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ARLee Consulting  is a Boutique Admissions Consulting Firm offering 1on1 counseling completely customized to suit your needs and help you GET ACCEPTED to your dream schools.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Alex Ruiz Lee, an INSEAD MBA graduate, uses his experience as a Samsung HR Executive Director and Admissions Interviewer for INSEAD to guide you toward acceptance.

ARLee Consulting specializes in MBA, EMBA, MiM and any other graduate and undergraduate programs.

We offer full flexibility to suit your needs and budget. Therefore, although our most successful product is the Comprehensive End-to-End Package, we can completely customize a package for you.

Visit our website and contact us for a free evaluation and detailed discussion about your future!
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ARLee Consulting Admissions Consulting Reviews

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Alex Ruiz Lee
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April 29, 2022

Joined: Aug 16, 2021

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More than just acceptance


I first came in contact with Alex through another friend of mine who attended INSEAD. Alex helped me with my application for INSEAD despite of my low GPA. I was first quite reluctant to even ask since I don't think I'd possibly stand a chance with my GPA, but Alex reassured me and put faith in me throughout the process. I scored 710 for GMAT. Alex held my hand every step of the way through the application and guided me towards the correct direction. In truth, Alex not only helped me with my application but also opened my eyes to how I should present myself in front of others. Would highly recommend!

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October 08, 2021

Joined: Dec 25, 2019

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Alex is a great consultant who help me go from ding to acceptance


For background, after a ding from LBS, I contact Alex for a profile review. Long story short, I was admitted by INSEAD all thanks to Alex.

Alex's strengths that make him stand out from other consultants that I talked to:

- Alex is very knowledgeable about European schools, in particular INSEAD. Being an alumni himself, Alex knows exactly what the admission committe is looking for, and guided me to tailor my application towards it.

- Alex is very committed to my application: Throughout the application process, Alex has worked closely with me for each step, from essay brainstorming, referral selection, review, and interview prep. He typically replied with detailed review or answered my question within the day.

- Alex has a strong background in HR and as an INSEAD alumni, which differentiate him from other consultants. He can guide you from the persepective of the applicants, the reviewers as well as the alumni interviewers.

- Alex is genuinely encouraging and supportive throughout the process. This cannot be stressed enough. The application process can be very stressful, espectially after when my previous application were dinged. Alex was always available for consultation and gave valuable advice, no matter how trivial, which has helped eased my concerns.

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July 20, 2021

Joined: Mar 27, 2017

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Want to get in your dream school ? Alex is your guy !


I signed up with Alex after getting on call with a few other consultants. He was very forthcoming from day one. There is no-one better than Alex especially when it comes to European schools. He knows at the back of his hand which characteristics are required in which part of the application. As an INSEAD alumn, he brings unique insights to the table.

He is always available on different channels and will never make you beg him for audience, unlike some other consultants. He is very mindful of deadlines and knows how to drive you towards the required quality of the application.

I had average/below average stats and I applied to INSEAD and LBS through him. I got interview invite from LBS even though it was R3 and I got into INSEAD.

You can not go wrong with Alex. He is your man !

(P.S During this process you will end up becoming good friends with him. He won't just be your consultant.)

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July 05, 2021

Joined: Jun 15, 2020

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Consultant review


I was applying to 2 top business schools, IESE and INSEAD, which all them accepted me. ARLee Consulting was a key factor in helping me getting the admission to INSEAD.

Alex was a pleasure to work with and his advice had real results. He was a frank person and not shy to tell you that your score wasn't good enough for an elite school; however, he was alway very supportive and never gave up on my application with low GMAT score. Once I took another test and achieved a better score, he always believed I could do it.

I was hesitant at first about using a consultant, but Alex proved me wrong. He has shown me the world different for having someone you can consult. He was thoughtful and thorough with his advice and very personalized in his approach. I could consult him anytime on any topic, some of them non-MBA related.

I owe Alex a big thanks for being accepted at my target school (INSEAD). I cannot express by words but frankly speaking I could not have made it without his help.

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May 23, 2021

Joined: Apr 08, 2018

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Alex is the one!


First and foremost, thanks to Alex, I've been accepted into INSEAD which has been my dream school over the last 3 years. It was July 2020 when I contacted him for the first time.
Had not been for Alex, I would not be writing this!

1. His ability to objectively assess the strengths and the weaknesses of applicants: I personally value this trait since as an applicant whose GMAT was much lower than the average, I had to exactly know whether it would be possible for me to offset this with other qualifications I have. In this regard, he helped me to focus more on my strengths.

2. Professionalism: If you work with him, you would be able to notice that he is not someone who easily compromise the quality of work even though you might think it's done. Well, this is not applicable to him. Isn't it a good thing for our consultant to be like this?

3. Source of insights into INSEAD: When I initially considered my prospective consultants, my no.1 consideration was whether the consultant has access to insider information that cannot be easily found or seen on the website. As INSEAD alumni, his advice for the interviews played a significant role in making me feel relaxed and even confident.

Aside from these, his is quick off the mark in replying and responding to my request even though we had the 7-hour time difference!

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September 28, 2020

Joined: Jul 15, 2020

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Choose Alex

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

"I approached Alex in the midst of the global lockdown with a host of uncertainties regarding the European MBA Admissions process. From day one, Alex was extremely responsive and helped me craft a number of compelling applications. Having left myself with limited time before the application deadlines, Alex kept me on track while providing expert guidance along the way. If you are willing to put in the hard work, choosing Alex is your best bet. His knowledge of the MBA landscape, particularly in Europe, is second to none. In the end, I was admitted to my target school with a sizeable scholarship. I would highly recommend Alex to any prospective MBA candidate. Thanks again Alex!"

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August 19, 2020

Joined: Mar 10, 2020

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Dedicated, experienced, insightful


First things first, I have received an interview invite but no confirmation of acceptance to Insead yet. Regardless of the outcome though, my experience with Alex has been nothing less than great.

I think you get a general idea of his expertise from the other comments, but for me, in particular, what stood out for me was his ability to really understand the application requirements and pose insightful questions that helped
me connect the dots. I have a military background and struggled to translate my achievements/experiences there onto the essays - that's where his guidance really shone through for me. Without a doubt, without his advice, my essays would be nowhere near interview-invitation worthy.

One more aspect that I valued was his effort to really understand my profile and background properly. He prompted a fair bit when we first spoke, and he definitely tapped on that knowledge he formed of me, sometimes even suggesting points that I had mentioned but forgot to include in the essays.

Of course, I went ahead with Alex with his INSEAD background a factor in consideration, and while not necessarily crucial, I valued the INSEAD experience he shared too.

Ultimately, as I have said, even if I do not get accepted, my experience with Alex was top-notch, and I can only recommend his services.

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July 25, 2020

Joined: Mar 16, 2020

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An Superb Service from Start to Finish


I received an admit to one of my dream schools, with a large scholarship! Alex was a fantastic coach, a brilliant mentor, and understood the strengths and weaknesses of my profile perfectly.

Alex's body of knowledge about European schools was second to none, and he constantly reassured me throughout the process, with a positive outlook on everything!

It was a pleasure working with Alex and I looked forward to our calls and receiving his feedback. His turnaround time for my work was exceptional, and I felt incredibly well guided through the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend Alex to any prospective MBA candidate.


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May 27, 2020

Joined: Nov 18, 2018

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Best deal ever - admission offer with full scholarship!


To give you some context, I'm from one of the most competitive pools - Chinese Male in the consulting industry, with an average GMAT score and a rather low GPA. I applied to 6 schools, all of which are my dream schools. With the crucial help from Alex, I successfully received interview invitations from all schools I applied to, and ended up with 4 offers from INSEAD, LBS, Fuqua($$), and Ross($$$$), and 2 waitlists (withdrawed later) from another 2 top US schools.

I was skeptical about using online MBA admission consultancy at first, and I talked to many admission consultants from my own country and the country I'm based at. After enough research and comparisons I chose Alex eventually, as I was convinced by his expertise in admissions and his utmost passion in guiding and coaching applicants after we had the first initial call, let alone his own excellent and interesting background - an INSEAD MBA alumnus, with many international experiences both academically and professionally, among which his professional HR experience in a global leading tech company would enable him to know people and career better. I would say, it turned out to be the best choice in my application journey.

I was having a difficult time as I had no confidence in my profile and I had trouble figuring out my genuine career goal, one of the most important questions we applicants should work on. Alex kept cheering me up and giving me the confidence I needed, and most importantly, he dedicated himself to knowing my life story and passion, identified many selling-points in my story that I myself even didn't recognize, and guided me to connect all the dots and thus helped me develop a wonderful career goal story. Most of the time when we jumped onto a call which was supposed to be 1 to 1.5 hours long, it usually turned out to be 2-3 hours with lots of discussions and brainstormings, and I got take-ways more than enough to move on with my applications. Alex is also very responsive as he would always reply to my email and return my essay with many insightful comments and updates by the next morning - Our timezone difference of 8 hours made it possible for me to send him my essay drafts by the time I went to sleep and except to receive the feedback when I woke up the next morning! I truly appreciated his generosity, hard-working, and efficiency.

Alex was also more than an admissions consultant till the point you receive your offers. He gave me plenty of genuine advice in weighing the offers by putting himself in my shoes, shared his thoughts on how I may spend my pre-MBA time and prepare for the program, and even helped me through the dilemma about whether I should defer my MBA program given the COVID-19 problem.

I really enjoyed the experience working with Alex, and I truly felt I gained much more than I excepted and paid (it's really affordable compared to most other admission services!). I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to go for it. Alex Lee Consulting will be your best guide and friend along your MBA journey. Thank you, Alex!

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May 05, 2020

Joined: Feb 06, 2019

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Admission from my dream school from all dings

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Working with Alex was a pleasant experience and brought the most desirable result to me; admission from London Business School.

Before his service, I had not received any invitation from any school but, with his service, I received 4 interview invitations out of 5 applied schools; 2 accepted, 2 waitlisted.

His service is sound in terms of both academic and professional aspects based on his HR and MBA experiences. My career goals and plans have become clearer through his advice and thus my application developed so solid that I get accepted from LBS.

With the strengths of his service, he delivered it very effectively. He communicated in a pleasant manner and drew out what is my real potential and how to demonstrate it.

Overall, his service was the way beyond my expectation and I highly recommend you reach out to him if you are struggling with your application.

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