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The basic package has been discontinued by Admissioado starting with the 2015 application season. These reviews are only for reference and historic purposes. The Deluxe and Junior Deluxe packages are still available. 
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September 09, 2020

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Thanks to Admissionado, I got offers from both my dream B-Schools


I chose Admissionado this year for my MBA application after reading the book "The Admissionado Guide to Elite MBA Admission", primarily because of their sense of humor and of course professional services. I have worked with Admissionado this June, and eventually received offers from both my dream schools (Kellogg and Booth$).

They are pretty fast in terms of response time, and have the flexibility to turn things around quickly if you are facing deadlines within a week. I personally purchased the essay editing services for 2 schools, Rose and Claudia have been following up with me closely during the entire time. They first started with a questionnaire asking 10+ questions for your background and life stories, and then based on the service you choose, you get the chance to talk to an MBA consultant (former Top school graduates) or starting 3 rounds of revisions right away. During each round the writer will get you specific feedbacks based on the topic, schools and your life stories to aid you in creating MBA stories most relevant to your target schools. It only took them a couple of days to get back to you with comments on your last draft and guidance on next steps. Very efficient, and I enjoyed the communication a lot.

I received my Kellogg offer call on 7/20 and Booth the week after. Both admission directors specifically told me that my essays were amazing. To say I'm happy with the results is an understatement. I highly recommend anyone who wants his/her essays to be polished professionally for the highest odds of getting admitted - just take a look at Admissionado website and give them a call if you are interested. Though it's some money but I felt my journey with them worth every single penny of it.

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February 01, 2018

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Admissionado - John DC Miles


John and I worked together on 9 schools and I was able to get into one of my top choices (Tuck). We worked together on the pre-application planning (mapping out short-term and long-term goals), essay review, letter of recommendation help, and interview prep. He's not only very good at helping you put together a coherent story for your application but he's also great to work with. He's more than happy to hop on a call or discuss something over email even if it's going beyond the help they're supposed to provide. If you're applying to schools, I would certainly recommend Admissionado and John.

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August 07, 2016

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BEST Decision I ever made!

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Using Admissionado to help me prep for my B school interviews was the best decision I have ever made. Leslie was amazing and her coaching helped me succeed in getting into my number top school. She went above and beyond for me during the interview process- from texting me right before interviews to calming my fears on phone calls after. I really got through the chaos of that time with her help. She was much more than just a consultant, she truly cares about her client's success! Interviews are a stressful time but having Leslie and Admissionado in my corner helped me articulate all of the best traits of my applications.

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July 01, 2013

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Awesome Basic Bootcamp


I had a chance to attend Admissionado's Basic Boot camp - about a 5 hour (2,2,1) session spread over a week. They had covered every aspect of the admission process from GMAT scores how to compensate the low score to LORS. I really loved the way they kept things simple - from resume edits to essay edits. Dominic had taken us to every single aspect even the white spaces, ratios of past , present and future :). It was really interesting group to attend with as well. People from various backgrounds had participated which only enriched the boot camp experience. Dominic was patient to go through essays very slowly so that we would get certain points into our system. Anybody who is looking to begin their admission journey or in the middle looking a bit clueless, this is probably the best place you can be!

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January 13, 2012

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i decided to check out admissions consultants late in the game for R1 - around the end of september. i really didn't think i would ever get a consultant since they're so expensive, but i was starting to panic with my essays as i was hitting a wall with them.

i contacted a few of the 1 person consultants, but they turned me down because it was so close to R1 deadlines, which definitely worried me. i got a free consultation from stacy blackman, which went ok. she gave me some good tips but i decided not to go with her cause i didn't really feel like we connected and i was a little worried about all the negative reviews of them online. also, i was really only looking for essay help. most consulting companies offer essay services "a la carte" which mainly entails spending an hour on the phone talking about 1 or 2 essays. i wanted to see the edits on paper and didn't want to pay someone by the hour.

once i realized that, i started to focus my search on essay editing companies (and with quick turnaround). most of these companies (including the services that SB offers) only edit for grammar while i wanted someone to edit my content and flow. i received a free essay edit from Admissionado (formerly Precision Essay) and found it very well done and even entertaining. i decided that night that i would get their services (based on their packages and turnaround). i ultimately got edits for 3 schools (2 edits for stanford and berkeley, 1 for kellogg), but used those essays for the other schools i applied to as well.

i found Admissionado to be really helpful and extremely fast in getting back my essays. having a consultant also gave me mini-deadlines which helped a lot. i got A LOT done in a very short time period. i had gone through so many revisions with friends and family (but none with bschool experience) with my essays before getting a consultant, but i ended up changing some of them drastically afterwards. Admissionado really knew how to help me structure my essays, how to better clarify and emphasize aspects, and how to focus them. also, they were always available to answer my questions. my essays really would not have reached the level they did without that help. well maybe if i had time to thoroughly go through those MBA application books, they would have, but i didn't start applying until late in the game.

in summary, if you're only looking for essay help on your apps and want to see your edits on paper and delivered quickly back to you, i would look into Admissionado (ask for a free essay edit or read their thread in the admissions consultants thread). their prices, although high, are worth it because you pay by the school and not by the word count or hour. i personally only really knew 1 person who was familiar with the business school process, so working with a consultant really helped me. as you can see by my profile, i got into 3 of the 6 schools i applied to round 1, including kellogg, one of my top choices and where i'll be going in the fall.

feel free to PM me with more info. i looked into several consulting companies before i settled on Admissionado, everyone from the big companies to the small, cheaper essay editing services.

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January 13, 2012

Joined: Jun 18, 2010

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I shopped around quite a bit and used Admissionado (formerly Precision Essay). I only applied to top 16 schools, and two admits later and one waitlist (including a full ride to Haas) I can vouch for Jon and his team 100%. I did start with ample time to work together and I think this definitely makes a difference - if you are rushing to finish when everybody else is crunching then the result is obvious no matter where you go. In the end, I did end up in a time crunch situation for a few schools, but the response time was amazing - a few times I chatted with Jon at 4AM in the heat of the app season, while stressing out about something in my application. I also talked to him on the phone when he was travelling overseas in china at some crazy local time.
The service isn't for everyone--they make you work HARD to bring out your story and your voice - there were times where I was thinking OH COME ON GUYS, another edit, wasn't that last one good enough? It's one of those processes where you get out what you put in it - no consultant can (nor should they) do all your writing and have a pre-packaged story ready for you. By the way, I haven't heard of half the consultants who post here--new ones seem to pop up every day. The only way to really tell what consultant is right for you is their track record, and to reach out to them and speak to them personally, get a sense of their response times, and see if you match with them personality wise. To me what set them apart was personalized responses that were specific to me, not some cookie cutter "your profile looks good, but theres areas we have to work on" generic email. Feel free to pm me or talk to the guys directly. If you do talk to Jon and his crew at Admissionado, I am sure you'll see how amazing they are.

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