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With over a decade of MBA admissions experience, Daniel Richards has earned more than 50 five-star reviews on GMAT Club and assisted hundreds of clients in pursuing their business school goals. Dan himself holds a MBA from Columbia Business School (CBS), with a focus on marketing and corporate strategy, in addition to a BA in journalism from Northwestern University.

A former writer and editor for several print and online publications, Dan spent three years as the retail and consumer packaged goods editor for SmartBrief, Inc., a publishing company specializing in email newsletters for trade associations. His clients at SmartBrief included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Retail Federation.

While at CBS, Dan was active in the Marketing Association and was elected by his cluster to represent the group in alumni development activities. He developed an expertise in digital marketing and strategy and in social media while working in online marketing and product development at American Express in New York City. There, he designed and released the first American Express social media app, managed a company-wide Innovation Challenge, and relaunched a small business email newsletter that reached one million customers. He also managed the online marketing strategy for the first-ever Small Business Saturday—a complex, multichannel event credited with having the fastest-growing Facebook page in history. Dan lives with his family in Washington, DC.

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January 07, 2020

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Thank you Dan!!


Dan was so helpful from the very beginning to the end. During our first call, I was very unsure about the schools I wanted to apply to and whether or not they were the right options for me. He spent a lot of time researching the programs and understanding what I wanted to get out of an MBA to help me narrow down my choices. He also connected me with several students which also helped my decision making process.

During the application process, he spent a lot of time suggesting ideas and helping me rework my essays. There were times I didn't even know where to begin with my essay and he was able to give me suggestions on what to talk about. He was also extremely patient and he always responded to my questions / provided edits for my essay in a very timely manner, making this daunting process a lot easier.

The MBA process is very challenging. Going into the process, I knew that even crafting the perfect application might not guarantee admission into the school I want. But I didn't want to have any regrets and I knew I wanted to take advantage of all the resources that were available to develop a strong application, and with Dan's help I was able to do that.

Happy to say that I got into my top choice and I couldn't have done it with him!!

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September 12, 2019

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Daniel Richards - Highly Recommend


I would highly recommend both mbaMission and the specific consultant I utilized (Daniel Richards) for perspective MBA applicants.

The Beginning: I set up free consultations with 3 consultants at 3 different firms based on reviews. Dan was the first consultant I spoke to and the other 2 didn't come close to meeting his bar - Dan made sure to make our free consultation about ME, my needs, my interests, he provided me with a solid action plan and recommendations going forward. The other two agencies spent the 30 minutes selling me on their services in a generic pitch.

The Middle: After hiring Dan he provided me with excellent recommendations and feedback from each part of the application - from ironing out my post-MBA goals, to helping me select schools, to meeting with me in person (he's in DC, i'm in NYC), writing (MANY) rounds of essays, and everything in between. All of our communication was quick, straight forward, specific, and actionable. Dan is not afraid to be blunt in his feedback which I personally appreciated greatly - the purpose of a consultant is not to build up your ego but to be realistic and help you present the best version of yourself in an application, which Dan does beautifully.

The End: Came sooner than expected for me because I was accepted into my top choice program which was my first application! Throughout the entire processes and while (impatiently) waiting for a rolling application decision Dan was reassuring. Every single piece of advice and timing estimates from schools he provided was spot on. When deciding if I should continue applying to alternate programs he provided extremely realistic and honest feedback.

Working with Dan and mbaMission eased the arduous task of applying to top tier MBA programs in Round 1. Moreover, while waiting for a decision Dan would check in which truly made me feel like we were in this together. I sincerely thank mbaMission and specifically Dan for a wonderful experience!

Tip - if you're going to work with a consultant start early. I began in February for summer-2019 applications which allowed us plenty of time to talk about things I could change, i.e. taking the HBS CORe course before applications started

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August 29, 2019

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Dan Richards - Highly Recommend

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

Dan was so great to work with!! He really helped me think about my story and how everything came together. I applied a little last minute for a part-time program starting this Fall, and Dan and I put together a timeline that we kept to very closely. Dan also was very flexible - he has a planned vacation when I needed to make progress on my application, but made sure a colleague of his could help me while he was out, and he picked right back up when he came back. It was really appreciated and I got into the program I wanted to!

I highly recommend Dan - super nice, understanding, flexible, and supportive!

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June 04, 2019

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Great admissions and writing coach


I worked with Dan on a Complete Start-to-Finish Package for two schools during the Fall of 2018. Coming from a purely engineering background, I was not very “in the know” about business schools and was looking for someone with both insight and strong written skills to help me navigate my applications. After initial calls with consultants at the main admissions consulting companies, I selected Dan because I found it incredibly easy to talk candidly with him and because I knew his background in marketing and journalism would help bring out my best “story”.
I couldn’t have been happier as I got into my first-choice school (HSW) thanks to Dan’s help. Specifically, I found Dan to stand out in a couple of ways:
Responsiveness: Despite me sending countless revisions of my essays and short answers, Dan almost always got back before the 2-day response time. He was quick to answer emails and was always able to work with me and my hectic work/travel schedule to find a time if we needed to jump on a call. His feedback was both actionable and prompt, and he held me accountable to the tight internal deadlines we set. Also, Dan was good at communicating his own travel and personal plans, so we were always aware of his availability.
Coaching: Dan helped me decide what angle to approach the applications from, hone my initial brainstorming, and was very candid about what was working and what was not during drafts and my mock interview. As application deadlines rolled near, Dan was always level-headed and let me know when I was overthinking things, helping assuage my last-minute nervousness and be confident in the applications.
Written Skills: I think this is where Dan added the most value for me since essays are really the differentiator amongst thousands of amazing candidates for top business schools. From selecting the best essay outlines and strategy, to overcoming writer’s block on a total re-write, to cutting, crafting, and rearranging minutae, Dan helped me craft and present the best version of myself and my aspirations. As an engineer, I had not written a serious essay for many years and Dan really helped to improve my writing.
I highly recommend Dan to anyone interested in applying to business schools.

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May 17, 2019

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Highly Recommend Daniel Richards


I worked with Dan Richards on three schools and he was extremely helpful and professional. He made the process a lot less stressful and helped me get into my goal school and then some. I highly recommend using him. He keeps you on track and focused to make sure you are ready to submit for the deadlines but is not overbearing. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, he really prepared me for the interview stage with his mock interviews. This is a crucial step and practicing with him gave me a lot of confidence. We went through a whole list of questions and because of the mock with him, the actual interview that day was a breeze.

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May 13, 2019

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mbaMission + Daniel Richards = Gold


Results: Admitted to Stern R2

Review: 5/5 stars

Daniel helped me through my application process by helping me craft an appealing narrative, through a methodological discovery process. He plays the role of a trusted advisor diligently since he is not afraid of providing honest feedback.

His process is very straightforward and involved. While he enables the applicant to be the primary narrator for his/her story, Daniel provides valuable insight which is critical for success.

I have since recommended Daniel and mbaMission to many friends and will continue to do so going forward.

Adjectives I would use describe Dan: Honest, diligent, insightful, and funny (sometimes)

Thanks again.

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May 10, 2019

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Dan is the Man Friday you NEED


Dan Richards worked with me on interview prep and waitlist responses for two top 15 schools. In short, he was a straightforward yet optimistic cheerleader who gave me clear answers and kept me from coming undone, during this very stressful period. He was so pointed with his recommendations that it left me little to figure out on my own. He also prepped me to succeed in a brutal 2 hour business school interview so I think he really knows his stuff. He answered emails in a timely manner and never left me hanging. He was also unafraid to volunteer his own MBA experiences to help me navigate the application process. Therefore, in summary, I couldn't recommend Dan enough.

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March 19, 2019

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Dan Richards - Highly Recommended

REVIEWER IDENTITY VERIFIED by school email address [?]

I was referred to Dan by a friend and used him on an hourly basis for my applications. He was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. He was always honest (which I really appreciated), helpful, and responsive. Dan molded my essays and made them that much more detailed, poignant, and meaningful. For my resume, Dan transformed what I thought to be a polished resume to a business school resume ready to be submitted. Throughout the revision process, it was clear to me that Dan's suggestions and feedback were worthwhile to my entire application. Dan consistently set realistic expectations and guided me through a constructive timeline. In the end, I got into my top choice, and I know that I could not have done it without Dan's help. I would recommend him to anyone interested in applying to business school.

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January 04, 2019

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Dan R Is a Dream!


I was recently admitted to Wharton R1, which would not have done it without the help and support of Dan Richards.

I began working with Dan in February. From the beginning, he was an invaluable resource and advocate who I was thankful to have in my corner throughout the overwhelming and time-consuming application process. We began working together early on in the application process, and he started by helping me narrow down my target list. Upon completing the brainstorming document, which became my foundation throughout the entire process, Dan carefully helped me position my candidacy. Dan pushed me to connect the dots into a compelling story. In doing so, he helped guide me through the essay process, crafting strong essays that added to my story while addressing key themes. Having Dan there to help edit and tighten the language was invaluable, and my application was so much stronger as a result. He was straightforward and critical, which helped me and my application monumentally.

No task was too mundane or question too small for Dan. He read through all of my in-application, short answer responses and also did a last read on my final application. Dan answered my multitude of questions with great patience and sincerity.

Additionally, Dan’s guidance in updating my resume to be more results-oriented was a game-changer. He pushed me to quantify the results and make it more action-forward, which was critical to my success and will continue to serve me well long after school.

Finally, Dan was incredibly quick in his responses. He often delivered feedback, including substantial essay edits, in a fraction of the typical MBA Mission turnaround window. I am incredibly thankful for his responsiveness and punctuality. It certainly helped move the process along and made things much less stressful.

Dan made what can be an overwhelming, exhausting and intense process a lot less painful. It was nice to have an advocate, an advisor and another person to bounce ideas off of throughout the process. While half the battle was done long before I made the decision to apply, I would not have achieved my goals without Dan. I am forever grateful to him and could not recommend him or his services. He cares about his clients and will help get you in to the top MBA programs of your dreams!

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December 19, 2018

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Excellent services


I am writing to give my recommendation to Dan at mbaMission. He is straightforward, efficient, and reliable.

He was recommended by my friend, who got into Kellogg with a big scholarship.

Dan was excellent at finding strong and unique points of my story to reflect them in my application. He is also very critical and don't expect him to sugarcoat his comments about your application, which is a good thing and I enjoyed working with him. I got accepted to Booth, Tuck, and was able to leverage his recommendation to get accepted by some other schools that I applied by myself.

I am happy with his services and would totally recommend Dan to any applicants.

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