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April 01 | 2015
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Some, but not all

SB is a tremendous consulting group and I am very pleased with their services. John was there every step of the way and extremely accessible. Whether in the evenings, weekends, early mornings, he was accessible via text, phone calls, voicemail, and email.

There was never a moment where I was wondering where responses were. The responsiveness was extremely key.

Also, they did a fantastic job of leveraging other consultants, tools, and perspectives to help build my story. To me, this is important because it made sure the story was robust and outsides with fresh perspectives could understand it easily.

John & SB made this process as enjoyable as possible. Obviously this is a stressful, LONG, process, and they met all of my expectations. They have a great experience and perspectives from their plethora of consultants, and it definitely helped me on my path.

I would definitely recommend them.

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