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About GMAT Club

What is GMAT Club?

GMAT Club is an independent forum that is based on a Question & Answer format. People share their strategies and provide advice about the best ways to improve GMAT scores and get into the top MBA programs. Search for your questions – there is a chance we have them answered with over 200,000 discussions and 1,700,000 posts.

Who runs GMAT Club?

GMAT Club is run by its members: volunteer moderators run most of the day-to-day community activities. BB, the founder of GMAT Club is also still active.

Why was GMAT Club Started?

GMAT Club's purpose is to organize and preserve the collective wisdom and experience of GMAT test-takers and MBA applicants. We believe in contributing to each other’s learning – together we are stronger than any one of us alone. GMAT Club forum was started by BB on Dec 11, 2002.

Why Join GMAT Club?

GMAT Club offers a number of helpful tools to registered members: Error Log for forum practice, a collection of over 10,000 downloads, participation in GMAT Club Rewards, and access to over 50 GMAT and MBA experts to help with your prep and application questions.

Is there a Membership Fee?

GMAT Club membership is absolutely free – you can get all of our best knowledge and resources without ever paying. Not only is GMAT Club free, but you can also earn rewards for participating. You can get variety of GMAT Prep products and Admissions Consulting services for free by redeeming your GMAT Club Rewards points.

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Meet the Team

BB Founder
Jasmeet Singh HEC & IMD School Moderator
Souvik B Alum
Evan CR & LSAT Forum Moderator
Chetan Sharma Math Expert
Balaji Guntur Current Student
Victor M. Board of Directors
Vikhyat Nanda BSchool Forum Moderator
Vyshak Marshall & McDonough Moderator
Abhishek Mahna Board of Directors
Pushpit Kamal Chhajer Senior PS Moderator
Arpit Kikani IIMA, IIMC School Moderator
Zi Yuen Senior SC Moderator
Pankaj Vats Moderator
Hina Tabassum BSchool Forum Moderator
Chris LBS Moderator

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Meet our Experts

Sujoy Kumar Datta GMAT Tutor
Scott Target Test Prep Representative
Alex Ruiz Lee ARLee Consulting
Paul Lanzillotti MBA Admissions Consultant
Nisha Trivedi mbaMission Admissions Consultant
Charles Bibilos GMAT Club Verbal Expert
Bhoopendra Singh GMATinsight Tutor
Scott Edinburgh Personal MBA Coach Founder
Karishma Veritas Prep GMAT Instructor
Jeffrey Target Test Prep Representative
Poonam Tandon MBA Admissions Consultant
Jen Kedrowski mbaMission Admissions Consultant

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