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The Junior Deluxe package provides targeted, intensive mentoring on the essay portions of the application. The cornerstone of the Junior Deluxe is the intensive back-and-forth Draft Development Process.

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     By Venkat1122 7 4
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Yaron Dahan

First let me talk about the results
I got admitted to MIT SDM program (my top choice)
I got interview invites from Stanford MSx, Berkeley Haas.
I applied to these 3 programs taking the help to write my essays from Yaron Dahan (he is a rock star :)). Effectively speaking I got interview invite from ALL the programs I applied to taking the help of Admissionado.
I applied to lower ranked UCLA anderson but was waitlisted without interview and eventually declined offer.

Now that speaks about the value addition I got by approaching Admissionado.

Why did I approach Admissionado? Two reasons
1) It was flexible. I knew I needed help only with my essays. I was confident I can manage the rest of application. They had the option just to do that.
2) Highly responsive. Claudia is a wonderful person to do business with. I had bad experience with other consultants who were not responding on time (it was a busy applications period).
3) Their pricing is very very economical when compared to others.

After talking to a few consultants in Admissionado, I zeroed upon Yaron because I could sense he sincerely believed I can make it to the programs of my choice. That gave me reassurance and I went ahead and selected Yaron.

Did I take the right decision? Oh yes. I can't put it in words but working with him was exceptional. He made me do all the hard work of course. But he perfectly guided me in writing the essays. The promptness with which he will come back to me with his edits is truly professional. He sometimes teared apart my essays and challenged me to come up with something better while giving me honest feedback. I enjoyed his feedback so much that I used to eagerly wait for his next edit. He nudged me back into action when I slacked off. At the end of it, he brought out the best in me. It was an intense journey of almost 1.5 years and working with Yaron made it enjoyable. I highly recommend Yaron.

Last but not the least I appreciate Claudia for being truly flexible with the package. I messed up initially with school selection and missed some deadlines. She was very understanding allowed me to use the package beyond the initial terms. Kudos to her. Nice person to do business with.

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Shana Cohen is Amazing!!!
October 21 | 2018
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     By GmatHopeful2021 11 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Shana Cohen

After having a disastrous year last time with 0 admits, I wanted to work with a consultant this time and spoke to more than a dozen of them. Out of all the conversations I have had, the one with Shana was amazing. She didn't sugar coat stuff for me. She was very honest about my strengths and weaknesses and that honesty is what has led me to choose to work with her. I'm very happy about my decision as I already have an interview invite from a Top 1 school and am awaiting on others (I also got in at a T'15 school with 50% scholarship in early action round). This definitely wouldn't have been possible without her. A big shoutout to her and the entire team at Admissionado.

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     By vg9 2 1
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Julie Bowman

I have been using Admissionado's services for essay editing and resume preparation, and I can totally vouch for their services. I started my application process with zero knowledge of the essay writing techniques, but the way Claudia and Julie helped me to ease out the complete process made me confident in applying to multiple schools. Not only do they guide you with the school for which you are using their services, but the personalized action plan provided by them also helps you to work on other applications confidently.
Julie and Claudia are professional and friendly at the same time and are ready to help you with any needs during the application process. MBA applications can be a stressful exercise, but with Julie's skills and support, I was confident in the material I submitted for my applications.

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Admissionado is amazing!
October 16 | 2018
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     By Apoorva95 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Bhavik Gandhi

It was great working with Admissionado!I spent atleast 8 days searching for the right consultant and I am so glad that i decided to go with them. Right from the beginning Claudia was always there to help me and make sure that I am satisified with the services I am getting.She helped me find the perfect consultant and I am glad that I decided to go ahead with them.I worked with Bhavik for my application and it was a great journey indeed.The client questionnaire shared in the beginning was a great start and covered almost all aspects and made me dig deeper. With every essay draft, Bhavik made sure that I bring out the best in me and helped me shape my story in the best way possible.This not only helped me in the college I decided to work on with Admissionado but in all my applications.I would highly recommend anyone planning for quality work in a decent price.It was totally worth the money and I am glad that I had Bhavik & Claudia in this journey.

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     By nutellaumbrella 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: John DC Miles

Working with Admissionado was the best decision I made throughout my application process.

For some background, I had applied to several schools during first round last year, managed to get an interview at one, but was ultimately rejected from all.

When I was applying, it seemed like every other applicant, current student, or alumnus I encountered had friends and/or family that had gone through the same process and were able to provide guidance on programs, advice on applications, and proofread essays. This was not the case for me. I contemplated getting a consultant at that time, but decided against it, as I was worried that it would make my application inauthentic. I went to every event I could to try to educate myself, but it’s one thing hearing “you need to know your story” and then actually knowing how to craft and relay your story. I struggled with this and had to face the fact that I needed help during my applications and, again, after my rejections.

I decided not to give up and to try again - this time with the help of a consultant. I contacted several companies for initial consultations and spent two weeks speaking with different representatives before finding Admissionado. After speaking with John DC Miles, I felt like I immediately clicked with company and that John really understood what I was looking for and needed. It was the first consultant conversation I had where I felt like I was being listened to and that the consultant took a personal approach - no pressure for anything at all, just a natural conversation. I decided I wanted to continue working with him.

John and Claudia were encouraging and supportive from day one. While I was initially worried that using a consultant was disingenuous, the opposite happened with Admissionado - I really feel that John helped bring out the best in me and my application, which made it as authentic as possible.

John and I developed an action plan that fleshed out my short and long term goals and nailed down my value proposition so that my story was solidified and, best of all, "me." We also discussed what the specific program I was applying to was looking for, and how we could tailor my approach to hit all the marks, but still show my personality. This was invaluable to me, as I had struggled with representing myself and my experiences in my previous round of applications, especially in my essays. Rest assured, Admissionado does not write essays for the applicants. What they do is provide stellar feedback, guidance, and support so that (after multiple revisions and copious, honest edits) the final product shines and is 100% you.

I chose the Junior Deluxe package and added resume support and interview preparation. I learned from my prior experience that interviewing was a weakness of mine and that I needed to be able to talk about my goals without stumbling. I think I was actually more nervous for my mock interview with John than my actual interviews! I'm happy to say my subsequent interviews went fabulously as a result.

I am now going to my dream school (with a scholarship!) and I could not be happier my decision to work with Admissionado. I realized that I owed it to myself to give myself the best shot, and that I needed outside help to do that. I couldn’t have asked for a better team than the one at Admissionado. Because of them, I was able to put my best self forward. I cannot thank them enough and cannot recommend them and John more.

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     By ShengChao 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Victoria Liberova

I signed up for a 1-school Junior Deluxe Package + Resume Review Service after reading the free resources (50 MBA essays that worked) by Admissionado. Besides the generous amount of sample essays, the insights/commentary into why each essay works were honest and quirky. I was quickly convinced that they were the MBA admission experts who can help me with my application.

It turned out to be the best investment ever, and I received admission to INSEAD (my top choice). Victoria, an INSEAD MBA alum herself, showed no-nonsense to kick things off: drilling on my background, professional experience and career goals to produce a strong why MBA, why INSEAD story. During the essays editing process, her feedback was spot-on, with detailed explanation on the what(s) and why(s) that were tailored for the school. She did an amazing job to highlight the significance of my professional work (As a Tech Consultant assuming multiple roles, I have a hard time telling others what I do, let alone summarizing them in few paragraphs) There was one essay that I could not produce the right content as suggested, but Victoria and the editing team had been patience and encouraging, and provided valuable tips and essay ideas for me to close the gap. Along the 1-month plus journey, I never felt daunting or uneasy, only feeling safe and assured that my essays were getting better after each edit.

I also found the interview prep service to be extremely helpful as the mock interview sessions set a clear expectation on the dynamism involved in an actual Q&A. As I was travelling the ring-road in Iceland that time, Victoria was very accommodating to adjust her time to my availability. Also sincere gratitude to Claudia, Admissionado's Director of Operations, who coordinated my engagement with Victoria. I really appreciate her pro-activeness to check with me my application status/progress.

The MBA application journey is stressful and no easy feat. If you are ready to put up a fight and do not settle for mediocrity for your essays/application, I would recommend to go for Admissionado, specifically Victoria to other applicants!

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     By pp89 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

I signed up for a 5 school JRD package with Mark and it was the best decision ever. With Mark’s help, I got into several M7 schools (with scholarship) and will be attending my dream school (one of HSW- and I come from an extremely overrepresented community- so the odds were stacked against me). Mark is extremely smart (he was a Stanford GSB grad himself) and extremely humble. With his advice, I was able to arrive at strong post-MBA goals based on my background (we went through several iterations for this- he didn’t let me stop till they were rock solid). What I especially liked about Mark was that he wouldn’t just edit something or cut out irrelevant parts of the essay, but he would give out a detailed explanation as to why he is doing what he is doing. There were several times when I had a writer’s block but Mark was quick to respond to my Emails and help me brainstorm (He would turn around essays way quicker than the 72H guarantee that Admissionado gives you; Email responses were always within 6-8 hours). Also, the editing team does a great job in polishing your essay (making sure the tone is right and that you don’t appear arrogant or shy). There were many instances when I just couldn’t figure out a way to trim down the essay to the word-limit, but Mark and Admissionado’s editing team did a phenomenal job in assisting with this as well. I was completely satisfied with the output of each and every essay and don’t believe it could have been any better.

The other area where Mark’s coaching really helped me was with interview prep. I strongly recommend you choose this add-on option if you get through to the interview stage. He coached me on my tone, the type of words that I have to use (for example- rewording “hard-working” as “tenacious”), the way I need to structure my responses to “curve balls” and the time limits I should try to stick to for all the responses. Though it was supposed to be a 1H call, it went on for way over and there was never any rush from Mark (the same thing happened during the introductory call).

I used a different consultant last year and didn’t get in anywhere (no interview calls either), but that changed this year- all thanks to Mark. I would strongly recommend Admissionado for helping YOU get into your dream school. Also, not to forget- their Operations team (Claudia and Lauren) does an amazing job in responding to your queries.

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     By 2020Fuquan 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Doris Huang

I am extremely pleased with the experience that I had with Admissionado. I was honestly leaning towards not getting an admissions consultant due to the insane prices that I had been finding. Going "all-in" or pricey hourly/a la carte services seemed to really be the only options. Then I found the Junior Deluxe package at Admissionado. It gave me everything I needed (branding, resume help, essay help, etc.) without some of the services I didn't feel the need to have like someone reading through literally my entire online application word-for-word, interview preparation, nightly phone chats, etc. My package that included admissions consulting services for 4 schools with Admissionado costed the same that I would have paid for a "full services packages" for 1 school at most other companies that I looked at.

My Admissions Consultant, Doris Huang, is incredible and I would recommend her to anyone applying to business school. As a graduate of Wharton, and also with degrees from Oxford and Harvard, she IS the sharpest tool in the shed. Every step of the way in my application process, she was right there with me. I sent her random questions/thoughts about my applications nearly every day and her responses were consistently quick, well thought out, and helpful. Her turnaround time for my essay and other application document revisions was very consistent (there is a 72-hour guaranteed turnaround, but they sometimes would return my documents even more quickly). My essays and resume went from mediocre at best to stellar by the end of it. While she never made me change my story or experiences, she made it all shine like I never thought possible, and I am confident that I would not have gotten into the schools that I got into without Doris's help.

I am very proud to have been admitted to Duke-Fuqua, UVA-Darden, and Texas-McCombs, and I am excited to be a part of The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, class of 2020, thanks to Doris and the Admissionado team!

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Admissionado Review!
May 08 | 2018
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     By jacampbell8 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Cindy Young Montano

I sought out a consultant to support in the MBA application process because I had weak test scores (GRE score in GMAT equivalent was 640) and a GPA that didn't set me apart (3.33). However, I had great work experience and knew I could get into schools provided I could reach the interview stage. I felt that a consultant could help me craft a cohesive narrative that could get me to that stage.

When I first started working with Cindy, it felt like a conversation. She wasn't scared of working with me, despite my low scores, and I felt she sincerely wanted to help me get into Tuck, which was my dream school (I enroll in the fall!). Cindy recognized my strengths and helped me ensure my essays brought those out so that the admissions committee could see them as well. I believe she was extremely successful, as I was also accepted at several other schools, including Ross and Darden.

My favorite aspect of working with Cindy and Admissionado was how well they prepped me to begin writing my essays. Their MBA Action Plan assessment helped me recognize my areas of strength as well as my areas of weakness. While I had short and long-term plans, they helped me crystallize these ideas and articulate them in a manner that was cohesive and engaging, which is critical for any application. They also helped me identify aspects of my background that would be useful for some of the less traditional essays (e.g., Fuqua and Darden).

Cindy was straightforward and honest with me. I would often send her multiple versions of essays to get her read on which worked best and she always responded promptly and with very helpful, constructive feedback on the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. Additionally, if I was struggling with an essay, Cindy would send me a really useful outline, which laid out how many words I should write about X and ask me a slew of questions to make me really think about what I wanted to say.

The entire time I felt like the process was completely unique to me. Additionally, I loved how Admissionado has fun with the essays and it’s not as much a calculation. My finished product was awesome! I never expected my essays to be so polished and perfect.

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     By abhimahna 3615 2272
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: David Fung

I applied to 7 Schools last year and didn't even receive an interview call from any. I used their service for one school and thought I would replicate the same advice for other 6 schools. I didn't know I was guided by the wrong person and hence I spoiled all my applications.

Initially I thought I got the best advice, and David was way better than anyone in the world. But I was proved wrong this year when I found that there were so many big loopholes in the advice provided to me.

One of the examples I could remember is David asked to me to create a resume with an objective line at the top. This is the BIGGEST mistake anyone can do in his/her resume. When I showed my last year resume to alot many people this year, everyone was laughing at me asking "Did you seriously apply to B Schools with this resume?". I now realize that it was full of tons of unnecessary information. So, did I pay such a large amount to make the worst resume?

Another example I could remember is "He asked me to add I want to take professor XX classes to get YY". This year I realized one should not do that unless one has really attended the classes from that professor. So, it was a weak point in my essays.

Since I was naive, I didn't know much about the application process. I used to ask alot many questions to David in order to make sure I was understanding well. I asked David to get on to Skype call rather than email chains so that we can get better understanding on how the things needs to be worked out. But after 2 or 3 Skype calls, they started asking me to pay additional $300 per hour for support. I believe if I am paying them such a big amount for one school help, I should get what all I need. There shouldn't be any limitations. But I was proved wrong and some how I had to restrict myself.

This year I applied to a couple of schools and I am holding a couple of admits with huge $$$ but again with hardly 15% of what I paid them for one school. And this 15% of the amount has been used for 10 school. Strange, right? But it worked.

I think all my hard earned money has been wasted! :(

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1 Commented by JonAdmissionado on April 30, 2018
First things first: congrats on your success, sir (with scholarship money to boot!). From our perspective, this is ultimately the only thing that matters. Well done, we wish you the absolute best of luck.

We make our best effort with every single client; and usually, it connects. In the instances where it does not, however (for whatever reason), we take it very seriously. Our goal isn't to be the best admissions consultants MOST of the time... we want for every single client to feel the same pride about our work together as we do. We have gotten stronger at adapting to thousands of different clients with thousands of different needs, profiles, aspirations, working styles, etc. And while we get better and better every year, we are by no means perfect.

But it's what we aspire to. And we we don't ever intend to retire from that effort.

Let's chat about it more, email/call us, and we'll do some productive digging together. The opportunity to improve is something that drives us, always.

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