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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By AeroMBA123 0 0

I am an American engineer working abroad with 6+ years of experience. I applied and was accepted to London Business School in Round 3.

Starting a little late in the season with a very hectic work schedule, I decided I wanted support through the MBA application process. Christine was incredibly flexible around my schedule and time zone challenges and was very prompt. She was encouraging but honest throughout the process and constantly challenged me to think through my motivations and personal story. At the conclusion of the whole process, I was fully satisfied with the journey and interactions I had with Christine. She has also been so kind as to continue to support questions as I prepare to move to London and begin the program.

I highly recommend Christine and SBC if you are looking for consulting help through the MBA process.

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Lived up to the hype!
June 01 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By jglass14 0 0

Of the 8 admissions consultants I interviewed, SBC truly stood out among the rest - for a simple reason too. The interview wasn't one sided. Esther interviewed me and gave me very honest feedback on my candidacy, given my need to raise my GMAT score (which I did :-) ) and the timing of applying round 3/4. There was nothing sugarcoated about the experience, and I'm super grateful for it.

Esther connected me with Ryan Barba, who has several years of adcom experience from Cornell and UNC. He was very responsive and thorough in his feedback, always pushing me to dig deeper while crafting my essays - no matter how many turns it took. Given my background in finance and startups, Ryan was instrumental in helping me nail down my narrative consistently through my resume, recommenders, and essays.

I'm very happy with my results and can't wait to attend IESE in the fall.

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Great Hourly Service
May 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ctulp 0 0

I had a wonderful experience working with Sherry. I am a non-traditional applicant coming from an international development background and political science undergrad major. My GRE score was good but not stellar (160 math, 162 verbal) and I was looking for someone to help me navigate the application process and help with my essays. I had decided to apply to 6 schools, so there were going to be a lot of essays to prepare.

From the first time I met with Sherry she put me at ease about the process. I did not feel overwhelmed about the next steps and she made me feel confident about what I had to offer business schools. Sherry helped me figure out which schools to look at and ultimately apply to based on my skill set and what I wanted to do (social impact consulting). We then worked on my essays, starting off with ideas in bullet points and then on through the final version.

Sherry was very upfront with me on how many hours/minutes I had left with her and also asked me to be upfront with her on what I was looking for out of the service so that she used my time efficiently. I felt like I was in control and got what I wanted out of the service - guidance, answering one-off questions, and reviewing my essays. I bought 3 hours to start off with, and then decided to buy an additional 3 hours because I enjoyed working with her so much and really felt like I would get a good amount of guidance with an additional 3 hours. It was expensive, but I think it was worth the cost.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By popopiglet 0 0

I came from a non-traditional background, majoring in Neurobiology and working in medical devices startup. In addition to that, I had a little short of 3 years of experience (by the time I go to MBA) under my belt. When I decided to apply to MBA, I was quite worried and not very confident. I consulted several companies, and I received comments like I needed more experience, I should switch jobs to larger companies, etc. With SBC, it was completely different. They were encouraging, helped me analyze my background, presented to me my strengths, and at the same time, being truthful on the range of schools I would probably get into. Eventually, I was paired with Lindsay.

My experience with Lindsay was amazing and I really value everything I learned from this experience. Lindsay helped me understand the application process and what business schools are looking for. She showed me weaknesses that I need to work on, but more importantly, strengths that I did not realize I had in my application. We had a structured timeline for each school, and even though it was a lot of work, I did not feel extremely pressured.

There are two parts where I feel Lindsay helped me the most: the resume and the interview. Lindsay showed me how to cater my resume for MBA admissions, helping it transition from the very technical resume with big research terms to an attractive resume where it showcased my teamwork and leadership skills. Lindsay also helped build my confidence for interviews. Her mock interview was tough, BUT it was just what I needed. Not only did she provided concrete advice for my content afterwards, she also provided behavioral advice such as my speed of talking, pauses that I should take, etc.

I will be attending Ross this fall and I am truly grateful for my experience with SBC, especially Lindsay! I highly recommend her to everyone.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By costgo3 0 0

I used the comprehensive service for two of my dream schools. Both were definitely reach schools given that I was an early career applicant (3 years by the time I quit my job this summer) and came from an unconventional field (Oil and Gas Drilling). I got admitted to one of them (Tuck) and will be starting my MBA this fall (2017)!

Jen was very professional and succeeded in bringing the best out of me while helping me portray that on my applications . She managed to strike a perfect balance between keeping me motivated and also grounded and focused. Additionally, Jen's overall strategy kept me calm and confident that we were putting out best foot forward.

At the end of the day only so much is under our control. Jen helped me understand that but also helped me realize how I can leverage my story in the best way possible. Lastly, I used many of the tactics (intangibles) and the structure of my essays (tangibles) on the rest of my applications which were not included in the comprehensive package. I recommend using the comprehensive service on your dream and or reach schools. The advantages will overflow into the rest of your applications.

People talk about how this service is so expensive. There's not doubt that it costs a lot of money up front. However, looking back, this was definitely a worthwhile investment. Through Jen's help, this investment ended up being a small part of my overall MBA budget at my dream school!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By lizzie2017 0 0
Consultant: Lindsay

I reached out to multiple firms at the beginning of my MBA application process, and ultimately decided to go with SBC based on their prompt reply, encouraging feedback, and eagerness to work with me. They paired me up with Lindsay and I'm so thankful they did!

Lindsay was a real pleasure to work with. I knew nothing about this process at the beginning, and Lindsay walked me through it all step by step. Not only did she reassure me that I was a good and competitive candidate (I come from a non-traditional background and was worried about having the right experience), but she helped me craft my story. She guided me through the application process, talked through some of my school choices, helped me with my essays, and prepped me for interviews. I relied on her for a lot, and she was was incredibly supportive.

I'm thrilled to say that I got into my first choice MBA program, and I absolutely could not have done it without Lindsay's help. Her insight was invaluable and I can't thank her enough! I would definitely recommend Lindsay and SBC to anyone who needs a helping hand during the MBA application process.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By aprilchyeee 0 5
Consultant: Caryn

Caryn was a huge help in my MBA applications to several schools including Tuck, CBS, Ross and HBS. I had purchased the Early Advantage package a year and a half before I began writing my apps, and Caryn was instrumental in helping me carve out a solid application strategy back then which we worked incredibly hard to execute as we moved into 2016 which was when I would be submitting my apps.

I had good work experience at a multinational firm with an early promotion, graduated from an Ivy, and had a vague idea of my career goals but my big weakness was my poor undergrad grades in freshman year. Caryn was incisive and to the point during our initial discussion, and made sure I understood that I needed to position myself uniquely so as to mitigate my grades situation.

Over the next year or so, I nailed the GMAT, refined my career goals and made sure I picked recommenders who would write great recs on my behalf - all with Caryn's advice.

When it came to writing the actual application essays, Caryn was equally on the ball and pushed me hard so that I produced work that I was proud of. I made sure to get her at least 2-3 drafts a week and she would turn them around within a day, which was an incredibly efficient process. My essays came out sounding a lot more like me than my first drafts, and I'm so thankful for Caryn's eye for detail and ability to help me figure out the key messages I needed to get across to the admissions committees in each of my essays.

I ended up getting interview invites from Tuck, CBS and Ross, and ultimately got into Ross and CBS - with a merit scholarship! I will be attending Columbia, incidentally my alma mater, this fall with a scholarship. I'm certain I would not have been able to get this far without Caryn's extraordinary help. Thank you so much Caryn!!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By lalubere 0 0
Consultant: Caryn

I worked with Caryn at Stacy Blackman on applications to Kellogg and Ross. I wanted to use a consultant because I made a career change one year before applying to school and was concerned about telling the appropriate story. I chose Caryn because she worked with two close friends of mine who were both admitted to their top choices (HBS).

I immediately appreciated Caryn’s honest and knowledgeable feedback, as well as her awareness of resources. She helped me create a timeline for my GMAT prep and application process, which was incredibly helpful as we moved along. She was frank about my GMAT score and guided me toward the right resources when I was struggling to get my score up. We did a good amount of work up front to craft my story and this made essay writing, interview prep, etc. later on much easier to manage.

One of the most helpful elements of the SBC package was the Flight Test. I appreciated having another set of eyes on my complete materials and was able to incorporate the feedback from Margaret to tie a few loose ends with my undergraduate transcript and career change. I also benefitted from doing the Ross group interview prep, which helped me feel more comfortable going into that session.

Caryn was a wonderful cheerleader, while always staying on top of our deadlines and keeping me on track. I always received quick responses and felt like she could accommodate my schedule as needed. I am pleased to say I was admitted to both schools, with strong scholarships at each. The result well compensated for the cost of SBC’s services.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By michigan74 0 0
Consultant: Caryn

This past year I worked with Caryn@StacyBlackman and was tremendously satisfied with the service I received. Her advice and guidance was extremely helpful throughout my entire application process and instrumental to my Wharton admission.

As a candidate coming from an untraditional background I wanted to work with a consultant who would help me navigate the application process. After evaluating multiple firms and consultants I chose Caryn@StacyBlackman because of not only her previous adcom background and brand management career experience, but also because of how much she cared about my candidacy. While I spoke with other qualified consultants, she was the only one who I felt looked beyond our relationship being a business transaction and would be there to support me no matter what curve ball the application process threw me. This turned out to be very true, as she supported me on eight applications and advised me on multiple waitlists.

Caryn’s approach to the process was very disciplined and detailed. She would respond to my emails within 24hrs and was always patient with my questions/comments. Her comments were always honest and constructive. There is no doubt that Caryn served as an excellent sounding board for me throughout the entire application process and I am grateful for the time and effort she put in to supporting my admission to Wharton.

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SBC Was Fantastic!
April 12 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By BSchoolApplicant2017 0 0

I elected to apply to business school in R2 with a few months remaining before the early Jan. deadlines. I reached out to SBC after hearing success stories from a number of friends and friends of friends, and used the following few months to craft a story with my SBC consultant (Shaifali). We spent most of our time on my essays, with some review of the short answer question responses as well. After a few months of work and a total of 5 hours of SBC review (and many, many iterations on my part), I felt the applications I was submitting were putting my best foot forward and told a consistent, understandable story around my interest in attending business school. Shaifali and I also briefly prepped before my GSB interview, which also proved helpful. I was thrilled to get the news a month or so later that I had been admitted, and in reading back through my application the benefit that SBC provided came through clearly. I would recommend SBC in the strongest possible terms and view my investment in using their services as very high return!

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