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Dr. Loubna Bouamane, former dean of MBA admissions with over 15 years of experience in admissions and recruiting. I launched The Admission Concierge in 2019 to offer a truly personalized and tailored guidance that goes beyond the conventional, or cookie-cutter methods, ensuring your journey to admission is uniquely crafted for success. We are a boutique-sized MBA admissions consulting company and unlike large consulting firms, our focus is on you!

As an MBA admission consultant, I understand the hard work and introspection that goes into crafting a compelling application for a highly competitive program, even for candidates with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds. Therefore, we are deeply invested in maximizing your potential through the entire process, from school selection to crafting a persuasive application highlighting your uniqueness to interview prep.

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Admission Concierge Admissions Consulting Reviews

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Loubna Bouamane
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May 08, 2024

Joined: Jan 15, 2020

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Highly recommend


Working with her was an absolute game-changer in my MBA admissions journey. Her expertise, dedication, and unwavering support were instrumental in securing my admission into Kellogg, and I can't thank her enough.

From the moment I reached out to Loubna, I knew I was in good hands. Her deep understanding of the MBA admissions process, especially at top-tier institutions, was evident right from our initial consultation. She took the time to truly understand my strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, crafting a personalized strategy tailored to maximize my chances of success.

Throughout the entire process, Loubna was there every step of the way, providing invaluable guidance and feedback on every aspect of my application. Whether it was refining my resume, perfecting my essays, or preparing for interviews, her insights were spot-on and immensely helpful. She pushed me to present the best possible version of myself, challenging me to dig deeper and showcase my unique story and achievements in a compelling manner.

What truly sets Loubna apart is her genuine passion for helping her clients succeed. She invested not just in my application, but in me as an individual, offering encouragement, support, and reassurance during moments of doubt or uncertainty.

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