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Admissionado is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm.  Admissionado stands out from the crowd by recruiting the sharpest diagnosticians (is that a word?) on the planet, who achieve results by developing strong personal connections with each and every client. Learn more about their unique approach and value.

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     By jjp200 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Lee Rom

I first heard about Admissionado from two close friends who had purchased Junior Deluxe packages last year - they were both subsequently admitted into top 5 schools. My friends had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the consultants at Admissionado, so I was already 99% sure I would sign up even before my intro call.

I knew that I would need a lot of help crafting my story and working through my essays, especially given my rather hectic work schedule. I was paired with Lee - she came highly recommended by one of my friends. Lee was incredibly helpful throughout the application process. She really invested a lot of time and effort in getting to know me and understanding my career trajectory, long-term goals and aspirations. She was incredibly thoughtful in singling out the stories and experiences that best highlighted my strengths as a candidate. More importantly, she was very candid about the aspects of my profile that required a lot of work. She was right there with me every step of the way, and her input was invaluable in my application.

The interview preparation process was equally daunting and stressful. Lee was very accommodating of my erratic schedule. We had several mock interviews via skype (even at odd hours of the day) - Lee made sure I was mentally prepared and confident in my story.

I had an incredible experience working with Lee and Admissionado! As challenging as the application process was, we had a lot of fun navigating it together. I would highly recommend them to everyone (regardless of level of familiarity with MBA applications) contemplating an MBA!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Frozenfire42 6 1
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Julie Bowman

Bottom Line Up Front: I'm a vet and Admissionado was vital to me gaining acceptances to HBS and UVA Darden. It was also key in gaining interviews with Penn and MIT (which I didn't convert to offers but got valuable interviewing experience).

I started my MBA admissions journey about a year ago. As an active duty Army junior officer, I was looking to transition out of the military and realized that an MBA was the best exit strategy to maintain the lifestyle and level of growth that I had achieved up to this point. Soon after I made the decision to get an MBA, I decided to shoot for the moon.

I had a GPA and extracurricular stats in line with HBS norms, less work experience than typical military applicants with some unique jobs, and had a GMAT below average at first which I then was encouraged to improve by Julie (which was a great suggestion) to a level still below but closer to average. All this lead us to believe it could be done.

Julie was excellent from Day 1 and was there to answer literally every question about the process that I could think of (and there were many). She really helped me craft my story that got across who I truly was and what I brought to the table. I was definitely put off by the sticker price, but man I would spend it again in a heartbeat. I had zero experience in selling myself because of my military career and REALLY needed help presenting my unique perspective.

They didn't ghost write anything, and I know that if I had asked they would not have entertained that thought. I really appreciated the integrity they brought to the process. I did the work, they just helped me explain myself clearly, concisely, and eloquently.

I didn't realize how badly I needed Admissionado until I had my free call with Julie, but once she explained what they were all about and gave me some very valuable (and free) advice I was all about it and don't regret my decision in the slightest.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By rhashiba 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Ben Koren

I met Admissionado by chance. I had a chat with a cousin's friend from HBS and he told me that he was one of the consultants. At the time, I had hired a consultant from Brazil, but I wasn't having any support at all.
After struggling to decide whether I would try another consultancy, Claudia fixed me up with Ben. We had a long talk, and Ben helped me out with a plan.

All my achievements that I had throughout my life and the path that I chose made sense. Even though at the time, my decisions seemed just as a reactions to each opportunity that appeared.

Honestly, my first drafts were garbage, and the essays were coming back all red with many comments. After a lot of effort (I believe Ben had a even worse time than me because of my unfocused writing skills), the final product was great with the exact word count.

I had a great experience with Admissionado. Even after each rigorous review, they always motivates and get the best of you.

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Commited and helpful
March 02 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By JavierMO 0 0

I learned about Admissionado from a friend that used their services last year. Admissionado helped him get admitted at the MIT and he referred to their services as the best cost-value consultants in the market.

I got in touch with Admissionado and they offered me a free consultant call with Marcela, one of their advisors graduated from Harvard. Marcela turned out to be a really nice and helpful consultant. I decided to buy the Junior Deluxe package.

Marcela helped me applying to 4 full time MBAs in top-10 schools... In about 2 months! I'm 32 years old, well above the average; my GMAT was 720 and my GPA 3.3. Marcela's support throughout the process was consistent and helpful; just what I needed given the time constraint. She made me work harder than I had expected, asking the proper questions in order to better develop my essays and my CV. She always kept pushy and committed to the answer time. In the end I managed to build 4 cohesive and competitive applications that made the best out of my traits and experiences. I got called to interview by 2 out of 4 schools and got waitlisted in another one prior to interview. In the end I got admitted in Booth!! I would definitely recommend Marcela as a great advisor.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By bhavikagoyal2009 22 1
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Shana Cohen

I liked working with Admissionado team. They have always been very responsive and ensured that I deliver to the best of abilities throughout the process. Even though the complete admission process is very stressful, but Shana (my consultant) ensured that I don't let that stress affect my judgment. She knows what she was doing and was always there for me to give me the right advice. This is the first time I was going through this experience, and I had a lot of reservations before hiring admissionado. But they completely met my expectations and helped me prepare my applications for 3 schools- Yale, Kellogg, Fuqua. I would recommend everyone to consider them.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By afireinside 7 5
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Mariane Hotta

At first I had my reservations in hiring a US service since I am here in Brazil so all the interactions would be using Skype, E-mail, etc.

Are they going to be responsive? Are they going to understand my background? If I am not happy, will they listen my complains and act accordingly so I could met the b-school deadlines? Will we work as a team or in a scheme "shut up and listen" because they are the expert here?

Well, after the first interactions with the whole team of admissionado and the call with my future consultant, I got convinced that they truly wanted to help me. They cared to listen my background, my desires about the right bschool and culture fit, so they could create a tailor made plan to put me in my dream school. Considering my background is not so often found among the applicants as well as my personal desires were a little peculiar, they succeed in understand me as a whole person to take it into account while building the "application plan" for me.

They knowledge about the application process (essays, LORs, resume, interviews) is fenomenal, they provided me lots of e-books with essays that worked, great LORs, how to do an great interview, mock interviews, etc. Besides that, I also received a huge help in how to manage my time during this process in order to meet the deadlines. This was key because it enabled us to work back and forth until reach the strongest application possible before the deadline.

Everytime I needed a quick help they answered me online, they were very very responsive. This made me confident that they were doing the best they could. And in the end, we did! I got accepted into my dream school.

I can't recommend more Mariane and Admissionado team. I am glad I picked them and thanks for everything guys!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ninjawannabe 1 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Stefanie Barlow

Stefanie is the greatest gift that I have received this year. She is friendly, smart, endlessly patient and knows everything about all things MBA. I'm a nontraditional business school applicant with a decent but below-average-for-top-20 GMAT score, aspiring for the top 20 while anxiously and rather cluelessly navigating the field. I am a really tough (read: annoying) client who asks a million questions and Stefanie always responded remarkably quickly to all of my wacky queries, from volunteering questions to odd networking happenings. Even though we worked together on Stern specifically, she always answered my countless questions with a cheerful attitude, including a ton of questions about other schools. She is a treasure trove of knowledge. And her ability to answer such a broad range of questions definitely made the process a lot less stressful and speaks for her expertise. She's a problem-solver, a therapist, and an MBA superstar all wrapped in one.

I came in not knowing much about the MBA application process and thought that the Discovery package was an excellent way to narrow down schools, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and create an Action Plan to move forward. Of course, you can say that one can do these things on their own (and I felt that way too at first). But Stefanie helped me translate key components of my HR/law job into MBA-digestible strengths. She helped me realize that certain things that I was taking for granted at work could turn me into a unique and desirable candidate. Later, these gold nuggets came handy at my interviews. In other words, Stefanie provided an invaluable third-party perspective. She also helped me pick the MBA programs that were best suited to my strengths and goals - something I deeply struggled with.

I liked her so much after the initial call that I signed up for Admissionado's (one school) essay and resume help. And I'm completely immune to marketing gimmicks - this was all thanks to Stefanie's stellar performance! As a former lit major, I thought I could pop the essays out all on my own but Admissionado was very insightful in guiding my essays in the right direction (but never writing them - that's your job!). They know the target audience. They know what skills and experiences would make you a good candidate and how to gracefully relate the missing gaps in your knowledge/reasons you want an MBA.

I must also note that Admissionado's entire team is incredible. I also worked a lot with Claudia, who is of course very knowledgeable about the MBA world and, like Stefanie, supported my journey from day one. I've had consultations with several consulting agencies and some of them try to mold you into a boiler plate candidate that you're not. One of them told me that I had no chance at a top 20 school. But Stefanie believed in my success and made sure that my work experience resonated with adcom while carefully preserving the unique aspects of my background. In the end, I got into all three schools I applied to (Stern, Booth and Fuqua with scholarship). And the one time I had an issue, it was resolved before I could blink an eye.

In short, Stefanie is a hard-working champion for her clients. I am so grateful to have had her on my team! If this reads like a love letter to her, it's because THAT's how fantastic she is. I'd highly recommend her and the Admissionado team to anyone struggling with any aspect of the admissions process.

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Admissionado - John DC Miles
February 01 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By robertncrampton 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado * Basic
Consultant: John DC Miles

John and I worked together on 9 schools and I was able to get into one of my top choices (Tuck). We worked together on the pre-application planning (mapping out short-term and long-term goals), essay review, letter of recommendation help, and interview prep. He's not only very good at helping you put together a coherent story for your application but he's also great to work with. He's more than happy to hop on a call or discuss something over email even if it's going beyond the help they're supposed to provide. If you're applying to schools, I would certainly recommend Admissionado and John.

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Great Consulting Services
January 27 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ferionfire 13 5
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Yaron Dahan

As a sponsored student, my company paid the consulting services and by that time I dont have any idea about MBA and Admissionado. Yaron and Kyn went to my country and spent 4 weeks there to teach the strategy to get best business school based on our GMAT. They helped me found the "Top 5" business school that between my GMAT score.
I enjoyed the process during brainstorming and one-one consultation from deciding which one is safe school and challenging school to writing the CV and essays.
Their greates strength was the strategic guideline from chosing the school, building CV, writing essays and interview practicing.
I definitely recommend admissionado and Yaron Dahan & Kyn.

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Best investment ever!!
January 11 | 2018
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By lbsadmit2020 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Sally Radwan

I decided to start my MBA application less than 2 months before R1 deadline. I was done with GMAT by then so putting together my applications and writing essays were my only worries. I knew I would get solid recommendation letters from work. Given my GMAT and GPA were on the safe side, I’m certain that the faith of my application would depend heavily on my actual application essays and interviews. With only less than 2 months before R1 deadlines, I was stressed out with essay ideas and approaches to make my applications stand out. After reading about the MBA admission process and being introduced to the idea of getting support from MBA consulting firms, I started talking to 3 consulting firms. Because I already knew which schools I would be applying to, I paid attention to how the consulting firms would help me develop and polish my essays/applications.
Admissionado was the first firm I talked to and immediately impressed me with their professionalism. All email exchanges were really seamless. I made up my mind and selected Admissionado.
Sally Radwan was my consultant and I can’t express my gratitude enough to Sally and the entire Admissionado team. I interacted directly with Sally via both phone and email but understood that there was a team behind the scene that supported me for both essay editing and application reviewing.
Don’t misunderstand the idea of MBA consulting, they’re there to help bring the best of you to your essay and show you how to present yourself in the best way possible in your application. They won’t write or encourage you to make up stories. You’ll still have to come up with your own ideas and be authentic!
Before starting writing my first draft, Sally asked me to complete a questionnaire asking me very specific questions about my achievement and personal stories. After that, we had our strategy call in which Sally clarified some of the stories in my answers to her questionnaire. Just a day after our call, she came back to me with what she thought would be my go-to stories to tell in my applications. With those recommendations, I started writing my first draft. I really enjoyed seeing the involvement of my essays from the first draft to the final version. With her understanding of my past experiences and stories, she was able to suggest adding details in my essays throughout several versions. Sally is very methodological and WILL push you to try harder if she thinks your essays are not good enough. She was very flexible with edit rounds and won’t start editing if she does not think the overall story or quality is there.
With the help and support from Sally and the Admissionado team, I got accepted both 2 programs I applied to. From the beginning to the end when I received my acceptance letters, Sally and the Admissionado team always emphasized that it was my achievement and I earned it. However, I personally believe my journey to my top-choice MBA program would be choppy and may not happen without Admissionado and specifically Sally.
The only cons I could think of is that it would be much helpful if Admissionado could provide the clients a suggested timeline (based on individual cases) and follow up to make sure the essay drafts are coming, etc. Maybe it was just me but I really need to visualize what the next steps are and their associated timeline.
Thank you so much for helping and supporting me throughout the process! I highly recommend Admissionado.

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