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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.


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Guido is the one!!!
April 26 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By HBSftw 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

To work with Angela Guido is to have an MRI performed on your soul.

After a 30-minute consultation with Angela, I was stunned by the accuracy with which she summarized my motivations, character, and potential. Other consultants took one look at my stats (3.1 GPA, mid-ranked public university, ~600 practice GMAT score) and either steered me towards 2nd & 3rd tier schools or ignored me altogether. Not so with the MRI of Souls.

During our consultation, she saw right through my unimpressive stats and assured me that I was a strong and differentiated applicant for a top program, then provided evidence for this assertion by highlighting the strengths of my candidacy. Where other consultants were hesitant to provide too many details for free, Angela was generous: She gave me a specific GMAT goal, a short list of top schools with which she thought I was a fit, and guidance on when to apply, all during the FREE call. She was professional, affable, and direct. I knew that I had to work with her when, in one sentence, she summed up my post-MBA aspirations more precisely and succinctly than I had ever stated them myself – to her or anyone else, for that matter.

I was sold and signed up for a 3 school complete package. Given my budget, she assured me that after we worked together, I would understand the process and be able to complete additional applications on my own. We decided to work on Harvard Business School (HBS), Wharton, and a Master’s in Public Policy application at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) together. I applied on my own to MIT Sloan and Yale SOM.

It became clear how lucky I was to work with Angela during our first brainstorming call. She had me complete a lengthy questionnaire in advance – I was sure she would need me to clarify a few things, but I was wrong; She already had me completely figured out. She has this uncanny ability to channel the essence of who I am. She thought the way I thought. She understood my voice. She could articulate things about me that I hadn’t fully realized myself.

This was particularly useful in my case because I have an unusual amount of varied experiences in my background and needed help choosing the most persuasive stories to tell. She noticed this (of course) and identified several experiences in my life that were formative, interesting, or revealing. She then suggested a few different narrative arcs that I could use to tie those experiences together into an essay, and left me to my own devices to pump out a draft.

Working with Angela is wonderful, in part because she teaches you the process as you go through it. There is always an overarching strategy, and she will explain the tactics as she guides you through the process. She will not write anything for you, and because she knows what your best effort is, she will reject sloppy substitutions for your best work. The process is demanding, but it is a lot of fun. She roots for you. She’s in your corner. She pushes you in a direction that she knows will be authentic for you. She will give you a pep talk whenever you need one, and in the end you really want to make her proud.

I eventually got my GMAT score up to 720 and submitted all my applications in Round 1.

And what were the results?

I was admitted to Harvard Business School – My dream program! I was also admitted to MIT Sloan with a Dean’s fellowship (1 ½ yrs tuition: ~ $107,000). I was dinged without an interview at Wharton, Yale, and HKS.

HBS & Wharton were no surprise to Angela – She’d told me all along that I was a strong HBS fit but wasn’t the Wharton “type”. Yale made sense to me – I didn’t have a clear rationale to go there. HKS was a surprise, but it wasn’t our fault: The essay that she pushed me to write was a masterpiece. I could not have made a stronger case and never would have gone in that direction on my own. So if that application didn’t get me admitted, nothing could. I’m fine with that.

I’m sure that a number of consultants could have helped me get into HBS, but Angela Guido’s services stand out because in addition to helping me submit the strongest possible applications, she’s also given me a bonus gift: A deeper understanding of myself than I’ve ever had before. This self-awareness leads to incredible confidence and is a tremendous competitive advantage.

So for anyone out there who isn’t sure about Angela Guido, you should be. A 30-minute call with her two years ago changed my life forever. It just might change yours, too.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By testtakershelly 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Brian Eng

My stats: 740 GMAT/3.3 GPA/5 years WE in tech. I applied late in the game (took the GMAT end of Otc, applied for Round 2 to 5 schools starting in late Nov).

I took the Manhattan Prep course and they recommend mbaMission so I signed up for the 30 minute free consultation with Monica. She was absolutely on-point, pointing out weakness in my EC and providing feedback on my target schools. It was such a productive session I signed up for a package deal for hourly consulting. Given the price of business school, the price of consulting seems absolutely worth it, especially given the potential pain and price of having to apply again if you don't get in to a target school.

I worked with Brian Eng, who was really helpful in a number of key ways:

1. He listened to my story, helped me understand and reflect on what exactly I wanted, and how I could fine-tune my goals and express continuity from where I was to where I wanted to go. He didn't re-write my story or push me to change anything so much as say something to the effect of "it sounds like you want to be involved in X in the long term, why not spell that out as your long term goal?"

2. He provided very pointed feedback about line items in my essays as well as general thoughts on gaps I needed to fill or directional issues in my essays. This was always according to my asks however. I would generally request either high level review to start with, and then ask for more line item reviews when I got to a later draft.

3. He would match my quick pace during phone calls so we could get the most out of our time. I really appreciate that because there were some essays I would have a lot of questions about and others I would have just a few pointed questions about. Some of my questions were really broad e.g. of these 5 ideas, which one do you think best addresses this prompt and shows a new side of me? He was great at getting to the point and moving quickly from topic to topic as per my request.

4. He helped me figure out what each essay questions was really trying to "get at" in terms of what schools wanted to find out about me. Rather than telling me what kind of stories to use, he would point out that certain essays were better answered with personal rather than professional anecdotes, or constantly explain how much more school-sspecific and tailored I would need to make my essays. Ultimately the big questions are why b school, why now, why this one, short term goal, long term goal. And Brian helped me determine which essay or place in the application I would be best served putting each answer since it's not always possible or advisable to answer all those items in one prompt.

If I had any constructive feedback, it would be that I was expecting a touch more hands-on help in terms of help brainstorming essay ideas and responsiveness, but those were both mostly driven by the fact that I was in a time crunch and very stressed. That said, it was fairly minor and I appreciated that he encouraged me at every turn and mentioned he had been in a similar situation when he applied for schools. Ultimately, he helped me get accepted to 2 top 10 schools, both my top choices.

In terms of how "worth it" the service is, I definitely think from a price perspective it is worth it given how much you're already paying for business school and applications. The best way to optimize the service's worth is to brainstorm questions and ideas before calls/emails and hit all your concerns at once. From an application management perspective, it's absolutely worth it if you don't have a lot of people who have previously applied to help you out. I also really appreciated all the free school guides the website provides!

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By ChrisKoko 1 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Daniel Richards

The first decision in choosing an MBA consultancy package is determining which company to use. After interviewing approximately ten firms, I went with mbaMission on account of its simple, sober approach. Importantly, mbaMission won’t railroad you into working with a consultant of its choosing. Be sure that the firm you pick allows you to have a detailed conversation with the consultant to whom you’ll be assigned. Many didn’t offer this option, instead trying to convince me to sign-up for a package prior to be given this information.

During my initial interview, the contact person from mbaMission (not Dan) didn’t make any grandiose claims, but affirmed that with hard work and effort on my end, the consultant I worked with would be able to guide me successfully through the process. Additionally, she affirmed that if I chose mbaMission, she’d be thrilled to work with me, yet completely understood if I wanted to work with someone else on the team (I sense that mbaMission has more camaraderie than some of the other major players).

After reading countless reviews and holding a few calls, I chose Dan. He is prompt, straightforward, and congenial. Throughout the process he expertly walked the line between coach and teammate. When I needed a boost of motivation, he was there to help cheer me along. When I needed someone to confer with regarding which school offer I’d choose, he counseled with a smoothness that only comes from years of practice. His background is creative writing is an invaluable skill that separates him from the pack.

In choosing an MBA admissions consultant, assess candidates with this criteria in mind: 1) the confidence and wisdom to hold you to a timeline 2) the writing proficiency and creativity to help hone your essays 3) a strong understanding of the MBA application roadmap to help match your expectation to reality.

I recommend Dan without any reservation. If you seek an MBA admissions counselor to guide you along the path to MBA acceptance, Daniel Richards from mbaMission is your person.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mba58252 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Debbie Choy

I hired mbaMission for a two school package, and Debbie is my consultant. I only applied to two schools and was admitted to my dream school. I wouldn’t be able to achieve that without Debbie’s guidance.

Why mbaMission?
After talking to all top MBA consultant firms I could find, I decided to go with mbaMission because mbaMission truly puts my interest first and cares for its consultants. This is the reason why the firm does not offer money-back guarantee, promise unprovable results, and offer discounts or sales. (Read: I also like how I am paired with one consultant who will spend time to understand me, be my friend, and be with me throughout the whole process.

Why Debbie?
Besides all the great qualities that Debbie has a MBA consultant, I specifically asked Debbie to be my consultant because of the similarities in our backgrounds. I felt she could guide me to articulate my stories to the schools better, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend Debbie:
1. During the brainstorming process: Debbie helped me prioritize my stories that would highlight my strengths and differentiate me from the rest of other applicants who are from the same industry. She also gave me advice on how I can arrange these stories so my essay will have a logical flow.
2. During the writing process: Debbie is very generous with feedbacks and willing to ask tough questions. These questions allowed me to think more strategically and improve my essays significantly. She continued to challenge me until we are both happy with the essays.
3. Throughout the process: Applying to top MBA programs is hard, and there were times I felt like giving up and thought I might not make it. Debbie never gave up on me. She was always there to support me and helped walk me through the process. This is why I really appreciate the one-on-one working relationship that mbaMission offers.

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Put your best foot forward
April 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By skiingavo 9 7
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Liza Weale

Based on my personality and my budget, I knew that I wanted to do most of my own research on the application process. I was initially resistant to hiring a consultant. However, I have a pretty standard background (banking then mid-market PE, white male, east coast city, mid-20s), and I wanted to make sure I put my best foot forward. MBAMission’s a la carte hourly services and Liza were a good fit for me. I choose the company after going to a seminar hosted by the company founder Jeremy, reading their free school guides (they’re so helpful – go download them), and doing my free consultation. I liked the company’s philosophy of trying to make your story come through as best as you can. The way I figure, that’s all an essay can really do. Other consultants were more pushy/salesy and tried to act like they were the magic snake oil to get into every school. Plus, the hourly structure allowed me to ask Liza to focus on areas I knew I needed help, for several schools, all while making it affordable (and hey, with my scholarship money to several schools, it was really a net positive for me).

Liza reviewed my resume and my top school essays over the course of a few hours. She offered helpful suggestions that resulted in me changing the whole narrative structure of one of my stories. By the time I submitted “v32”, it was a much more powerful essay and more clearly reflected who I am. However, by far the most helpful part of working with Liza was my mock interview (with her) and my mock team based discussion (with a colleague of hers). Admission interviews are very different from professional ones, and I frankly did much worse during my (practice) first iteration of each format than I did during the real things. I feel like working with Liza filled in the gaps in what I would’ve been able to learn on my own through the internet and cold emailing current students. She definitely helped make sure I feel like I gave my best effort in applying, and I have a result with which I’m very happy.

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Great Consulting Service
April 19 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By HEH11 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: John Sisk

I would definitely recommend mbaMission and specifically John. He was always timely with his edits to my essays and provided in-depth commentary & edits to every draft. For me, it was helpful to know someone who is an expert in the space had viewed my documents, almost giving them a seal of approval before sending off to schools. Since I applied Round 2, my essay writing/reviews fell over the holidays but John was still checking emails and communicative about drafts etc. Last, mbaMission has so many helpful documents and white papers to help you navigate the process - I found them really helpful and reassuring as I faced each step of the admissions process.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By MRR 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Liza Weale

Overall - great experience and made a tough process very manageable. Liza was incredibly positive, encouraging, and responsive - all incredibly critical factors when going through the application process. She consistently makes you feel as though you are her only candidate, though am sure she has many, many others. Firstly, she responds quickly to address any questions, or even just to let you know she is reviewing your work. Secondly, she is very thoughtful in her assessments and in her reviews. She provides suggestions which are practical and helpful coming from her extensive experience, and which simultaneously allow and actually encourage you to express your voice. Finally, Liza is incredibly encouraging and positive - she calmly and happily handles mood swings, tough timelines, changes of plans, and she checks in consistently to make sure you're ok! She exceeded my expectations and was incredibly helpful, so would definitely recommend her to anyone choosing a consultant.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By 15379 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Harshad Mali

From the very beginning of the experience, mbaMission treated me with exceptional courtesy and respect. After the free 30 minute consultation, I did a "fit call" with Harshad Mali- that call confirmed to me that Harshad was the exact right consultant for me. Things to know about Harshad: 1) Harshad has detailed knowledge of school statistics, and an understanding of broad admissions trends. Harshad helped me get my game plan together to apply to four schools in short order and provided me feedback on historical trends of acceptance rates by round, by school. He even gathered other consultant opinions on my resume; 2) Harshad will push you until you have a cohesive product that is the best representation of you and your story. Just a week before the deadline, together Harshad and I started my Ross essay over from scratch because my previous version was not developing strongly enough. This was the best possible thing he could have guided me to do, rather than moving forward with a weak concept; 3) Harshad seamlessly understands scheduling, priorities, and the "admissions tempo". Harshad ALWAYS provided great feedback on my deliverables and questions within 48 hours or less. On New Year's Eve, we exchanged essay versions by the hour. He knew when we had to push to hit key productivity gateways, and let me have time to breathe between each of my applications, with consideration to the ones on which we were not partnered. When a hurricane destroyed my car and residence, Harshad was completely empathetic to my situation, urging me to focus on my life adjustments, and was encouraging throughout. He genuinely cared; 4) Harshad was a true partner in the process. Throughout the essay-writing journey, he gave me his edits to ensure that my voice was not lost before further editing/trimming was done. I had ultimate stylistic control, though Harshad proved to be the master of grammar! Also, when at the last minute I decided to partner on Harvard instead of Stanford, Harshad was in complete support and immediately started focusing our efforts on that best possible essay and short answers; 5) Harshad's candid feedback, support, and knowledge will give you confidence in the entire process, from choosing schools to after the interview, and receiving offers. Harshad was with me every step of the way. The price tag on the school packages is a hefty one, but my experience with Harshad and mbaMission exceeded my expectations and helped me bridge the gap and translate my military career into something of value to the admission committees. As a result, I was admitted to my top two choices, the Ross School of Business and the Stanford Graduate School of Business (decisions, decisions)! Applying to an MBA program and making the transition can be grueling and daunting, so don't do it alone. I recommend Harshad to anyone.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By skardel 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Monica Okrah

Applying to business school is a daunting task. Prior to beginning the process, I imagined it being very stressful. For this reason, I had put off applying for a couple of years. After taking the GMAT a few times and a getting a lower score than I had hoped, I was discouraged. I knew I really needed to be thoughtful in the way I crafted my application. My strength was my work experience and, in order to get accepted to a top program, I needed to tell my story well, highlighting my breadth of experience and unique qualities that would make me successful in business school.

This is why chose to work with Monica, and I'm so glad I made that decision! She was the perfect mix of being supportive and encouraging while being 100% honest. She was honest with me about the need to overcome my lower GMAT score, but was optimistic that I could get into a top MBA program.

From the early stages of creating the brainstorming document, she really took the time to understand my background and pinpoint the unique qualities and experiences I have compared to other candidates. She really celebrated the unique stories from my background and got me excited to push forward.

Some essays were more fluid for me to write, others took 7 or 8 versions. I was so confident, however, after each essay that I was able to highlight the best stories and demonstrate my strengths. She really went above and beyond to make sure my applications were strong.

In the end, what I thought would be a stressful experience actually turned out to be fun! As my stories came to life through the essays, and I gained confidence and greater clarity regarding why I was going to business school. I learned a ton about myself along the way. I truly wouldn't have had the success or positive experience without Monica's help.

Oh, I should also mention that ultimately getting accepted to Michigan, Chicago Booth, and Emory was pretty fun too!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By michelled59 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: John Sisk

I had a great experience working with John Sisk from mbaMission on my essays, resume and short answers. It was great to have a third party who really knows what he is doing and has no bias towards my writing/content. With his support, I was accepted into my top two schools (HBS and Columbia). I would highly recommend working with him.

(1) John pushed me. Each time that I thought I’d nailed it, he’d reply with insightful feedback, always asking why….why did I want to do X in my career, why does Y motivate me...He challenged me, pushing me to take each aspect of my essays to the next level, really examining my motivations and how they play into my overall story. He is an expert in the space and helped me to dig deeper to product essays I was really proud of.

(2) That said, he never stressed me out. He consistently offered great advice, stayed patient, kept me calm and on track, and helped me get my essays across the finish line. He was honest, straightforward and optimistic.

(3) I was late to the game and I wish I’d allowed for more time. John was always responsive, but 2 business day turnarounds can add up when you’re close to deadlines (and holiday breaks are upon you). We had a lot of essays going back and forth (and ended up wasting costly $$ b/c I was sending John multiple versions to review at a time due to the pending deadlines). Make sure to take this into account + reach out as early as possible.

(4) Before I began working with mbaMission, I spent a lot of time reading sample essays and brainstorming. I ended up overwhelmed and wasting time. I wish that I had reached out to John sooner in the process for his guidance in how to approach the essays and structure my thinking.

It was costly, but entirely worth the investment. To have an unbiased expert was invaluable

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