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'Specialist' and 'Holistic' are the two terms that epitomize the approach followed by Experts' Global. A student works with a team of specialist Mentors- an Advising Mentor who defines the theme of application and choice of schools, a Writing Mentor who guides in preparing impeccable and impactful essays, an Applications Mentor who helps with the online application, resume, and recommendation letters, and an Interview Mentor, who helps with rigorous interview preparation. Result is authentic, holistic admissions consulting that leads to a smooth experience and robust results!

Before you enroll, get an exhaustive profile evaluation conducted and receive a Guarantee Statement- the Least Possible Admits and Scholarships. In an unlikely scenario that the Guarantee Statement is not met despite your due cooperation, entire fee is refunded- something that is yet to happen! Learn more.
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August 03, 2022

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Experts Global Admission Consulting Review


I had reached out to Experts Global for admission consulting services right after completing my GMAT as I was impressed with their reviews on Gmatclub. I'm glad I made the right choice as their meticulously designed process is what I needed, to do my best in the application process.
I opted for their 3-school package for admission consulting. The extensive profiling questionnaire and the brainstorming sessions with the application team were the most valuable parts for me as they helped me uncover all my professional and personal achievements that I could then highlight in my application essays and make my application stand out. The questionnaire required me to introspect a lot about my past experiences and helped me decide which stories I could use in the essays of each school. This also proved to be extremely helpful in my interviews as I was already aware of my strengths and weaknesses going into the interviews. Their mock interviews also helped me hone my interview skills.
I have received admits from 2 of the 3 schools with scholarships and awaiting results from the third school. I really appreciate the help and guidance provided by the Experts Global apps team for any little query I had during the entire process.
I would certainly recommend Experts Global for admission consulting services.

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July 26, 2022

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Experts Global Admissions Consulting


I would like to take this opportunity to thank experts global for their continous support and
guidance throughout my mba application process and helping me get into the MBAEx program
at IIM calcutta. It is common knowledge that getting a good gmat score is just a first step in the
long way to getting into an mba program. A major chunk of the application process is about
supplementing that gmat score with a strong application and this step can make or break ones
candidature in getting into an MBA program. What I loved about experts global is their
methodical approach to going about the college application process. They follow a logical step
by step approach compemented by strict deadlines that keeps an applicant on their toes
throughout their application which is extremely essential during application process. It is easy to
be intimated by the magnitude, depth and quality of essays to be submitted, customized for
each mba program and having someone help you navigate the process while keeping a tab on
timelines can be of great help. Further, their step by step approach about the candidates profile
evaluation and selection of suitable programs is extremely helpful for candidates who have a
hard time figuring out the right program as per their profiles. Their turn around time is
commendable which is again extremely valuable for an already anxious candidate in the middle
of their application process. I will recommend experts global if one is lost and overwhelmed
regarding the application process and wants to land into a suitable mba program at the end of
the application process.

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July 20, 2022

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Expert's Global will help you achieve it!

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Phase 1 - Choosing an admission consultant

- They were insightful and very open about my strength and weakness.
- Did not oversell their services, nor did they over-promise.
- Conversation with them always elicited confidence.

Phase 2 - The Process

- They were very diligent and professional.
- Never missed any timeline promised.
- Felt like I had a personal connection with the team.
- Communication lines were open all time; I could call them or text them anytime. (Major plus for me)
- Follow-up was efficient; Enduring the process with a full-time job was crazy. Their follow-ups helped!
-They will ensure that your story is projected in the best possible way.
- Interview prep was really helpful and was aligned with the questions which I was asked at the interview.

Services availed - I took their services for 5 schools in the EU, applied for 3 and got admission into 2 with scholarships (40% and 15%).

Overall, I am extremely happy that I chose Experts Global, and I would highly recommend them.

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July 17, 2022

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Great Experience!!!


My experience with Expert's Global was very smooth and seamless. The team was always available to help me with any queries that I had. They also followed up with me in a timely manner to ensure that I was on track with the process and was getting help whenever I needed it. The well-defined teams at Experts Global worked very hard for all stages of the process from school selection to mock interviews. Their structured approach to the application process made it easier to apply to so many schools in the same round and also get quite a few admits. I am glad to have worked with them on my applications. :)

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July 06, 2022

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Extremely disappointing experience - Did more harm than good


I am writing this review based on my experience alone - and I acknowledge that different people might have had different experiences with this same team. I have also discussed these issues directly with the Experts' Global (EG) Team multiple times - and they admitted to their faults and told me that they would address these concerns for future applicants. Whether or not they have improved in these areas - I do not know, but I sure hope so.

1. Extremely sub-par resources and essays
I was planning on writing my own essays anyway and was looking to EG for basic guidance. I was shocked when I went through their drafts and resources. They were horrible. If the essay prompt was "When is Christmas?" EG's response was "Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" There was no correlation between their resources and the question being asked. There were tons of grammatical errors that even a 7th grader could spot. Worse, when I pointed these out to them, they did not even seem to realize that there was something wrong.
Moreover, they ask you to spend several days and they make you fill out lengthy questionnaires. They keep asking you for regular updates regarding your profile. But none of these are incorporated into your final story or final essays. What's the point in collecting all of that data if it is not going to be used? They simply share a generic cut, copy, paste draft.

2. No support at all - You are left on your own
When you start out, they share a detailed calendar/tracker sheet with milestones. It will look organized and good but do not fall for the trap. The EG team ticked off a few checkboxes like resume review, and (horrible) essay drafts and then completely disappeared. It was almost as if they didn't exist. I was left to fend for myself during the most crucial part of the application process. If you're looking for an admission consultant for support at every step, then this might not be the place.
When I pointed this out, they resorted to a blame game and instead of addressing my concerns, they just kept asking me why I did not approach them. I was busy, knee-deep in the work that I expected their help with. And though I raised concerns with the essay drafts thrice, their responses made it clear that they could not have cared less. Moreover, all the follow-ups and milestones that were mentioned in the initial sheet - most of them were not met and the team did not care about it either. (during the submissions time)

3. Problems with communication
There were numerous instances of terrible communication. Person 1 would call me and we would decide to do a particular thing or proceed in a certain way. Next time this topic comes up, this person would have absolutely no idea about what we were even talking about - and would give a completely opposite reply than what they gave the first time.

The only pro for me was the Interview preparation.

I am sharing this review here on GMAT Club so it motivates the candidates to do their research and not fall for false promises by consultants like Experts Global. I felt trapped after making all the payments and there was nothing I could do. I have already shared my feedback with the EG team through emails and calls and I can only hope that things have improved now. Please do your research before proceeding. When I shared these points, their response for most of them was - "This usually doesn't happen, we don't know how it happened in your case". But it was already too late for me. And I cannot say how many others faced similar issues.

Another takeaway - do your own research on the schools you want to apply to. Do not blindly believe what they will tell you as they would want you to apply mostly to safe schools to boost the success rates. Do your research and discuss it with your consultant (if any).

tl;dr The conclusion is - Experts' Global did me more harm than good. Signing up with them resulted in an utter loss of precious time that I could otherwise have invested in more important aspects of my application. Through their resources and drafts, they also gave me a very wrong idea of what is expected. I had to learn on my own and prepare my applications accordingly. So, not only were they not putting me on the right path, but they were actively forcing me to walk on the wrong path. One that would have resulted in failure.

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June 13, 2022

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Review for Experts' Global Admission Consulting Services


I opted for Expert's Global MBA Admissions Consulting Services as soon as I was done with my GMAT. Some of the key highlights of the team is their well planned schedule with milestones to keep the application process on track, a "reality check" with regards to the schools which I was planning to apply and a brainstorming session to cover the story of my life and career so far and how it can be synced with my post MBA career goals. Even though I opted for the service right when the Round 1 deadlines were around the corner, the team worked diligently to make sure I can apply to all the schools I was targeting for. They assessed my profile, helped me with my resume, specific essays for all the schools, interview preparations and almost anything I needed their guidance on.
Personally, I can't thank the team enough for their help which empowered me to get admissions from ISB, BU Questrom, Broad MSU and Schulich MBA in India program with multiple other results awaited.
My tip to anyone opting for the program would be to trust their process, stick to their milestones and listen to their honest analysis of the applicant's profile. They are one of the most highly approachable professionals I have worked with.

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June 05, 2022

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EMBA Admission with help of Expert Global. Thank you !!

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Hi All,
Last year, I started replanning my mid-career aspirations, and Executive MBA became the next best option, given my 15-year experience and other factors. With my busy schedule (as I am working full time), I wanted someone to hold my hand and do detailed planning & execution of the EMBA Preparation & Applications. Before signing up with them, I talked to Anchal, Akanksha, and many other fabulous folks at Expert Global. It turned out that Expert Global far exceeded my expectations in the organization, providing value in my application process and delivering the results. They developed a project plan with extreme details from their side and mine. They coached me at every junction and clarified every doubt that I had.
Their interview process is very rigorous and extremely helpful. I gave 4 mock interviews, and each mock interview helped me redefine my approach to applications.

I applied to 1) SC Johnson College of Business | Cornell University, 2) Duke University (Fuqua) & 3) University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (Ross).
To my surprise and with Expert global's fierce commitment to working with you, I got admitted in all 3.

The entire application process is excruciating and stressful, but it becomes manageable with the right guide, like Expert Global, and confidence starts kicking in soon.

If you want to reach out to me for further details, please feel free to email me at

Nikhil Mathur

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May 30, 2022

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Multiple Admits with Scholarships!


I had taken the 15 test series and availed the admission consulting service of Experts Global and following was my experience of admissions consulting:

The admission consulting service i availed was for applying to 11 schools in the first round and out of 11 applications I received admits from three top-20 US schools with half scholarship, admit from one school with full scholarship and waitlist from another top-15 school. The well-defined teams at Experts Global worked very hard for all stages of the process from school selection to mock interviews. They were quite honest with me regarding the schools I could get into and should apply to based on my profile and post MBA goals. Their structured approach to the application process made it easier to apply to so many schools in the same round. Moreover, the mock interviews helped a lot with building confidence for facing the interviews at different schools.
Hence, I am glad to have chosen Experts Global to support me during my MBA application process!

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May 22, 2022

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Excellent Consulting Service


I signed up for the end-to-end admissions consulting service with Experts Global after having availed of their GMAT prep course. As anyone here would know, the admissions process is rigorous, to say the least, but the EG team held my hand from the first conversation about my goals to preparing for joining the class after admission. I had targeted Round 1 and enrolled for the 4 school package with EG. What struck me first and foremost is how well structured and streamlined they made the whole process. From a live tracker with each step and deadlines thereof, to a dedicated point of contact for each stage. The team took the time to understand my abilities and motivations, and helped me craft authentic applications. What I appreciated the most about the team was their candour in offering advice. I appreciated the impartial and practical analysis of my profile which helped me understand my own candidacy better. Out of the 4 schools I applied to, I was admitted to 2 and waitlisted with 1, which is a great success rate. I certainly recommend Experts Global to anyone looking to avail of end to end admissions consulting service.

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May 07, 2022

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Great support provided by the Expert's Global team


Profesional service right from start to finish.
Experts global has a standardized process that helps you in meeting application deadlines and improve the quality of your essays.
The GMAT prep material, especially the mocks aslo helped me.
Since the consulting is end-to-end, you can begin your interview prep as soon as you're done with the application submission.The mock interview services also helped me in getting a sense of the actual interview process.The whole journey is tracked on an excel tracker that lends a structure to the application process.
I got an admit in ISB and the help from the Expert's Global team
was a big enabler.
Go for it!!

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