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     By EDF0810 0 0

I was thoroughly impressed by Fortuna Admissions. I would recommend Fortuna to anyone who is seeking admission to a competitive business school and wants to submit a strong, polished profile.

Two things really struck me in working with Fortuna:

1) They really get to know you before you dig deep into the application process. Judith became familiar with my background, to the extent that she pointed out that there was a cohesiveness to my education, professional background, and strengths that I wasn’t aware of. Not only did this significantly improve my application, but I can communicate in a more compelling way about my background.

2) They are extremely intuitive and detail-oriented. The feedback they gave me on my essays was extremely helpful. I wasn’t going into nearly enough detail in my essays—I mean, I thought I was!—but Judith pushed me to really get into the “why,” why I was passionate about my professional goals.

Finally, the other perk of working with Fortuna is that they know this business inside-and-out. There were things I learned about the application process and making the most of my application materials that I didn’t get from reading “MBA Admissions Strategy” by Avi Gordon or listening to dozens of MBA Podcaster podcasts or picking my MBA cousin’s brain.

Also, this sounds miniscule, but the one other thing that I really liked about working with Fortuna is that 80% of my anxiety about applying to business school went away. I knew that I was working with professionals, they were aware of my deadlines, and it was my job to stay organized and just focus my energy on writing great essays.

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     By sb299 2 0

"INSEAD was my goal and with the help of Fortuna team that dream came
true. Susanne was a tremendous help, she not only helped me with my
essays but also kept me motivated throughout the application process.
One of the best qualities about Fortuna team is that they encourage
you to tell your story in your own words. I learnt a lot about myself
as well in the process. I would recommend Fortuna without a doubt to
anyone who is struggling with essay questions or even confidence. They
will guide you towards your goal and will be your biggest cheerleader.
I would like to thank Susanne and the entire Fortuna team with all my heart. "

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     By Smeoww 0 0

It was only a week away from the deadline when I decided to retain an MBA admission consultant because I was struggling with the optional essay. I contacted several companies that provide MBA admission consulting service, and Fortuna was the only company that was able to meet my deadline. Sharon from Fortuna contacted me within 24 hours and worked with me over the weekend to review my admission package. Not only she provided great guidance on my optional essay, she also offered incredible insights on my other essays and the entire package. Since I had already spent more than one month writing my other three essays, I thought they cannot be any better until Sharon mentioned a few points. Looking back, I would have not got into Stern without correcting those mistakes on the essays.
I cannot thank Sharon and Fortuna enough for what they have done. Sharon sacrificed her weekend and weeknights just to make sure my work is perfect. I would highly recommend Fortuna and Sharon to any MBA applicants!!!

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Sharon can't be beat!
May 30 | 2018
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     By bandini89 0 0

After an unpleasantly protracted experience with a New York based admissions consultant, finding Fortuna and, more importantly, teaming up with expert Fortuna coach, Sharon Joyce, was the ultimate windfall. Sharon helped me navigate the application process every step of the way with her unparalleled expertise and insight. She is a gifted editor who turns essays around with expedience. Whether by phone, email, or text, Sharon always makes herself available. Working with Sharon was a very refreshing experience; her witty sense of humor and encouraging coaching style are game changers. Sharon was the defining factor in my acceptance to the school of my choice. Without her unmitigated help and attention, I would have struggled to meet deadlines and achieve success in applying to top MBA programs. In every regard, Sharon has the winning formula!

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Thank you, Fortuna!
May 16 | 2018
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     By sunflowers484 5 5

After conversing with Matt and Melissa, it was clear to me that Fortuna would meet me where I was (schools selected and story roughly drawn out) and take my ideas to the next level. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa who is efficient and proactive and provides thoughtful guidance relevant to the programs. She demonstrated knowledge of the difference between programs and connected me to resources that eventually would help me make my decision. After working hard on the applications and interviews I was able to secure a spot at my top choice MBA program in Europe. Massive thanks to Matt and Melissa for being there throughout the process!

Even if you have a strong sense of story and have zeroed onto your top choices, I highly recommend Fortuna and Melissa to hone your message and put your best possible case on the table. It makes all the difference.

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Amy is your go-to expert!
April 26 | 2018
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     By AnonymousTPJ 0 5

I worked with Amy on my application for two schools – LBS and Kellogg and I am more than thrilled by the outcome from both schools. I couldn’t stress enough that this wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance.
One of the advantages of working with a Fortuna coach is access to well-structured resources. I was short on time when I started my applications and Amy really helped me bring my timelines back on track. The guideline documents provided by her really helped me expedite the process and put together a strong first draft.
Amy not only helps you in identifying your strengths and bringing them to life, but also in addressing your weakness head-on in your applications. When she reviewed my first draft of essays she said, “we need to make every single word in your application count” and she stuck by it till the end. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she really helps you put forward the best version of your story in a well-articulated succinct manner. She questions every aspect of your story making sure you have left no loopholes. There was a time when I felt the essays were in a really good shape but she still thought we could make them better. Amy is also very collaborative and we reached out to Emma (Director) for a fresh perspective once we had a strong story in place, which proved to be extremely helpful.
Having been on the admission committee herself, Amy has immense knowledge of the process and the school which becomes a huge asset and a confidence booster. I took her help to prepare for my interviews too and I couldn’t have been better prepared. No part of the interview came to me as a surprise and there were no questions that I hadn’t prepared for or thought about.
Choosing her for my application process was one of the best decisions I made. Amy is so warm and helpful that she makes it look so easy. She is now more of a guide I look up to than an admission consultant. To any applicant seeking expert help especially for LBS, I highly recommend Amy!

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     By TechBanker24 1 0

I’ve spent the duration of my professional career (over 5 years in total) working to separate myself from my lackluster undergraduate performance. So, when I decided to apply to institution ranked in the top 10 globally, I researched extensively how I could overcome my >2.9 GPA as a social science major. After unsuccessful attempts (both on my own and with a well-known MBA consultant), I opted to take a chance with Fortuna based on overwhelmingly positive feedback on this site.

After an initial consultation, I was paired with Emma Bond which turned out to be match made in heaven. I came to Emma with a high-level understanding of “my story” and how a MBA could help me achieve my career goals. However, Emma strategically poked holes in my story where required and skillfully helped to fill in any crucial details. Additionally, Emma provided a depth of information across all programs that was a result of her and her colleagues direct experience. Her expertise on how each program evaluates candidate could not be replicated by other means. Her insider knowledge allowed me to put forth the most compelling body of work to each program.

Throughout our engagement, Emma was incredibly pleasurable to work with. She was willing to accommodate my rather demanding work schedule and turned around drafts very promptly. But, I could also rely on Emma to politely push me when necessary to stay in sync with our aggressive timeline. It became apparent that Emma was genuinely invested in my success. Emma set a high standard for work because she knew that’s what it took. I found myself digging deeper to turn around stronger drafts so I wouldn’t disappoint Emma. When I put forth work that she didn’t think was up to par, she didn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves and masterfully guide me on how the work could be improved. Most notably, Emma helped me interject my personality into the essays and short answers in a professional and charismatic way. Emma’s involvement helped to cultivate applications much stronger than I believed were possible. As a result, I was invited to interview at multiple schools that I was repeatedly told were “out of my league” from other consultants.

When it came time to prep for interviews, Emma was well-prepared to make the mock interview best replicate the actual experience. She asked refreshingly challenging questions and spent extra time ensuring that my answers were as sound as possible. With her preparation, I marched confidently into my interviews and nailed it.

Ultimately, I gained admission to my dream school and punched well above my weight. If you want to maximize your odds at gaining entry to a top MBA program, especially London Business School, you need to work with Emma. She cares about her clients on a whole different level and has the experience to push you above & beyond your capabilities. I’d best sum up our time together as transformational.

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I recommend Heidi Hillis!
April 11 | 2018
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     By kmw2015 0 0

I worked with Heidi on my MBA essays and resume, and I highly recommend her! She was very responsive and insightful. She helped me establish a good foundation of ideas for my essay before I put pen to paper, so I found that the essays were easier and faster to write, with fewer iterations. Given the tight-timelines with applications, I especially appreciated Heidi's responsiveness. In addition, she's really personable and easy to talk to. Heidi has both undergrad and MBA degrees from Stanford, but I found her helpful to work with on non-Stanford applications, as well. I really enjoyed working with Heidi and highly recommend her!

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March 31 | 2018
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     By cyb 12 4

I'll keep it short and sweet... Judith is an outstanding admissions consultant. She is at once a coach, advisor, therapist, and best friend. She can course-correct you with just a few sentences. She knows the top programs inside and out. She helped me craft essays that not only got me into my dream schools, they made me proud and fully represented me. I sincerely hope I get to work with Judith again soon.

Gmat Club is requiring me to write more words on this review. But seriously just hire her. She is awesome. Seven more words required. Thank you Judith!!!!

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Fortuna is Best-in-Class
January 27 | 2018
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     By DarkMashew 0 0

Contacting Fortuna Admissions is easily one of the best decisions I have made in my business school journey. I had been skeptical of the value from consultants in the past. However, after facing four rejections, I decided to contact several consultants as a means of revamping my strategy and tactics.

Caroline differentiated Fortuna Admissions by being an active listener, empathetic, and neutral in offering comprehensive advice from the beginning, which set a tone of trust and comfort that continued throughout the entirety of my engagement. She was genuinely vested in my success and accessible in all stages, from pre-application school consideration, profile fit, to admissions committee communication and negotiations.

On a working-level, Karen (expert coach) proved candid, clear, and exacting on the areas that needed my attention. We discussed my profile at length during our first session, wherein she took detailed notes to help translate my objectives, strengths, and weaknesses in a coherent and concise manner for my applications. She offered strong insights into the thinking of admissions officers and how to present a unified front as an applicant. We jointly addressed problems and revised my essays to paint a focused and aligned picture that articulated my vision, reasons for an MBA, and specific rationale for individual schools in a compelling fashion. We were able to jointly leverage content matter and tailor sections unique to each university, which altogether amounted to an enormous amount of value and impact in a relatively short amount of time. Karen demanded excellence (i.e. dozens of interactions and iterations for each school) and grasped both the granular details and holistic big picture to help me deliver my best in final drafts and interview preparation.

The duality of Caroline and Karen was potent indeed. Together they not only drastically enhanced my applications, but also instructed me on how to leverage offers to maximize my position and secure scholarships. And the results speak for themselves: I was offered two scholarships and a waitlist from top-ranked European schools, a turnaround from four rejections! Fortuna was invaluable in my process and I would wholly endorse their services to others to radically improve their chances of success!

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