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Since 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) clients have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with merit scholarships. SBC has a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program in-house. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional. 

SBC deeply values mentor-ship within its client engagements and limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites, such as YELP. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team. Contact us for a free consultation to request time with an SBC Principal.      
December 23 | 2013
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     By Anonymous 35 20
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - got into all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill@StacyBlackman for all his advice and guidance he provided during the application process which was invaluable and instrumental to my Kellogg’s admission.

I intuitively felt the connection right after the free consultation. Bill was in fact the deciding factor for me to go with Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC). Bill was honest with me. As mentioned by one of the previous applicants I couldn’t agree more -- “Bill was indeed a saint”. Bill not only was calm but also made me feel relaxed especially when I was getting ahead of myself.

Bill's approach towards the application process was methodical, thorough, prudent and he was extremely patient. Bill was very prompt responding to all my emails irrespective of the time, day or the week. Besides being prompt, his responses were very clear. The most important thing for me was he believed in me.Without any doubt Bill is invaluable asset SBC can have.

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Stacy Blackman Review
February 18 | 2014
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     By Anonymous 4 0
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

I am an international applicant, an older candidate and a re-applicant. Though I had a decent academic profile and GMAT score, I was unable to secure admission in my initial attempts. I was desperate and had decided that this was going to be my last attempt at Full time programs.
I decided to look for a consultant, and decipher what it was I was doing wrong. After contacting a few firms, I liked SB for their prompt and detailed response. I also had a talk with Margaret, who was my primary consultant, and felt happy to work with her. She is encouraging and straight-forward. I also liked the fact that SB and Margaret have been working in this field for a number of years, so there was some history there. I had a clear idea of the schools that I wanted to apply to, in light of my interests and age and we started from there.
I had some basic ideas for the essays which we used, but our discussions really helped emphasize the human side of my stories. We also worked on my resume, and I think we went up to 8 or 9 drafts, before it got b-school ready. All of this was really helpful, because I was able to portray a complete picture of myself.
Working with her also ensured that I was completing everything way before the deadlines. This gave me sufficient time for school research and filling out the actual electronic application, things I had neglected previously. Overall, I was very happy with the quality of my applications, and was also quite prepared for my school visits and interviews.
Of the 4 schools I applied to, I got into 2, including my top choice. I will be joining an M7 program this year, and am very happy with the outcome.
Ultimately, a consultant cannot help you gain experience. You have to do it yourself, and depending upon your candidate profile, be realistic about where you should apply. But if you have done that properly, Margaret and SB can definitely ensure that your candidacy is highlighted in the best possible manner and make sure that all parts of your application package are perfectly developed so that your application is in the best shape it can be. My only regret, I should have worked with them earlier.

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Couldn't recommend SBC enough!
February 14 | 2018
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     By coveycole 0 5

I couldn't be happier with my decision to use Stacy Blackman Consulting! I recently gotten accepted to Wharton (with scholarship) and without question would not have been able to do it without the help of Margaret and the SBC team.
For background, I'm a white male with a consulting background. I interviewed at least a dozen different admissions consulting companies and felt like Margaret at SBC would be the best person to help tell my story. I originally wanted to do an hourly package but decided to do a comprehensive package at the end. SO happy I did! Margaret spent countless hours with me working and re-working my essays, resume and every section of my application.
When I received my interview invitation to Wharton I was connected with Rebekah, another SBC consultant and former Wharton admissions officer, who organized a mock team based discussion and gave me some personalized feedback.
If anyone reading this is considering hiring a consultant, you can't go wrong with Margaret and SBC!

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     By xinnyc 0 0

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Amy @ Stacy Blackman Consulting for helping me with my MBA application process. I am in a very competitive pool being Asian and in finance, but Amy really helped me build up a branding and strategy that worked well with my career goals. She is extremely help in many aspects, from guiding me to find the appropriate leadership stories, to combing through my recommender packets. She always offers critical advice on my essays and provide in-time feedback. She is also very helpful with my mock interview, and offered very useful and practical advice.

I would highly recommend SBC to any applicants and Amy is a great MBA consultant!

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Amazing Experience
February 13 | 2018
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     By ral763 1 0

I signed up for an all in package with Erika. From our initial conversation, I knew Erika was going to speak her mind, hold me accountable, provide a personalized experience and allow me to put my best foot forward.

Erika is organized, responsive, and thoughtful. Her feedback on essays went beyond grammar and editing, she truly took the time to help me craft a strong narrative. She has an uncanny ability to take disjointed stories and help craft a strong cohesive essay.

It was clear that she was knowledgeable about the admission process and knew how to take advantage of each competent (resume, data forms, short questions answers). After many many iterations, my materials looks drastically different from start to finish.

Erika and SBC team exceeded my expectations. I can confidently say that without Erika's guidance and support, I wouldn't be going to my dream school in the fall!

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     By pikachew1 2 0

I worked with Christina Fu at SBC, using their all-in service for 4 schools. I ended up getting into my dream program, Wharton/Lauder and honestly could not have done it without Christina and the SBC team.

When I was looking for a consultant, I had an initial call with Christina and her coaching style really clicked with me. As someone with a non-traditional background (have worked in finance, tech and non-profit!) I was nervous at first, but Christina took an interest in my story and was genuinely excited to help me craft a b-school narrative. She is someone who truly cares about her clients, and I felt like I could trust her judgment throughout the application process.

Christina is not afraid to push you to do better, and constantly challenged me to improve my applications, whether it was retaking the GMAT or doing a 5th draft of an essay – Christina will not sleep until the every last detail of your application is perfect! Her feedback during the application process was invaluable – when we did a mock interview, she provided detailed, page-long notes for every Q&A we practiced which really helped me refine my answers. Moreover, Christina was a great sounding board for all aspects of the application process. I often had doubts about who to choose for my recommenders, how to frame certain job title changes etc – Christina listened carefully to all my qualms and helped me double down on things that were actually important, and forget about things that were non-essential. Even though SBC’s price tag is hefty, I felt like this peace of mind was worth it!

Lastly, I wanted to commend SBC’s team based approach. Even though Christina was my primary consultant, I valued the support I received from my flight tester who was a former Wharton adcom, and the extra ad hoc hours I spent mock interviewing with another ex-adcom. SBC provides unparalleled admissions officer intelligence, and I felt like I was in really good hands throughout the process.

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     By bumba1988 28 1

MBA is a stepping-stone towards my ultimate career goal – I knew this for a while and like hundreds and thousands of other MBA aspirants, I wanted to get into one of those coveted top B-schools as well. Due to its strong focus on both Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises, I, upon completion of the school research process, knew that Oxford Said Business School will be the most suitable to complete my MBA from. However, coming from an overly represented group of aspirants, I did not really know how to stand out from the rest and get into my dream school.

After talking to a few of my friends who just completed their MBA, I realized an Admission Consultant could really help me to get in. I started talking to various consultancies out there and I do not have any qualms in saying that Esther from Stacy Blackman was someone who seemed to be truly helpful. By going through my profile, she was quickly able to discover consultants who could help me. I also remember how Esther sent me links to Said school essay discussions right after knowing my preference. This was before I even signed up and I was truly surprised to see her level of involvement. Esther introduced me to Susan Roth, whom I worked with for preparing the essays. Just so that everyone knows, I bought the comprehensive package from Stacy Blackman Consulting.

Susan knows what she is doing and her help throughout the process not only got me in to Said, but she made me understand how to present myself in a better manner. I cannot think of a single instance where she took more than 24 hours to get back to me with the suggested edits of my initial drafts. Those replies always followed up with additional video calls to explain the mistakes I made or suggest changes with reasons. I remember that once she did a video session with me to explain certain edits while she was at the airport. She truly cared about my success and that reflected in her overall behavior as well. The story was mine, but it was presented certainly in a far better manner than I ever could and that credit goes to Susan. The other thing that I liked a lot about Susan is that she is brutally honest. She was very clear with me about the weaknesses in my profile, but off course, she helped me to shine through the application essays by highlighting my strengths anyway.

As we all know, application process to the top business schools is a tedious process with all those numerous edits and sleepless nights. Susan kept encouraging me and though I sometimes missed my deadlines to deliver her first drafts or edited versions, she never missed one. Her help extended beyond what is included in the package to be honest. She helped me select some backup schools and assisted me with navigating through an employment offer that I received during the process and suggested me that how I should communicate that to the school.

From my personal experience, I can definitely say that Susan invests time and energy into the students and she loves to see them succeed. I can never forget how she kept cheering me up at times of despair and how happy she was when I conveyed the message that I got into Said.

There is not a thing that I will change about Susan and I enjoyed every single moment when I worked with her. I highly recommend her to aspirant MBA students who are in the lookout for an MBA Admissions Consultant.

I will like to conclude by saying that overall, Stacy Blackman follows a very structured approach to help out the students and one should certainly leverage on all the guides and suggestion available – they are really informative. I should also mention that the flight test feature is something that can prove to be extremely beneficial to applicants applying to the top schools. First, it is always better to get your essays checked by two pairs of eyes than one and secondly, it is done by a former Admissions Officer who knows exactly how the applications are reviewed and analyzed (In my case, the flight test was conducted by Beth Tidmarsh). Incorporating flight test feedback into my essays with help of Susan is something that I truly believe to have helped me get ahead in the race to the offer of admission.

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     By mike123456 0 0

After having initial conversations with 4 other admissions consulting firms, I ultimately decided to go with Stacey Blackman. This choice was driven by a great first conversation with Esther (the initial point of contact who coordinated multiple SBC services throughout the process), fantastic reviews/referrals/results from friends of mine (all got into their top choice schools) who had used SBC, and great fit/reputation of Caryn Altman (ultimately the consultant I chose to work with throughout the process).

The level of engagement throughout the application process was spectacular, and the breadth of experience that both Caryn as well as the broader SBC organization provided me was second-to-none. Even though I was applying to a pretty large number of schools in a single round, and knew Caryn's particular involvement/experience with Kellogg, I was given great, specific advice on how to approach and execute stellar applications to each individual school I was applying to (including Kellogg).The specific tips I received from Caryn were spectacular and not only instilled a great sense of confidence in me prior to submission/interviews, but undoubtedly impacted the quality of each of my applications.

Things I found to be particularly helpful: 1) Caryn kept me on track throughout the process. I was a little late to the game, and decided to try and fit 5 schools (all M7) into R1. Caryn ensured that we were both on top of our deadlines, and never throughout the process did I need to question whether I'd miss any deadlines or have anything but the highest quality application. 2) I had a below average undergrad-GPA at all the schools I was applying to. After reviewing my transcript in detail with Caryn, we were able to come up with a concise, honest, authentic, and compelling strategy to address this in my additional essays. Honestly, I think this was one of the strongest pieces in my application, and I definitely would not have known how to approach this without Caryn's advice and support. 3) The interview assistance (both for one-on-one as well as group interview) was fantastic. I felt not only much more prepared compared to other candidates (the questions asked during the mock interviews were extremely close to those in the actual interview), but much more confident going in.

I am thrilled with the results, and ultimately got into multiple top business schools, including my top choice school!

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     By verosong 0 0

I worked with CP Tseng at Stacy Blackman Consulting ("SBC") on 3 schools (Booth, Wharton, and Columbia all via R1) and got interview invite from all of them. I was admitted to Booth with scholarship.

CP was very thorough in her review and her advice was very on point and made a huge difference in the way I portrayed myself in my essays. I had preliminary writings in the summer that I thought would make great application essays. Looking back, I couldn't be happier that I took the advice from CP vs. using those writings as they didn't hit any of the key points the admission officer would be looking for in an essay. Yes, there are universal things that you have to address as an applicant. Just like you need to speak a certain language to communicate with someone. You have to speak the "language" that the admin people understand.

For those of you who question the value of hiring a consultant for your applications, reach out to SBC and schedule a free chat with one of their consultants. You will be surprised at how much work you need to put into an application and how much time you could save yourself by working with a SBC consultant. As a banking analyst spending 15+ hours/day in the office, I found CP's help extremely valuable. The biggest nightmare for me would be not knowing what to work on or working on things that are not important. CP's comments were always clear, timely and specific. By the time I got home, I could use a very productive 2-3 hour to address her comments and send back a new version. Even I had crazy work schedule, I did not feel overwhelmed in the application process because I always know what to do and how to get it done.

The biggest concern for me as an applicant was time and uncertainty. SBC really helped me use my time wisely and reduced the level of uncertainty significantly. By the time I submitted my application, I was comfortable because I had worked on 20+ versions with CP and someone else on her team who used to work as an admin officer had also reviewed it.

The last thing I would add to this review is that you eventually will need to manage your own application. Getting a consultant doesn't mean that you can sit back and relax. Instead of having them reach out to you (and they will) with feedback, you should be proactive. Getting your drafts done earlier than later and taking every opportunity to get your questions answered either on the call or via email are very important strategies to take. The consultants often have multiple clients and they take requests based on the time of receipt. If you could get a new version done in less than 2 days, don't wait for 3 days. The more feedback you can get, the more value you can get from your service.

Last but not least, getting extra help from a consultant doesn't change your fundamental strengths and weaknesses as an applicant. That's why the kick-off call, which is part of the all-service is important. It is an opportunity to discuss your school choice with your consultant so that the two of you can work towards a goal that is realistic and achievable.

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Just Do It!
February 03 | 2018
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     By dkrunic 3 0

SBC is a no brainer. I got into a top program after working with one of their consultants, who was beyond instrumental in my application process. She worked with my on my essays, helped do research on the schools, and the fact that she was a CBS grad helped tremendously since she was familiar with the student organizations. Don't think twice about it, it's an investment that will pay off 10000x over. We are all incredibly busy with work/personal lives and working with someone who knows the ins and outs of admissions will save you so much time. I know for a fact I wouldn't have gotten admitted to CBS without SBC.

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