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Plain and Simple...Sherry is the Best!


After talking to several admissions consultant (Personal MBA Coach, Veritas Prep, Aringo, Accepted), I decided to work with Stacy Blackman for my round 2 MBA applications due to the initial consulting session as well as the unbelievable online reviews it has in multiple respected sites. After my consultation with Bill Chionis, I asked if I could be matched up with Sherry Holland as she was a former member of the admissions team at one of my target schools.

From our very first phone call to all the other communications we had throughout the process, I just want to emphasize how great it was working with Sherry. She guided me through a step by step process on how to conquer the very stressful process of applying to business schools. Every question I had and everything I needed to know, she was always there to guide me. She knew what the admissions team will specifically look for and also advised me on what I can improve on before submitting my apps (GMAT & Quant Class). Sherry was very responsive and engaged and although I’m sure she was working with other clients at the same time, she really made it feel that my applications had her undivided attention. She was very supportive but also honest, and with this dynamic, we were able to create strong applications and a solid interview plan for all my target schools. I decided to go for the all-in-one package and without it, I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can’t recommend it enough! With this package, not only did I get Sherry’s world class consulting, but I also received a flight test from Lisa Anderson (this is when I started to realize that that I had a great chance with my target schools) and all the invaluable resources that they provide to their clients (Wiki guide, school guides, interview preparation).

All in all, I applied to 5 top 15 schools, and was admitted to all of them. In addition, I received scholarship offers from all but one and equipped with that, Sherry was able to successfully help me negotiate my scholarship with my top school and increased my scholarship to 50%.

Thank you again to the whole SBC team, especially Sherry, for helping me achieve my goal of attending a top tier MBA program!

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