April 18, 2019

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I decided to go for e-GMAT's Verbal course after a dismal performance in the GMAT a few months back (scored V-28) and I am glad I took that decision. This course has not only helped me build a rock solid understanding of the approach to tackle SC/CR/RC questions but also gave me an opportunity to test how close or far I am from achieving my target GMAT score through its MOCK TESTS.

e-GMAT mock test is a pretty new feature ,and I got a chance to take a mock test and see how much I have improved since my last attempt at GMAT. The mock test is exactly in the same format as the GMAT and allows one to choose the order of attempting the sections . One important feature is the 8-minute break in between the two sections, giving an experience that one gets during the actual exam. The questions in both Verbal and Quant sections were great and varied in difficulty level - quite similar to what one can expect in GMAT.

The best part of the mock test is the analysis that it provides post your attempt. You get to see how well you've performed in each section and in each sub-section (CR/SC/RC and Algebra/Arithmetic). There's a graph that explicitly shows your performance wrt the difficulty level of questions. You can also see the average time taken to answer both correct and incorrect questions. And of course, you can take a look at each and every question's solution and see where you faltered. This level of analysis of the mock test performance is truly helpful in assessing one's ability level in solving questions and tells how much one needs to improve.

Thankful to e-GMAT for coming up with these mock tests!

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