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Vantage Point is the only firm to take a 360° approach to the application process.  We provide the perspectives that matter on your MBA applications from experienced consultants who graduated from M7 programs, M7 alumni interviewers, and former adcom. By providing you firsthand insights from people who understand the process from the inside out, we help you develop your most competitive and differentiated applications possible, maximizing your chances of admission to the most selective MBA programs. Vantage Point – gain from our perspective!

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Absolute Top Notch!!
December 21 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By MBAhopeful1234567 5 0

I interviewed about ten consultants seeking the best and most realistic (and honest) strategic partner to guide me through this rigorous application process. I can undoubtedly say that opting to work with Meredith is one of the best decisions I’ve made to date! Not only was her pricing incredibly reasonable, but she gave me much more time/attention than any other consultant would have on a basic “3-school package.” She made herself available at all hours of the day, night, and weekend to ensure my needs were met. In fact, Meredith had a 48-hour turnaround policy for revisions, but typically got things back to me same day (very impressive). From day one, I emphasized my struggle with standardized testing and rather than hounding me to keep retaking the GRE/GMAT as many consultants would do, Meredith helped me focus on the other key aspects of my application. We went through 10+ drafts of my CV, and probably more with each essay draft throughout the process. While she was ALWAYS extremely encouraging, she made sure that the product I was delivering to the adcom was absolutely flawless; more importantly, she continually challenged me to “be true to myself” rather than changing stories to yield to what I thought schools wanted to hear.

There were also numerous occasions that Meredith passed my application materials to former admissions committee members and other experienced essay-readers to make sure I was getting more than one perspective. Additionally, she hosted video chat sessions with some of her previous clients so I could ask questions about their experiences and get a better feel for several programs. Most notably, about 2 months before decisions were released, my employer found out I intended on going to business school and I was extremely concerned about losing my job. So, Meredith spent hours helping me to strategize different gameplans and helped me to effectively manage my stress during such an obstacle-filled time. Overall, as a white male working in Finance with a less than stellar GRE, my chances at a top program were looking glim prior to finding Vantage Point. Teaming with Meredith improved every aspect of my application and helped me nail all of my interviews. Ultimately I was admitted to 2 of my top 3 schools (1 with scholarship) and credit Meredith entirely. For those applying to B-school moving forward, the question shouldn’t be “which consultant should I work with,” but rather “how many schools can do I want to work on with Meredith?”

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Highly recommend
December 18 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By ethanwoo 2 0

I worked with Alicia over the course of three months during my application prep for Columbia. Having worked in admissions at Columbia Business School, Alicia was able to provide insight into the admissions process and how best to tailor my story to make me stand out. Her advice and feedback was also instrumental in helping me write a coherent and focused essay that highlighted the strengths of my application and mitigate my weaknesses. Alicia was also very accommodating and flexible in scheduling meetings or quick chats. I'm extremely pleased with how the process went and would wholeheartedly recommend Vantage Point and Alicia.

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Personable and Personalized
December 15 | 2017
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By JSterling 1 0
This review is for: Vantage Point Hourly Services
Consultant: Eileen Chao

After using another consulting company, I felt that I still didn't have a sense of how to make my application stand out for ME. Eileen took the time to talk through my experiences and goals to understand what would make me a unique candidate and to highlight that in the application. I purchased a package of 5 hours to work together which was sufficient to prepare essays for about 4 applications. She was able to help me decide between potential ideas to get essays started and then to help whittle them down to the appropriate word counts. Working with her not only improved my submitted application but also helped me to understand what I might want to focus on once interviews came around. Even if you have bright friends or family who are great at editing, it is extremely helpful to have someone with an eye for what an Admissions Committee is looking to see in an application. Eileen was very flexible and helpful to keep in touch with through the process. I ended up getting admitted to Berkeley Haas (a top choice of mine) and to UCLA with significant scholarship!

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reviewer identity verified by gmat club tests
     By karan714 0 0

With only one month for Round 1 admits and after talking to numerous consultants, I finally decided to work with Melody Jones @ Vantage Point. Though the fees seemed steep initially, choosing to work with Melody turned out to be the best decision during my MBA application process.

Melody is an exceptional professional and her attention to details is brilliant. Her feedbacks were always spot on and she urges you to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to express yourself. Submitting 4 applications in 1 month was a huge task but Melody worked with me till the end and ensure that I brought my best out in every application.

The interview prep was, again, very helpful and thorough. Melody gave me a great insight on what to expect for interviews and how to bring my A-game forward.

I highly recommend Melody & Vantage Point as a MBA consultant. Applying for top B-schools is a stressful experience and it's highly beneficial to have a good consultant by your side.

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The Absolute BEST!
November 29 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ddhz123 0 5

Unlike most candidates, I didn't do any research prior to hiring a consultant. I decided to work with Vantage Point due to a friend's recommendation.

I really had no idea what to expect - with a well below average GMAT score, I never dreamed of receiving acceptances into two of my top schools, CBS and Stern. Being a scatter brain, Jessica really helped me stay focused. From editing my resume to reviewing multiple drafts of my essays, Jessica was always responsive (weekends, holidays etc.) and went above and beyond to help me put my best foot forward. I found Vantage Point's adcom trial process extremely helpful. I took advantage of this opportunity for my Stern application and it was detrimental to my acceptance.

Though Melody was not my direct consultant, she took time out of her busy schedule to review my CBS application. Being alumni and having coached numerous students over the years, Melody's insight allowed me to craft outstanding essays that showed a genuine passion for the school.

I KNOW I couldn't have made it this far without the Vantage Point team. Having doubted my candidacy for so long due to my low GMAT score, I never thought my acceptances would be possible. If you are stressed, confused, and doubtful, I highly recommend VP! They truly care, and will do everything in their power to help you get into your dream school!

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Great Resume Review
November 18 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By vivek6199 429 187
This review is for: Vantage Point Resume Review
Consultant: Melody Jones

I had availed this service thanks to the reward system of GMATClub. The service includes 1 round of review & feedback. However, if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the comments you receive, VP is happy to follow-up and answer them.
I was asked to submit my resume and an accompanying document with any notes, background information which could be useful for them to review my resume. I had also sent specific questions which I wanted them to address.
The review took just three days. The resume was transformed into a more action based. Most of the bullet points were edited or had some review comments. The end result was that the resume became more crisp and concise.
Also, all the questions that I sent via mail were answered.
I would recommend this service to anyone willing to have his review reviewed. Please remember that resume is the most underrated part of the application. However, it is as important as the essays.

Good luck to all!

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Amazing consultant!
October 11 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By yelu1988 1 0

I initially met Melody during Forte workshop kickoff event and was impressed by her candidness immediately. Since early May, I had been working with her on every aspect of my CBS application package - career goals, strength/weakness assessment, resume, essays and mock interview. Melody always provided to-the-point feedback on my writing and pushed me beyond my comfort zone to polish my career goals (I'm seeking to change my career vertically post-MBA, hence the challenge). On top of that, I really enjoyed doing mock interview with her: she offered super honest and constructive feedback on my responses, and helped me brainstorm prompts that I struggled with. I was eventually admitted into CBS during ED round within 5 weeks! I can't thank Melody enough for her directional guidance in the process.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By fluffygmat 0 0

I can't say enough about my positive experience with Melody. I reached out to her when I knew I wanted to go to bschool but didn't have any other thoughts beyond that - what school, best practices on GMAT prep, what I wanted to do after school, how to tackle interviews, essay writing, how to engage with my recommenders, etc.

She walked me through the entire process step-by-step so it didn't seem as daunting, and pushed me each step of the way to make my application stronger than I could have ever thought possible. She was to-the-point and always available, which really helped me focus on specific areas I needed to focus on and be as efficient as possible.

I'm convinced that Melody's guidance and pushing me to improve my application beyond what I could have done myself is what led to my overall success in the bschool application process. I'm happy to note that I received 4 acceptances (of 6 schools applied), with merit scholarships to all I applied to!

Long story short: Best investment ever.

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By brownwalker 0 0

About myself:
I am an Indian engineer working with Schlumberger for the past 5 years. Coming from a highly competitive pool (the Indian Male Engineer) the application process was extremely challenging as I had to work to differentiate myself from the competition.
My GMAT was 780 (on the second attempt, first was 700. Gave the attempt again in the min period of 16 days. Just goes to show how random the GMAT exam can be)

Services Taken:
I had taken a Comprehensive School Package with Melody and hourly services with Katherine.
I applied to the top 6 schools in R2 2017.

Why I chose Vantage Point:
I had taken free consultation calls with several highly rated consultants. I ended up choosing Vantage Point because of the following reasons:
1. Cost effective - Although most top consultants are priced roughly the same, Vantage Point was at the lower end of the spectrum, which definitely works for someone working on a tight budget
2. Personalized attention - I had my first call with Melody and had an instant connect as I was able to relate with her. Although the call was scheduled to be only half-hour, the actual call was well over an hour. She was able to identify kep aspects of my story and identify which colleges which colleges would be the best for me.
I decided to go ahead as I felt understood and really enjoyed the personalized and friendly nature of the conversation. This was a refreshing change from the commercial and often matter-of-fact nature of the other companies.

The Process and overall comments:
Really liked the way they identified my story and had frameworks so that I could remember key events from my past.
The essay reviews were also were useful, as I was able to create a professional and ultimately winning essay after 3-4 reviews. This was especially beneficial as I was short on time during my application time. Kudos to both Katherine and Melody for adhering to timelines even in the crunch time (last moment before application submission) and keeping me on track during the process.

Special shout out to Katherine for her guidance in wharton application specially, as I really feel I would not have got this admit without her advice. Her comments on the essays and especially before the interview/GD were very useful for my preparation. Often direct and clear when the essay was not flowing or answering the prompt accurately, she helped me craft the essay to a winning one after 3-4 reviews. Note that the colleges I did not convert happen to be the ones which I did not have time to review to her satisfaction- just goes to show how effective her opinion was.

Conclusion / Summary:
Totally go ahead with Vantage point ( both Melody / Katherine) for a great friendly personalized and effective application process!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By hedychen 0 0

Meredith was absolutely integral to my business school application process. It's not an exaggeration to say that I couldn't have done it without her. I got into HBS, my dream school, in large part because of her. She really went above and beyond what I envisioned the role of an admissions consultant to be. Yes, Meredith provided invaluable guidance on aspects of my application, but she was also there for me as a supportive mentor and friend during a stressful time. I originally planned on applying round 1, but then switched to round 2, and Meredith was completely open to helping me through both rounds, even though it meant more time, effort and energy. She has an unbelievable enthusiasm and she really spent a lot of time getting to know me, and that made a huge difference in my application. Meredith is extremely responsive and there every step of the way. I absolutely would not have gotten in without her and working with her is the best decision I made during the entire application process.

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