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Great Hourly Service
May 22 | 2017
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     By ctulp 0 0
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I had a wonderful experience working with Sherry. I am a non-traditional applicant coming from an international development background and political science undergrad major. My GRE score was good but not stellar (160 math, 162 verbal) and I was looking for someone to help me navigate the application process and help with my essays. I had decided to apply to 6 schools, so there were going to be a lot of essays to prepare.

From the first time I met with Sherry she put me at ease about the process. I did not feel overwhelmed about the next steps and she made me feel confident about what I had to offer business schools. Sherry helped me figure out which schools to look at and ultimately apply to based on my skill set and what I wanted to do (social impact consulting). We then worked on my essays, starting off with ideas in bullet points and then on through the final version.

Sherry was very upfront with me on how many hours/minutes I had left with her and also asked me to be upfront with her on what I was looking for out of the service so that she used my time efficiently. I felt like I was in control and got what I wanted out of the service - guidance, answering one-off questions, and reviewing my essays. I bought 3 hours to start off with, and then decided to buy an additional 3 hours because I enjoyed working with her so much and really felt like I would get a good amount of guidance with an additional 3 hours. It was expensive, but I think it was worth the cost.

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Worth it!
April 06 | 2017
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     By chenan1 1
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I was initially very skeptical of the gloating reviews and the value add of hiring a consultant. However I did so anyway because I felt it would put me at a disadvantage if I didn't. I'm very glad I did!

I used Stacy Blackman because they seemed to have a long standing track record. My initial consultation was okay but my follow-up conversation with Sherry Holland really sealed the deal for me.

The B-school application process is a very stressful process and coming from a non-traditional background I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Sherry is incredibly competent and offers great insights but moreover she is kind and patient. I got into b-school with substantial merit award. I would have been perfectly elated with just an acceptance so getting a scholarship was a complete surprise. I do not think I would have gotten any money without the help of Sherry.

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     By rkang52 0 5
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I purchased the hourly services when looking at working with SBC. Overall, I chose SBC because of their reputation and the pricing gave me what I thought was the best value. With Sherry, I worked essays for 3 different schools as well as my resume and had plenty of time to do this.

Sherry was incredibly helpful to work with and was very active in providing me direct feedback on the different essays and resume. The work we did on my resume opened my eyes on exactly how a resume should be specifically for a MBA application. Going in, I also knew that my essays needed the most work and Sherry helped me by going through a stepped process to properly tell my story to the different admissions committees. I always felt that her feedback was sincere and overall it helped me to shape my story in an appealing way. Sherry was very timely with her feedback and it gave me plenty of time to reach the deadlines for the January due dates for the different schools that I was applying to.

I would highly recommend the use of SBC because of the attention to detail that they provided me in working on my application essays and resume. Everything that I wanted to accomplish with them was completed and was more than satisfactory. I am happy that this year I chose to use an admissions consultant to help me with my applications.

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April 02 | 2017
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     By anonymous118 0 0
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I don't know where to begin. I was accepted to my first choice school, Yale SOM - a dream that I never thought possible and that would never have BEEN possible without Stacy Blackman Consulting.

As a very unusual candidate, I knew that I needed the comprehensive package to have any shot. From my first communication with Esther Magna over a year before I applied, I felt that SBC differed from all of the other admissions consulting companies I was speaking with. Esther was forthright about my strengths and weaknesses and laid out clear advice in our free 30 minute call, and I felt that her assessment was more realistic than that of anyone else with whom I'd spoken.

I cannot speak more highly of Sherry, my consultant. I wouldn't have made it through this process without her. She is so knowledgeable, perceptive, thoughtful, and clear - she helped me conceive a strategy and then held my hand and cheered me on every step of the way. She is extraordinarily responsive over email and would always give me a time frame in which she would get back to me. From helping me plot a timeline and stick with it, to guiding me through writing my essays, to preparing me for my interview and advising on my communication with the Admissions Committee, she helped me navigate every step of the process. Sherry asked incisive, challenging questions that made me think hard about who I am and what I want - and enabled me to convey those things to the Admissions Committee in a coherent and compelling way. Sherry couldn't have been more helpful with my essay - she was honest about the ways in which she thought that it could and should be better and more true to me, and so when I finally got it right after many drafts, I knew that her praise was entirely genuine.

Caryn, my Flight Tester, was fantastic. She was honest about anything that she perceived as unclear and had very actionable suggestions, which was critical at that point in the process and made me feel confident when I submitted my application.

After submitting my application I quickly had to turn to the video questions, and SBC's video platform is excellent. I submitted practice video question responses to Bill Chionis for review, and he gave tremendously thoughtful, detailed feedback that I found hugely helpful and was able to implement when I actually completed the video questions. This same video platform was fantastic when I was preparing for my interview, but I found the questions that Sherry asked me to prepare and our mock interview to be the most essential to what I thought was a very good interview.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the entire SBC team. I could never have done this without you all - you changed my life!

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     By gmataroram 32 7
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I decided to use the services of SBC after having a not so good application season when I got rejected from all my top choices. I had previously worked with a different consultant and I felt cheated when a lot of current students reviewed my essays and gave me a long list of flaws in my essays.

That's why I decided to go full monty and work with the best in the business. I talked with some of the best admissions consultants, but it clicked with SBC and I went further ahead to work with SBC for a comprehensive service. I decided to apply to around 4-6 schools.

The initial call with Esther was pleasant and she, in fact, traced back our previous conversation dated back a couple of years. She listened to my professional goals and achievements and gave me excellent feedback on my last year's application. As I come from a country where the exchange rate vs USD is comparatively high, Esther gave me a generous discount and allowed me to sign up for 2 school contracts and keep on upgrading as per the need for the entire application season.

Esther paired me up with Sherry Holland and in our initial call, I liked Sherry's approach and honesty. She drew a clear picture for me and helped me understand the strategy for school selection. She did not try to convince me to go for schools which do not match my professional ambitions just for the sake of getting an admit.

I kicked off my application with Sherry and we quickly worked through my Resume. With Sherry's excellent advice, we exchanged more than 6-8 Resume drafts and I could see the difference between the quality of two version of my Resume. Sherry also prepped my referees and they, in fact, told me that Sherry guided them really well as it was a new experience for them as well.

The thing I like most about Sherry is that she is very professional and responds immediately. She always gave me a timeframe and always replied within that. Even when she was on holidays, she made sure that my essays are going on nicely. She always encouraged me to write as much as I could in initial drafts and in fact for one such school we brainstormed more than 6 stories for a 500-word essay. She would always listen patiently to my views and gave her important insights.

Because of Sherry's professionalism, I was able to complete my applications in strict timings, and in one instance I managed to prepare probably the longest application amongst all the schools (10 long essays), in a fortnight.

She gave me good interview tips and her waitlist guidance was excellent.

Sherry also helped me with my scholarship application as the school I am matriculating asks separate scholarship essays and they itself are time-consuming. Sherry helped me prepare the application for 3 different scholarships and I received a generous scholarship from my school.

She is a very kind and gentle person and talking to her always helped me get over with the pressure of all the applications. Working with her was a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone to talk to her before embarking on their application season.

P.S. I would also like to thank and express my gratitude towards Bill Chionis, who was my Client Liasion. He took out time for me very close to the deadlines and gave some excellent tips on my final essays.

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     By Pedler 1 5
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I used SBC over the course of multiple applications, and they were a very supportive, and encouraging team. Specifically I used Sherry for my Essays to Ross and Fuqua and when my plans changed and I deiced to refocus on EMBA programs, I did not hesitate to enlist her services again, with outstanding results! I have used other services, and the level of engagement, professionalism and genuine desire to see you succeed are unrivaled by the other groups I used. I would not hesitate to use, or recommend Sherry and the SBC team to anyone who is looking to put forth the best application possible.

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     By mr305 1
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

I was paired with Sherry and I appreciate her transparency and honesty during our first conversation. I remembered being told that - every applicant has his / her reasons for selecting certain schools, some may choose not to pursue an MBA if not admitted to these schools as the opportunity cost of going through MBA is high. Her opinion resonated with my thoughts and she took the time to understand my priorities for school selection and proposed another school for my consideration (which I eventually applied to on my own).

I worked with Sherry on 2 schools. The list below calls out the reasons I enjoyed working with Sherry throughout the whole application process:

1.) Resume
- Thorough and iterative process (approximately 10 drafts) to highlight key achievements, roles and responsibilities
- Detailed explanation from Sherry on how to refine and summarize my achievements

2.) Essays
- We worked closely on 4 long essays and also a few shorter question prompts
- Started off with brainstorming sessions during which I explained how I plan to approach these essays followed by her comments and we finished off with a plan and structure.
- With the structure established during the brainstorming, we went through a few drafts to refine details and highlight key messages

3.) Interview
- Some practices before the mock interview with Sherry. I find the mock interview really helpful as she thoughtfully pintpointed weaknesses that I need to work on such as use of jargons, abbreviations and inconsistency in messages between questions

4.) Other
- She is very responsive and prompt. Throughout the application process, she reverted to me timely (I think she has always responded by the dates she promised)
- She is really good in guiding my thinking process, funnelling my ideas so that I can succinctly articulate them in essays and also during interviews
- Having a big picture i.e. knowing the theme of my application

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Highly Recommend SBC!!
January 03 | 2017
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     By yudiwan 2
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I was very anxious about my b-school application process. I had many ideas but didn't know where to start. I almost decided not to do SBC because it was more expensive than other consulting products on the market, but in the end I decided that it was worth it. I'm so glad!

Sherry was amazing, she was always quick to respond even during the holidays. What people don't realize is that applying to MBA programs is a very lonely process and while you do need editing and consulting support, you also need a friend who can assure you that everything will be okay. That's how I felt when working with Sherry. I applied to 5 schools, got 3 interviews and got admitted to 2.

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super helpful
December 31 | 2016
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     By kamonline 0 5
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Sherry was thoughtful, kind, and incredibly helpful in putting my application together. Her positivity and different perspective helped me realize the strengths of my application and prioritize what areas to focus on. I was able to utilize her advice in my other applications and was ultimately accepted to several business schools with strong scholarship offers. I'm so appreciative of all her help (and patience) particularly around the interview prep and resume creation. Even with the extensive research I had done on my own, I learned so much working with her and was able to keep on track with all my applications.

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     By bobuzb 4
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

When I decided to use hourly services of SBC, I was offered to work with Sherry Holland. I had used services of other consulting firms in my last year's application, but I felt real difference while working with Sherry. I really enjoyed this experience. Sherry is a real professional who knows her work very well. She can easily motivate you to feel confident. Every time I sent my essays to Sherry, I got quick response and all her work deserves respect.

Being an international applicant with low gpa (2.2) and not so strong GMAT score (94%), I had fear that I may fail this year too. Actually, I had prepared full application last year, but it needed to be well polished. Although I used limited hours of SBC service, Sherry helped me to build a winning application. I got four admits with very generous scholarships out of my six applications: Ross ($), Owen ($$$), Kenan with ($), Rice with ($$$).

I am really grateful that I found her

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