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EMPOWERgmat [187]
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Kaplan [22]
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Math Revolution for Quant Improvement
Review for: Math Revolution Private Tutoring by gmat20182018
September 16 | 2020
As you can see through my ID, I started my GMAT prep in 2018 and had 1-2 months to study for the GMATs. I had studied for months before... Read more
Quant Savior
Review for: Target Test Prep Dedicated Study by clarkalex22
September 16 | 2020
Initially, I started studying quant through MP books, online practice questions, and CATs. After 1.5 months, I did not notice nearly enough improvement to eventually meet my GMAT goals. I... Read more
TTP saved me from Manhattan Prep's awfulness - 620 to 770!!!!
Review for: Target Test Prep Dedicated Study by jameSLUT
September 13 | 2020
I initially got Manhattan Prep's All The GMAT paper books. It was helpful to have something in hand to read, but otherwise pretty useless. I took the Official Test 1... Read more
The best prep material for Quant available in market!
Review for: Target Test Prep Flexible Prep by anilkkhyalia
September 12 | 2020
I started off with my GMAT preparation early and used Manhattan guide books for Quant section. Within a month or two, I was able to have a good grasp on... Read more
Highly recommend
Review for: Target Test Prep Dedicated Study by fakegrass
September 11 | 2020
TTP helped raise my quant score from a Q44 to a Q50. The course content is extremely thorough, and within the first few weeks I was already hitting 47+. Although... Read more