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Personal MBA Coach
  • Work directly with a Wharton MBA and MIT BS graduate
  • Personalized and boutique support, instead of a large, cookie cutter approach
  • 10 years of experience placing 96% of applicants into top global schools
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Excellent Service
February 10 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Fancom 0 0

I got in Columbia CBS - 2019 thanks to Scott and his team.

I decided to have the full school package, and they helped me from determining my interests (sounds strange, but true), sourcing the schools, finalizing shortlists, editing resume, brainstorming and editing essays, application review, and interview prep. The following is what I think makes Scott better than the rest:

1. Response rate: All communication was responded within 24 hours.

2. Personal attention: All questions are answered tailoring to your situation, in full details. He actually helped me understand what the admissions committee was all about.

3. Feedback: Frank, to-the-point feedback.

4. Editing: Extremely careful editing, and clear feedback whenever needed.

Once you start working with him, you KNOW that you are NOT wasting your money, and time.

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Great Results
November 11 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By MBAClassOf2019 0 0

After meeting with and chatting with over 7 MBA admissions consultants, ranging from the biggest brand names to the smallest independents, I decided to go with Scott, Personal MBA Coach, as my advisor for 8 schools. Not because he was the most optimistic or the most pessimistic, but because he seemed honest and like an easy guy to work with, with an equal to or better track record of success versus his competitors.
We agreed on some “safe” schools, some “matches,” and some “reaches,” and decided that a strategy of applying to 8 match-to-reaches with no safety schools would be an optimal strategy for my goals and risk tolerance. I applied to all of the M7+Tuck, and to my surprise received offers of admission to 3 of the 8 schools, with interviews and eventual waitlist at 2 more, which I chose not to pursue.
As a realist, I understand that a lot of your profile is set in stone. GMAT, GPA, Work Experience… but there is still a huge amount of room to market yourself in a certain way that Personal MBA Coach was key in. Knowing what pieces of my career and background to emphasize were part of this.
One additional reason I chose Personal MBA Coach over some of the larger companies was that he ensured me that whether it was interview prep, essay brainstorming, or essay revisions, he would be the only person I spoke and dealt with whether by phone or email. This ended up being absolutely 100% true. There are of course other good consultants out there, but Scott is extremely connected to the process and is able to identify trends that others cannot.

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Interview Prep Success
June 18 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By langdonh 0 0

I worked with Scott on the interview preparation portion of my application to HBS. I can say honestly that without this interview preparation, I would not have been ready for the depth of questions I was asked in my actual HBS interview. This package was a critical part of my preparation, and allowed me to go into the interview feeling confident and prepared. Scott was always just a quick email away if I needed anything, and his service was a key factor in my preparation that ultimately led to an HBS admission. I would recommend Scott and his team to any of my peers applying to business school. And can truly say it was 100% worth the money. Thank you Scott!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By anonymousmba64 0 0

I could not have asked for a better experience working with Scott and his team at Personal MBA Coach. Before starting each application I scheduled a phone call with Scott to review my ideas for the essays and ended each call with a clear path forward. After drafting the essays and sending over to Scott I received thoughtful and helpful feedback within 48 hours which helped me keep moving my MBA applications forward. Working with Scott on essays and with his colleagues on interview prep was incredibly helpful. I ended up being admitted to my top choice M7 program with a large merit fellowship and am so glad I chose to work with Personal MBA Coach throughout this process.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By yc355 0 0

Scott was absolutely instrumental to my success in the business school application process; there was no way I would have been as successful and comfortable without him.

From our very first conversation, it was clear that Scott had exactly the expertise, experience, and empathy I was looking for in an excellent MBA coach. Scott guided me through the entire process, including picking my target schools, setting milestones and deadlines, crafting my story, reviewing my applications, essays, and recommendations, interview prep, and even up to post-offer strategy.

Throughout the process, Scott was extremely available at all times of the day; there was not a moment that I was worried that he would not be available to me for an important part of the process. In addition, he pulled no punches; he was truly fully invested in my success and pointed out my strengths and weaknesses clearly and specifically.

Again, without Scott's guidance, the MBA application process would certainly have been a much harder and stressful process and there could very well have been a different outcome for me in the end.

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Completely worth it
May 13 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ishukr1 0 0

I worked with Personal MBA Coach and thought the experience was worth every penny. I got into both the schools I had applied to (INSEAD and Columbia Business School). I worked with Scott and he was very responsive, gave excellent feedback and gave me as much time as I needed. I do not think my essays would have been as sharp without his help. He also helped me brainstorm ideas on how to make my story most impactful.

When it came to interview rounds, it was helpful to do mock interviews. In short, Scott was available throughout the process for anything I needed. I definitely recommend working with him.

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Honest and to the point
May 09 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By hormones 0 0

Through Personal MBA coach i worked directly with the founder, Scott. That was important for me because i wanted consistency in the consulting i received and i wanted a personalized service, which is probably easier attained when working with a smaller firm. What i noticed about Scott from the first conversation we had was that he was evaluating me as a client as much as i was evaluating him as a consultant. This showed me that he was looking for a client that he knew he could deliver for. And deliver he did. I got into my top choice schools thanks to some really good, transparent and critical reviews of my personal statements. The process wasn't just paper review though, Scott helped me structure my past experiences and shape a coherent future career goal that helped not only on my statements, but also on my personal career track.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By victoriacrogers 0 0

Choosing Scott as my MBA consultant was the best investment I made in preparing for graduate school admissions.
I initially discovered Scott/Personal MBA Coach through a meeting with a recruitment member from the program I would be applying to. He spoke very highly of Scott and his team and recommended that if I needed help with any stage of the application or test preparation to consider Scott.
About a year later at a QS MBA fair, I sat in the different MBA counselor panels and Scott’s presentation and expertise hit the nail on the head for what I was looking to achieve (1) authentically branding myself for an MBA, (2) support and guidance during the application process, and (3) he knew the school I was applying to and could bring a different perspective that I wouldn’t be privy to.
In our first meeting (via phone), he explained the different services and packages, I chose the 1 school application and test prep services package and he outlined what the process would look like moving forward. He was very gracious and helpful in explaining the questions I had and making the plan customizable to what I would need. We set up the timeline to apply and he put me in connection to a tutor on his team to begin test preparations.
The tutor, Shaudi, was extremely helpful, accommodating and resourceful. We met twice a week over skype (using google docs and screen share also) and she was extremely generous with examples and additional material. Having used other test prep services to prep for the GMAT I was wary of signing up for another as I was just ready for it to be an expense that didn’t drive any results but this could not be further than the truth. I wish that I had just spent the money up front to do the tutoring rather than the 8-week group prep course I had done earlier.
I am an extremely type-A, calendar, to-do list driven person and they both were extremely attentive and organized which definitely helped settle my nerves. What I especially appreciated is that they broke the process down into digestible bits. I like to finish all my outstanding items/projects at once, and that approach would not have worked here and Scott and Shaudi organized it in such a way that I knew what was coming and could see how I was making progress each week. I cannot recommend Personal MBA Coach, Scott and Shaudi enough they made my application process go so smoothly and helped remove a great deal of stress I had.

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12/10 Experience
April 26 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By dalvarez0217 0 0

Scott did a fantastic job preparing me for interviews and creating my resume. I came in with a below average (at best) resume and he did a fantastic job helping me stand out to give me that extra edge. Scott is attentive, quick to respond, professional and provides an experience second to none. Not only did he help me cater my resume towards business school applications but also worked diligently on a resume catered toward the internship I had been pursuing - and was ultimately rewarded. Having used other services (both private and larger "institutional size" programs), I can honestly say he is by far the best.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By octofloz 0 0

I don't write online reviews. Especially not 6 years after the purchase. But Scott deserves an exception.

I knew MBA applications were a long shot for me to begin with. Coming from a no-name international school (not known to the U.S. application dropdown menu), I was hoping that I "had it in me", but at the same time know that I needed to craft the perfect application, most importantly the essays, to stand out.

My first call was into Sandy Kreisberg. My second into Scott. I went with Scott, and never regretted it. The results spoke for themselves: 4 applications (all top schools), 3 admissions, including my dream choice: Stanford GSB.

Scott knows inside out how to tailor your best and hightest-chance-of-success application package. He continually challenged me to craft the unique and authentic essays that opened the doors to the top MBA programs for me. And as if that all was not already a utopia of awesomeness, Scott helped me secure a full-ride scholarship from my national government. I mean, give me a break, Scott.

When I arrived on campus, GSB's (back then) Dean of Admissions Derrick Bolton took me by the side and told me it was my "What Matters Most To You and Why" essay that made the difference. I honestly look at that essay and I think it's the best piece I have ever written in my life. Would have not been the case without Scott.

Beyond essays, Scott is a fountain of wisdom for school selection, general application strategies, resume editing, picking recommenders, and being there for you during the emotional rollercoaster than MBA applications can be. Take my word. I could not think of a better person than Scott to partner up for this journey that can be such a life-changer. Certainly was for me. THANK YOU, SCOTT.

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