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e-gmat Mock Test: Great Analysis with ESR


I am preparing for my second attempt for GMAT and to be very honest to get a clear understanding of where one stands in his/her prep is very helpful. I have given all Veritas prep tests and 4 of manhattan prep tests and of-course the official GMAC tests but other than GMAC tests it is hard to get an idea for your weak areas.

The e-gmat mock tests gave me an opportunity to test my prep level and the results were an eye opener for me. The questions were top notch and the results were very detailed and thorough. Ofcourse there is a significant effort to be put from test takers side to make the experience GMAT like but as far as e-gmat is concerned they have delivered a near perfect product. During the test I constantly felt that I am being challenged to the core of my ability and I never felt at any moment the test getting easier infact it was the opposite I felt it just like I felt in my first GMAT attempt.

Now discussing about the reports presented after the tests, in one word perfect. I got a clear idea about my weak areas and also got my performance per quarter of the test just like an original ESR. The results were surprising as it often happens when preparing for a test like GMAT that we think of an area as our strong point but in test it actually turns out to be one of the weaker ones. I am a non native speaker with a Verb (V28-31) and some what decent in Quant (Q45-47) and to know more about weak areas and how to work on them both time wise and concept wise is very important to cross the 700 mark. The test provides in depth insights about sub section performance and a score out of 51 which helps set targets for each subsection and prepare accordingly.
I would highly recommend e-gmat tests for anyone who needs more GMAT like tests and is eager to know in depth about his/her performance on a mock to better adjust/set targets for each subsection because in the end it matters alot to focus on you subsection weakness rather then going through an entire subsection.

All the best for your prep! please post any questions, I am happy to answer and also I will update my scores soon once I take the official GMAT.

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