like she was wasting my time - she told me if she felt a review/prep could get done in 10 mins even though we had scheduled 30, which is really nice when you're spending $$ by the minute. Sharon is also certified in the Clifton Strengths Assessment tool, which was surprisingly helpful in generating wording and insights for personal strengths - it's hard to talk about yourself! Overall, Sharon is a delight and on top of her game - if you are looking for help at any stage of the application process, she's your gal!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Hs19296 0 0

After my first consultation with Matt Symonds, I immediately knew I wanted to work with Fortuna. I could tell the entire Fortuna team had a knack for noticing the most compelling aspects of an applicant’s profile and making them shine. Matt talked me through Fortuna’s platform, their experience working with clients from similar backgrounds, as well as the flexibility I would have in choosing a coach.

I chose to work with Michel because of her extensive experience working in admissions. I came to Michel with a vague idea of my “story”. She patiently talked me through how my background, past experiences, and extracurricular interests could create a cohesive, compelling application. I initially bought the three school package, but shortly added additional hours for other schools to which I was applying. I immediately saw the “edge” Michel’s guidance added to my applications, and I wanted her guidance to put my best foot forward.

Michel was with me every step of the way. She was responsive, thoughtful, and honest. Michel always found a way to make herself available, even though my work and travel schedule was very unpredictable.

Thanks to Michel’s guidance, I was admitted to Columbia and Booth, two of my top choices! I am absolutely certain I would not have arrived at this outcome without Michel’s help. I highly recommend working with Michel – you will not regret it!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By SamOstler 0 0

When I was researching into the application process I came across Fortuna Admissions. Initially I discovered them from online searches, however an old friend of mine was a former client and confirmed they were a great service.

I was paired with Sharon and it was a great fit. We started just before the Summer with a goal of first round applications being completed by start of September. I am very busy with my career so having a strong supporting team to help organize my application efforts was a tremendous help.

I work best with goals and schedules. Sharon quickly adapted to my working preferences and helped me set goals and dates to accomplish various tasks. At the end of every session I would have my "take aways" and a set date I needed to have it done by. At the start of every session we would review the work I completed on my own time in an environment and pace that worked best for me.

When I received my first interview invitation it was almost unexpected. The deadline had been a few days prior, so to hear back so soon was quite shocking (albeit a great one!). That being said, I had a business trip already planned and had to opt for their earliest time slot. This gave me a little over 24 hours to be fully prepared. Sharon was able to accommodate my rushed time frame and I walked into the interview confident.

Overall my experience with Fortuna Admissions was great, and I will be recommending them in the future to my colleagues. Thank you Sharon!

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Great Experience
December 31 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By badgerfeet11 1 0

I had a great experience with Fortuna - I got in to my top choice program and received an almost full fellowship at another M7 school. In my experience, Fortuna's greatest strength is that they have consultants who have worked for the admissions teams of many of the top schools. As a result, there was always someone available to answer my school-specific questions in a very insightful way. Everyone I interacted with at Fortuna was professional, helpful, and reliable.

I worked with Heidi, and she was amazing! She did a great job perfecting my "story", coaching my recommenders, and helping me understand and articulate my goals. Heidi seemed to know more about my story than I did and she had great ideas and edits for all my essays. She's very good at constructive criticism - we rewrote my HBS essay probably 50 times. She was easy to communicate with (despite being in different, and constantly changing, time zones) - she always responded within a day and scheduled meetings whenever I asked. My applications were a million times better than they would have been without Fortuna, and I'm so happy that I chose this firm.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mbaadmit2021 0 0

I worked with Katherine throughout the entire application and interview process. Katherine took the time early on to really understand my background and experiences. This enabled me to shape my story in a way that highlighted my motivations and stayed true to my authentic voice. With her marketing background, Katherine is a great story teller. She encouraged me to add creative elements to my essay openings which I believe helped them to stand out. Katherine was also an excellent interview coach, providing guidance for each school and conducting a remarkably realistic mock interview. With Katherine's guidance, I was admitted to both Stanford GSB and MIT Sloan. I am thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend working with Katherine!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ryanwisc561 0 0

I approached Fortuna Admissions wanting to work with the best consultants and resources to maximize my chances to attend a top business school. After interviewing multiple consultants, I was paired with Cassandra. From our first meeting to the last, she engaged me and my story on a personal level. She pushed me to understand my own story and challenged me in a positive way at every stage of the process. Outside of her genuine interest in understanding her clients at a personal-level, Cassandra is a master wordsmith. Through interfacing on multiple iterations of essays, we worked collaboratively on creating intellectually and personally-rewarding statements. Together with Judith, the team that I worked with at Fortuna exceeded my expectations. Every meeting was helpful, every question was answered thoughtfully with an underpinning of experience, and, most importantly, every interaction was a joy. I would recommend them to all.

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Invaluable help and guidance!
December 29 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By tln0512 0 0

From the initial consultation, Michel and Judith took the time to understand my story, answer my questions. They spoke with me about my candidacy with confidence and enthusiasm, which I really appreciated. I spoke to a number of other consultants prior to deciding to work with Fortuna but my initial conversations with Michel and Judith really stuck out. I worked with them over the course of 5-6 months on my application to Columbia.

From the strategy questionnaire to my essays and interview prep, Michel took the time to understand my background, strengths, and interests to help me craft a compelling story. Michel provided constructive feedback on my essays to ensure they highlighted my personality and experiences. Michel kept me on schedule and provided valuable advice at every point of the application process.

When I received an interview with a tight timeline to prepare, Michel was quick to make herself available to put me through a mock interview and I felt confident going into the actual interview as a result of that.

I felt Michel was truly invested in my success and was very excited for me when I was accepted to Columbia. I would highly recommend Michel, Judith, and Fortuna to future applicants!

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Go with Catherine
December 29 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By anonymous7654 0 5

While I am generally very organized with work, I knew navigating MBA admissions on top of a demanding job and other obligations would be a different beast. I chose to pursue consultation services to help with time management, "gut checks" on essay topics of choice, and guidance on resume and career goal positioning.

The main reason I chose Fortuna was because of the faith they had in me. When I was exploring consultation services, a number of places said they wouldn't take me as a client with my current GRE score, or that they'd prefer to talk after I took the GMAT. My school goals were aspirational, yes, but I knew I was competitive. Fortuna knew it, too.

Catherine was a calm, consistent, thoughtful and responsive guide. She balanced constructive criticism with encouragement and answered questions/concerns in real-time, even though I was on an hourly rate.

I am ecstatic with my results and highly recommend Catherine and Fortuna for anyone pursuing MBA admission.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By mindyh 0 0

I didn't have the chance to work with Malvina on my applications, but had the pleasure of her help on my HBS interview. Despite her being located in London, she was highly responsive and flexible in accommodating to my work schedule to speak with me on the phone and answer my questions. Malvina was extremely knowledgeable of the HBS interview and was able to make the whole prep process very tailored. Based on my application, she was able to suggest areas of my profile I should highlight, what the interviewer may ask, and how to respond to those questions. The interview process is daunting, but Malvina was patient and honest yet supportive which made it all the more enjoyable. I couldn't have gotten into HBS without her help and I 100% would recommend Malvina!

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Think twice
December 21 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By niran101 5 6

I paid for the 2 school package after fantastic conversations with the sales consultant from Fortuna. I think the fantastic ended there.
I was applying to the mid career programs and I wanted guidance on the whole process as I am away from the academic scene for 15 years. A big questionnaire came in the email once the fees was paid. I filled part of it asking for help in filling it more based on discussions with the coach. A call was scheduled which never happened. (I am on UTC and the coach on UTC-7 i think). And then no response. I tried restarting conversation with some more info from my side - resume, etc. Got partial feedback from another team member. But then the coach has no more response. My admission deadlines looming, I put together the application with my own understanding of the process based on webinars and blogs. Just 1 school. 2nd school is not on track anymore.
The main reason for me for choosing Fortuna is to be able to help with the process itself, finalising schools, putting a framework to bring all resources at one place and then finally the right cases/anecdotes to use. None was achieved.
I wrote to them after a few months telling them that no service was rendered to me and explaining my disappointment. After 3 weeks, Matt wrote back saying he could have been more involved and that this was a partnership and letting me know they are there to help. After 3 weeks. I responded the same day with more clear response showing why I thought Fortuna failed me. And asking for a refund. Well it has been 4 weeks and I wait for the super fast team at Fortuna to write back. My usually lightning fast sales consultant on copy has not had anything to add.
Overall, if I had to spend 6,500 bucks on a consultant, I wouldn't chose Fortuna. I saw great reviews for Fortuna from regular MBA aspirants. I would assume they still hold true. After all Fortuna is the most premium service on the market - they must be doing something right. With me though it was all downhill. And my general advice will be to pay in parts to at least have a service guarantee.

Edit: Fortuna has been very responsive to my comments and I was contacted by Matt Symonds who had tried reaching me earlier at an incorrect email address. Fortuna has refunded my fees and also offered coaching for the 2nd school and interview coaching for the 1st school free of charge. It is heartening to see the effort even though they missed the mark first time around.

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1 Commented by dh282 on December 26, 2018
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