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The Junior Deluxe package provides targeted, intensive mentoring on the essay portions of the application. The cornerstone of the Junior Deluxe is the intensive back-and-forth Draft Development Process.

Decent, not spectacular.
April 29 | 2013
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     By Anonymous 148 62
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe

Last year, I applied to only one school - M7 BSchool. I did not use any consultant then and managed to get an interview with school. However, I could not find a place in the program. After reading forums and talking to some MBA friends, I realized some mistakes in my application but even so, I was decently happy with my performance, considering I had no guidance except Paul Bodine's book.

This year, I took Admissionado's two bootcamp classes ($199 each or so) just before R1. After the two classes, I thought that I would apply to 1 school (ranked 8th-13th) myself and 4 schools (M7 schools) through Admissionado. And I jumped after they offered a 15% discount on the JrD package.

Over the next 2.5 months I worked with the consultant who an ex-M7 MBA. He was a really nice guy overall and very approachable.

At the end, I got into the school that I applied to myself and to none of the ones I applied through Admissionado. I reapplied to the M7 school I applied the year before, this time through Admissionado. Like last year, I got an interview call and (again) could not find a place in the program. I realize I might have deficiencies, so I'll try to restrict the review to the actual services provided and not just the outcome of my applications.

+ Biggest positive: That I could bounce off a story to someone without having to spend time writing and polishing it, only to have it rejected. Consultants are great for this (v/s using a busy friend or family member).
+ Consultant was nice and likable.
+ Quality of my apps improved.

- Biggest negative: The consultant stuck to 72hr turnaround time clause of the contract. Initially, I had a lot of time so this didn't matter. However, during the crunch time of last 10 days or so before the submission deadline, I expected him to respond more quickly (meaning 36 hrs or less), especially for the smaller edits. Upon asking, he recommended that I pay more $$$ to 'expedite' my reviews. Now I know they are busy people, but it was still a ridiculous ask for something that would take him 10-15 mins to review. Not cool and definitely costed me in the quality of the app at the end.

- Sometimes the consultant would not be clear with what he wants me to change. You'd have to email a few times to get him to commit to the weakness in your essay.

- My expectation was that I would get ideas for great openings or closings for each essay. No such thing. I had to search for ideas there myself and he would just green/red flag them.

I'm about 60% satisfied, hence the 3 stars. Since I did not have any MBA friends who had gone through the process and could review my essays, I chose to go with a consultant. If you don't have this handicap, I'd recommend tapping a current MBA student instead of spending money on a consultant.

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     By Anonymous 77 27
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe

I came to Admissionado with big dreams and bad numbers. What can I say? I am just not the best test taker. With a 640 GMAT score and a 3.3 GPA, I know I had the odds set against me, but I wanted to go to a great school, a top-10 school.

Julie from Admissionado worked with me to bring out everything positive that I had done to tell me story, to show my assets and make them shine brighter than my numbers. She took the time to dig deep and ask me questions to get to know me during our initial call, which really seemed more like a chat with a friend than an intimidating interview (which I feared it might seem like!). At the end of the call, I felt like Julie gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable and really get to understand me and why I was trying to get an MBA.

Honestly, I started this process a bit scatterbrained. I was studying/panicking about the GMAT and trying to understand if I could even get into business school. I really just dumped everything on Julie, and she came back to me with everything I dumped tied into a logical package of my strengths, assets, notable accomplishments, important experiences, and career trajectory. She took everything I said and turned it into a story that made sense, which giving me the permission to refine the story along the way.

After the initial call, we started on the essay drafting. I was able to shoot emails back and forth with Julie to ask her questions as I went along, which was immensely helpful. I started off giving her essays that were about twice the mandatory word limits (I can be a bit wordy), and by the end of all of our rounds of editing, I was not only at the word count but I was also left with a finished product that was a beautiful, moving set of essays. Julie took the time to read these drafts over and over again, refining them, asking me to dig deeper and clarify my thoughts and goals. I promise you, these essays sparkled by the end.

I recently read an article about essay plagiarism in the MBA process due to consultants reusing essays for their clients. I can tell you with 100% confidence that this will never happen with Admissionado -- the service they give each client is so unique and personal to that client that there would be no way you would be left with anything but an incredible and distinct essays.

Admissionado was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout this, and customizing their program to me and definitely met high expectations. The turnaround was fast and I feel as if my Admissionado consultant is more of my friend/cheerleader now than anything. Now I am in the awesome position of taking a full-ride to Yale SOM or a 75% tuition scholarship to Kellogg -- and I know I couldn't have done it without them!

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1 Commented by Rosie5 on October 17, 2014
Can I talk to you to know more?

It will be great if you can PM me. Currently there is no option where I can send you a message.
2 Commented by Rosie5 on October 17, 2014
I meant to say it was helpful :) doesn't allow me an edit
3 Commented by akceeMBA on November 19, 2015
I'd love to reach out to you - both those schools are my top choices and I too have a 'GMAT problem'. Let me know
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     By cbsadmit20 0 0

I applied for CBS, MIT and Wharton in Round 1 with the help from Admissionado. I was admitted into CBS MBA class of 2020 Fall. I received the acceptance call only two days after the interview. The entire application process of CBS took less than a month, from submission to acceptance call. Can't tell how lucky and thrilled I feel to get an offer at such an early stage, when ppl around may be still working on their essays or waiting for interview invites. CBS is my #1 choice and I am still supre excited to be joining CBS next year.

I think my stats are quicky good (GPA 3.73, top 1%, GMAT 740), but my weakness is that I only had less than 3 years work experience by now. I worked in Big 4 as an auditor for the first two years, so it was actually difficult to differentiate myself from the pool. Admissionado played a significant part in my application, especially for resume/essays reviews. Their suggestions on LoR were also straight to the point. I really really appeciate that Marcela, my consultant, gave me encouraging feedbacks when we had the initial call. She gave me much more confidence in targeting at the M7 schools in the first round.

With prior experience in applying for Master programs at B-schools, I knew that finding a experienced, professional and responsible consultant would be extremely important for MBA application. That's why I chose Admissionado after spending substantial amount of time comparing the services of different consultants. I decided to go with Admissionado because I felt the passion of the team, the professionalism of their posts on different websites like GmatClubs, Chasedream and P&Qs.

I had no difficulty in drafting the resume/essays, so I chose the Junior Deluxe. I'd say the email communication with consultant will be more than enough. They are highly reponsible and will respond to your email very quickly. Regaring the essays, there are 4 rounds of edits. They are extremly helpful in that they really know the requirements/preferences of each program and will put you in the right direction accordingly when you start writing your essays.

I don't know my results for MIT and Wharton yet, but based on my succesful experience getting into CBS, I strongly recommend the consultant services of Admissionado. That being said, the applicant should also be highly committed to his own application. Rmb no one else will be more responsbile for your own application than yourself.

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     By mmartinezpuppo 3 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

Apart from the personal profile and goal guidance, essay assistance and letter of recommendation support, something that really helped me was the interview preparation and mock interview.
First, Mark helped me identify which were my best stories and how to analyse them under the STAR approach. This helped me shape my top professional achievements and mistakes into stories that would highlight my strenghts, leadership capabilities and areas of improvement.
I didn't have much time to prepare for my mock interview, in which I felt I did pretty bad. However, Mark told me I had good stuff to work on, and pointed out which things I shouldn't waste much time on.
After only a few hours of practice I felt I was ready to face my first interviewer for MIT.
Although I felt I did much better on the following three interviews, I got admitted to all four schools for which I was interviewed!
I don't believe I would have had the same results if it weren't for Mark's help!

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     By SSapplicant 8 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: John DC Miles

I liked Admissionado right from my first call for profile evaluation. My consultant was able to highlight strength and weakness in my resume and subsequently suggest focus areas for the application. Second step was the brainstorming session, in which he encouraged me to think about everything I have accomplished since my undergraduate education, hence ensuring I do not overlook any significant resume point. Next, the team helped me create a comprehensive summary document and order my resume points in order of their impact. The summary document proved very helpful while writing the essays.
During the essay editing phase, I observed that even though it is mentioned on their website that they will edit the essays 4 times only, my consultant and essay reviewing team were committed to help me achieve the best draft, no matter how many questions/edits I needed. Secondly, they adhered to their committed 72-hour timeline and in fact almost always responded much faster (within 24-48 hours). Their attitude was always positive and encouraging, which went a long way to ensure I enjoyed the whole process.
In conclusion, from my personal experience I found their brainstorming session extremely insightful and essay editing process well-structured and personal. Therefore, I would recommend prospective applicants to strongly consider Admissionado for MBA application process.

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Great Experience
April 10 | 2017
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     By MBAapplicant772 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Damon Chua

I decided to go with Admissionado after interviewing at least five potential admissions consultants. Admissionado stood out for two important reasons. First, Claudia and the Admissionado team were very helpful. They worked with me to find the support package that worked best for my needs.

Second, and most importantly, I was so impressed with my consultant, Damon. From the beginning, I could tell that he was doing this for the right reasons. He wanted the best for me, and was willing to put in the work and the brutal honesty to help me get there.

To start, Damon laid out a clear and rigorous plan that helped me stay on track. Throughout the process, Damon pushed me to think deeply and tell my story in a rich and compelling way. He provided great guidance and feedback, but ensured that everything I wrote was my own.

Damon was not only insightful with his feedback, but incredibly quick and responsive. He made sure to never be a bottleneck in the process even though we were moving quickly.

I'd highly recommend working with Damon and Admissionado if you're serious about your applications. Thanks in part to Damon's guidance, I now have my choice between two of my dream top 10 programs.

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     By thesmallbig88 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: John DC Miles

When I started thinking about MBA application, I spent quite some time on my goal and targeted schools. After I finalized my school list, I decided to get consulting service to sharpen my application, especially with my essay writing. Admissionado was introduced to me by a friend who was previously admitted to a top-ranked MBA programme.
After getting to know Admissionado, I also checked other applicants’ comments on GMAT Club and found most of the comments are rather positive. So I decided to have a try and contacted Admissionado. After I filled out the questionnaire, I got a prompt reply from Claudia. In her email, Claudia also helped me pair with a consultant, John DC Miles, to assist me based on my background. Then I scheduled a time for a video chat with John for a free consultation. I was pretty amazed by how efficiently Admissonado works. In my first conversation with John, he shared with me his thoughts and also proposed a strategy for my application based on my own background. I can tell that John spent quality time on going through the materials I submitted. The first talk lasted for one hour. In this session, John asked more detailed questions about myself and tried hard to understand my strength, motivation and personality. One day later, John sent to me a well-organized report which summarized earlier discussion and formulated an application strategy.
After another call with Claudia, I understood more about different packages and eventually decided to choose the junior Deluxe for two schools. This package is more helpful for applicants like me who needs more assistance in shaping essay writings and does no require more phone conversation.
The essay edits usually took 72 hours or less. It means that you can expect a reply with all the edits within 72 hours once they receive you draft. In my application for the second school, John actually helped return the draft within two days for the last two round edits, just to meet my application deadline. But this fast turnaround does not sacrifice the quality at all. I’m so grateful for the high quality work provided by John and the whole team within such a tight schedule.
After I submitted my applications, I also purchased another interview package to help with my interview, as I believe John will again help me ace my interview.
Long story short, I was admitted to one of the two top MBA programmes I applied for. This is indeed a great result I want to see, but what equally important are all the advice, edits, encourage and experience provided during this long, tedious and painful process. When I walked down this road, I did not feel lonely as I was fighting with the support of a whole team. They want you to succeed and work hard to help bring the best out of you.
I highly recommend Admissionado if you ever think about getting consulting service for your MBA application. I also highly recommended John for his comprehensive experience, excellent advice and patience. I also want to thank Claudia and the whole team for the prompt response and all the support provided to me. Your supports make my MBA application easier and more fun.

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     By mbaadmit2017 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe

Admissionado's service was excellent. My consultant was extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Her feedback was candid and strategic. We had an initial consultation phone call, where we went over my target list of schools and she gave me advice on my likelihood of success with each one. We then met in person to strategize on how to best showcase my strengths and explain my weaknesses. We also reviewed my intended essay topics to get sense of how to approach it. I got into 3 top 10 schools, including 1 top 3 school and I couldn't be happier. Their package was the most value for the price and in the end it was absolutely worth it. Thanks Admissionado!

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     By LatamMBA17 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

I had always dreamt of going to a top European Business school and I was decided to do everything possible to make it happen! That is why I convinced myself to give it a try with a consultant. After all, if I were to pay an MBA tuition I was clearly able to pay a consultant fee. 

I arrived at Admissionado attracted by its services. I crossed some e-mails with Claudia and I knew I was ready to seize the opportunity.

I worked with David (Fung) and I feel I was lucky because he is an amazing person that really gives his best into the application. He never stopped believing in me and my dream, and when I had doubts, he was the one to cheer me up and to give me excellent pieces of advice. I remember sending him drafts and getting honest feedbacks on how to approach better some questions in order to push me to put my best efforts into the essays. I also highly appreciated the fact that David was available for me and that he always answered within a reasonable time and in the best manner. Joining forces with David allowed me to pass pre-selection and I then started working with Mark. 

With Mark, I practiced my interviews and I really improved myself. Mark really made me think about how to approach better the interviews and how to tell my story in the best way possible. Interviews are definitely a key part of the selection process and having the support of an expert gave me the confidence I needed. 

In my personal opinion, everyone should work with Admissionado because they really know how to approach the adcom and their expertise allows people to raise chances to get in. 

Finally, I'm really thankful to the Admissionado team because I am going to my dream school and I couldn’t have done it without them!

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Admissionado Review
December 29 | 2016
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     By oakano 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Julie Bowman

The guys at admissionado were very pivotal when it came to getting me to believe in myself. I always knew I could make it into a good program, but I never considered myself Wharton or Booth material. As an engineer who had quite some deeply technical background, I didn't think I had the type of experience that business school adcoms wanted to see. However, after interacting sufficiently with my consultant, Julie, she was able to articulately summarize her impression of my profile and itemize my strengths and weaknesses. She helped me to better understand what was unique about my profile, and we then worked together to show that uniqueness in the applications.

At the beginning, I had to fill out a rather lengthy questionnaire that caused me to go through some profound moments of introspection. The resulting effect was that it forced me to articulate certain details about my story that I had thought were irrelevant to bschool. As a result, many of the highlights that I used to show my uniqueness were things that I had all along taken for granted. Julie helped me understand what adcoms mean when they talk about being unique.

One thing I especially appreciated was the honesty that permeated all of the feedback I got from my consultant while preparing my essays. There was no sugar-coating or mincing of words, and that gave me a true appraisal of how well and clearly I was communicating. Apart from my consultant, the other Admissionado staff were also there to ensure that the service delivery was swift and smooth. One of them, Claudia, reminds me of what ideal customer service should be like.

I am most impressed by the way they went out of their way to get me ready on time. I applied for four top 10 schools, and due to some unique circumstances I had to wrap up my applications about three weeks before the deadlines in September. My consultant, though she had a 72 hour turnaround period, would give me feedback quickly in order to make sure I made my personal deadline.

Overall, looking at how much it cost me to engage their services, and what I got in return -- multiple admissions and scholarship offers -- it was worth it. I would do it over again.

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