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ARLee Consulting
ARLee Consulting  is a Boutique Admissions Consulting Firm offering 1on1 counseling completely customized to suit your needs and help you GET ACCEPTED to your dream schools.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Alex Ruiz Lee, an INSEAD MBA graduate, uses his experience as a Samsung HR Executive Director and Admissions Interviewer for INSEAD to guide you toward acceptance.

ARLee Consulting specializes in MBA, EMBA, MiM and any other graduate and undergraduate programs.

We offer full flexibility to suit your needs and budget. Therefore, although our most successful product is the Comprehensive End-to-End Package, we can completely customize a package for you.

Visit our website and contact us for a free evaluation and detailed discussion about your future!

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     By JAE18 66 2

I started working with Alex roughly 1 week before 2 of my applications were due and I really enjoyed working with him. It was very daunting and stressful for me at first because of the tight timeline but we were able to get several iterations done which ensured that I submitted my best applications. In total, I worked with Alex on 3 applications including my essays, resume/CV and LORs and was accepted to all 3 schools with scholarship; including a top 15 MBA program.

We worked on crafting my story to be consistent with all aspects of the applications. Alex coached me throughout the entire process and was very responsive, prompt and easy to work with. From my research when looking for a consultant, I discovered that some of them only communicate through email and while this works for some people, I knew I needed a more open and less formal style. Alex made me feel comfortable in reaching out with any queries along the way and I liked that he made himself available where I could easily bounce ideas off of him.

My overall experience was very positive and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in working with a supportive and knowledgeable MBA consultant.

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Excellent Service
June 12 | 2018
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     By dimitrisdimitriadis 0 0

With the assistance of ARLee Consulting I succeeded in my dream of getting accepted by a top-5 b-school.
Before deciding to refer to ARLee Consulting, I was skeptical about the MBA admissions consultants. Having myself gone successfully through the admission process for my master's at a top EU university, I believed that an external help would only be of limited value. However, as I had been previously rejected by 4 US b-schools, I could not afford another rejection.
The successful result speaks by itself for ARLee’s input. Although we worked under a super-tight timeline, and due to my heavy schedule (working long-hours and having only evenings to work on my b-school applications) Alex Ruiz (the consultant whom I worked with) was fully dedicated to the task, always available, tireless, and fully aligned to my goal. It was indeed a team working towards a common direction. I could feel that Alex was putting as much emphasis as on the details as I did, and believe me, I am absolutely meticulous.
Alex performed his role very professionally, ensuring that it would be my personality, my viewpoint, and my personal brand that would be revealed through the essays. If you are looking for someone to do the work and write the essays for you, Alex is not the guy to go to – hopefully you are not that type of applicant, as I doubt anyone can target at a top-school with such mentality. But if you need someone who has an insight into turning a strong potential into a successful applicant, then Alex is the person to refer to.
I would highly recommend ARLee Consulting to every aspiring b-school candidate. With their assistance, this strenuous and stressful process was rendered an experience that at the end I enjoyed, culminating to the absolutely magnificent result of getting accepted to a dream b-school.

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