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Vantage Point is the only firm to take a 360° approach to the application process.  We provide the perspectives that matter on your MBA applications from experienced consultants who graduated from M7 programs, M7 alumni interviewers, and former adcom. By providing you firsthand insights from people who understand the process from the inside out, we help you develop your most competitive and differentiated applications possible, maximizing your chances of admission to the most selective MBA programs. Vantage Point – gain from our perspective!

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     By sf6 0 0

Vantage Point MBA Admissions Consulting helped frame my story and provided the advice I needed to not only gain admission, but receive a full scholarship to a top-tier MBA program.

In our early sessions, my counsellor Melody quickly assessed my goals and helped me narrow down the field of schools to those that most aligned with my needs. She also gave me crucial advice when it came to developing an optimal application strategy (How many schools? Which rounds? Etc.) This was important because it allowed me to expend my energy more efficiently during the burdensome application process.

More importantly however, working with Vantage Point gave me perspective on myself as a candidate and helped me develop my story. After a few conversations and working through several thinking aids I had developed a solid understanding of how to present myself in my applications. Armed with a clear perspective of myself and my story, my applications became relatively straightforward.

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     By Qtlwc 0 0

As a reapplicant, I have had 3 different consultants help me with my applications, and Melody at Vantage Point is definitely the best one out of the three I have had. She was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations. She is very knowledgeable and experienced so she knows what I should focus on for each school. At the same time she is detail oriented and I always feel confident with my application package when I work with her. She is also very professional and dedicated to her clients. As someone applying from China, we have quite a bit of time difference and she was always willing to accommodate. Compared to the other consultants, I feel that she truly cares about my success and was devoted to helping me get in the school that fitted me the most. I highly recommend Melody to anyone who is thinking about applying.

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A must-have Mentor!
February 04 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By rao2p0 0 0

Meredith is absolutely fabulous! She has changed the consultant-client equation to a more friendly mentor-student relationship. This is important because after all you are applying to become a student! This helped me recollect and share a lot of my life stories that eventually led to a strong application. Meredith was very focused throughout the process and constantly questioned how the Adcom would perceive the application. With years of experience, she's a master at critiquing essays and helped me write simple short stories with high impact. Most importantly, she was quick in turning any feedback and was there on the phone when most needed. I would highly recommend Meredith to anyone applying to business school.

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January 12 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By 2019AdmitWoo 2 0

I worked with Melody Jones of Vantage Point on 4 applications for Round 1.

She and her partner just started Vantage Point, and I ultimately chose to work with them over other more established firms because she showed a dedication and focus to a very personalized experience. This was proved out during our work together.

We started late, but she proved an excellent resource for distilling my non-traditional story into an application that would prove compelling to adcomms.

She was incredibly thorough in her analysis of my materials, providing feedback that enabled me to develop materials that were authentically mine, but still ensured I hit the many benchmarks of a successful application.

I'm a crunchtime worker and had a chaotic work/travel schedule, but she made a point of making availability at odd hours and for often tight turnarounds-- it was a level of dedication that made me feel that she was thoroughly invested in my success.

I was accepted to two schools with scholarship offers from both.

I'm pleased with my experience and the results of working with Melody. I would highly recommend working with her to future applicants-- my only advice is start working with her sooner and don't wait.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By mefp9276 0 0

I was really torn at the beginning of my process about whether or not to use a consultant - Did I need one? Was it worth the money? Could I get into one of my target schools without help? Would I never get in regardless? Looking back, I can confidently say that working with Meredith was well worth it, and definitely necessary throughout my process.

There were two things I appreciated the most about working with Meredith - the first was her honesty, and the second was how approachable she was. She always told me when my essays or resume needed more work, sounded cliche, or other pitfalls I feared a consultant wouldn't be as truthful with me about. I felt it was that honesty that I was paying for and really needed, so I appreciated that I could trust her responses and feedback. The second thing I valued about working with Meredith was how approachable she was in terms of asking random (and sometimes panicked and silly!) questions about any and all pieces of the process.

In addition to the things I appreciated about her working style, I found Meredith's proficiency when it came to helping me craft my story, put together a perfected resume, and edit my essays was far past what I expected it to be. I felt like she really listened to me when I spoke about my goals and reasons for going back to school and reminded me of those pieces to my story when I got wrapped up in the minutia of editing or got lost down a certain path. Additionally, she did a great job of keeping me on schedule, which I really need :)

Lastly, when I first signed up with Vantage, Meredith explained to me that this was a more "hands on" approach to admissions consulting and that they had stripped out the salesforce in order to give really personalized attention to each client. I really felt that devotion throughout working with Meredith, and would give her responsiveness an A+.

In the end, I got into Kellogg and couldn't be happier with the results of the process! Have many many thanks to give to Meredith for helping me on the way.

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December 24 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By rlsussman 0 0

I found Meredith from a presentation she gave to Northwestern undergraduate alumni. In my first conversation with Meredith two things stuck out - she had a very compassionate tone which is so important during this high-stress experience. She also had a very encouraging success rate. I'm happy to say I can now contribute to that success rate - I was accepted to HBS, my top choice program! Meredith helped me through my application process for 3 top-tier MBA programs. She helped me position myself, outline and edit essays and also prep for the interview. Throughout the whole process, she kept me focused and sane. It took many iterations of my first essay to get it right and Meredith helped me understand how to stay single-minded so the AdCom could easily takeaway my story. She helped me become such a disciplined writer that it took me a quarter of the time to complete my next two applications! Most importantly, Meredith gives you the time and attention you need. It honestly felt like I was her only client. When VP says 'high-touch' they're not lying! I would highly recommend VP and particularly Meredith!

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Highly recommend Vantage Point
December 20 | 2016
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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By b111 0 0

Meredith at Vantage Point was incredibly helpful throughout the process of applying to full-time programs this fall. I purchased a four-school package with Meredith, and I have been admitted to 2/3 so far, with one still in process.

Meredith exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I was mostly expecting her to keep me on track timing-wise, provide some feedback on essays, and help answer questions, but Meredith went well beyond that.

From the start, Meredith worked with me to create a coherent story. We had discussions about my goals, and she put me in touch with a contact in my industry of interest to help me further refine my post-MBA plans. This contact had also attended my top choice school, which was doubly helpful!

Throughout the process, Meredith worked with me to refine my resume and essays for each school. She gave consistently helpful feedback, and was very prompt with her responses. Once I received interview invitations from schools, Meredith conducted practice sessions providing great feedback in advance of my actual interviews. Meredith's guidance during these sessions definitely gave me additional confidence!

I would highly recommend Meredith to anyone considering hiring an admissions consultant. She provides highly personalized feedback that was instrumental in me getting into these programs!

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1 Commented by VantagePointMeredith on December 21, 2016
Thanks for the kind words - it was a pleasure working with you! Enjoy Wharton or Sloan!
October 28 | 2016
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reviewer identity verified by post count
     By anon44444 52 2

I worked with Meredith and she was absolutely AMAZING at helping me think through what i really wanted out of an MBA and how i should position myself. She will give you her honest opinion and will respond to questions very very very fast. Takes a real personal interest in your success. I'd have no chance at a top school without her. Couldn't recommend more!! So many consultants just look at stats and go from there. Meredith really figured out where i wanted to be in 10 years and it showed in my essays. She doesn't cross the line regarding essays and makes sure you put YOUR own voice in the essays and just gives her opinion. A++

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1 Commented by VantagePointMeredith on November 15, 2016
Thanks and congrats again! Best of luck at Columbia!
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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By SmartWork 0 0

I worked with Melody for over four months on my application for the J-Term at Columbia Business School and had a truly terrific experience! Melody was the only consultant I spoke with who was genuinely interested in helping me get into business school and so I was confident in choosing her as my consultant.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience as a Columbia alum, she was able to help me refine my goals and essays to highlight the aspects of my candidacy that Columbia was looking for. She went above and beyond to help me tell my story in a authentic and compelling way, pushing me to explore my own motivations and aspirations. Melody was also always incredibly patient and prompt with feedback, reviewing several drafts of my resume and essays until she and I were both confident my application was in the best possible shape.

After everything was complete, Melody even had my application reviewed by a former adcom member who provided insightful and honest feedback that made my application even stronger. For the interview, Melody’s coaching ensured I would emphasize the right points, clearly articulating my story, goals, and enthusiasm for CBS. She even went out of her way to schedule another interview prep session before my actual interview to make sure I felt confident and prepared!

Ultimately, I was admitted to Columbia Business School! I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made it without her guidance and support. She was professional, friendly, and positive throughout the entire process. I could not have asked for a better consultant to work with! Thank you for everything, Melody!

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Highly Recommended!!!!
August 27 | 2016
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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By acg5000 0 0

I worked with Meredith during my application prep for NYU Stern and had an overall great experience. Meredith has a wealth of knowledge on the admissions process and from the very beginning she had a formula and simple guidelines for me to follow. She knew what Stern was looking for in an ideal candidate and worked with me to highlight those areas in my application, while also helping to mitigate the weaker areas.

Meredith was invaluable in providing feedback and suggestions on my essays, encouraging me to be descriptive and paint a clear picture of who I am and where I want to go with my career. She went through several rounds of edits with me until we had them just right.

Most importantly, Meredith was there to help keep me clam through the anxiety of the applications process. There were many times where I emailed her worried about a particular aspect of my application, or my overall chances of admission, and she helped to reassure me and keep me focused on the process.

I'm happy to report that I was admitted and will be starting at Stern in the Fall! Absolutely could not have done it without her. Thanks again for everything, Meredith!

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