[Tests] Experts' Global - 15 Full Mocks Reviews

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[Tests] Experts' Global - 15 Full Mocks Reviews


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February 26, 2021

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650 Q44 V35

Quant Questions Not Similar to Real GMAT


Hello everyone!
I bought the 15 Full Mocks to practice after taking the GMAT twice. I scored 620 and 630 in those attempts (Q43,44 - V32-33).

I managed to do 6 Mocks when I studied for 3 months to take my 3rd attempt. My scores were
680 (Q47)
690 (Q48)
670 (Q46)
700 (Q49)
710 (Q49)
680 (Q48)

I was VERY confident that my quant would be at least Q46, in the real exam, however I got a Q45 (!!!!!), I was devasted!!!! Honestly, I felt the Mocks were kinda different from real gmat questions, but I tought that because I had studied with Kaplan (TERRIBLE) and by myself, I taught that the questions were Ok in the end.

I managed to get 660 in my score, but I did not think that it is so good as 5 star review.

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January 11, 2021

Joined: Jan 20, 2019

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740 Q50 V40

A good test that hones your time management


Experts’ Global provides greatest value for your money. There are 15 mock tests 1 is free, 14 costs $50 only. These tests are very much representative of an actual GMAT exam.
Timing in these tests tells how you manage your time in actual GMAT.

Quant: The closest quant section I have taken ever, after Official GMAT Prep tests. You can identify your weak areas in math, as Experts’ Global has detailed analytics of your performance. Each question has both written and video explanations.

Verbal: SC, CR and RC are very similar to official questions. However, CR has some old type questions that do not appear on GMAT frequently, same applies for RC. RC passages are longer than actual GMAT. But, the length of the passages are compensated by the difference in the difficulty of questions from official RC. Overall, Verbal is good.

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December 05, 2020

Joined: Aug 28, 2018

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470 Q48 V10

Best way to get equip with top notch and fail proof quant skills


Initially,I started off with manhattan and veritas mocks.I scored between 650 and 670,with the least being 620.Then, I started to attempt expert global mocks.I found the quant and IR sections of the product to be best in the lot.However,in case of verbal,I found that the RC was bit off and often lengthy and different from those of gmac tests. I scored an average of 670 in mocks,with 630 being the least and 730 being the highest.

I took the original exam at the test center and scored a 630(Q47,V29).My quant score was representative of the average scores in expert global mocks but my verbal score deviated from the average score in the expert global mocks-it was 35 on average.

All in all, considering that no test prep company can simulate the algorithm of actual gmat test, expert global mocks are the best in terms of value and price, especailly for quant.

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November 26, 2020

Joined: Feb 07, 2018

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710 Q49 V39

Quality ,quantity AND affordability


These tests are not adaptive and it is the best thing about them.You will have to answer 700 level questions just like a test taker who scores a 700+ score on test day.Your weak areas will be displayed on the dashboard as soon as you login.They pay special attention to smaller topics as well such as -subjunctive mood, there are text + video explanations
.Its the only test series with 15 dedicated IR sections.Its a must have for any GMAT aspirant.
Give all 15 tests before your actual test and you WILL have answered easy AND tough questions from nearly every concept.

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November 27, 2020

Hi Vibhav,

Thanks for your review, particularly for understanding our rationale behind keeping the test non-adaptive: to help students practice on a difficulty they are likely to see when they score 700+. We have made the "scoring" adaptive rather than the "ordering" adaptive so that a student gets to know one's true level while still practicing on a 700+ level test.

Congrats on your success. Thank you for remembering us :)

November 23, 2020

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730 Q49 V41

Truly a Must Have test series!


Experts' Global 15 full length mocks are impressively close to the real GMAT in terms of UI, difficulty level and scores . A video solution is provided for each and every question in the mocks.

A detailed analysis and diagnostic report is generated at the end of the test and one should pay utmost attention to the analysis provided by Experts Global simulation software. The overall and sectional score estimates are fairly close to the real GMAT. There is a large pool of questions for both Quant and Verbal, I hardly saw any repeated questions in the 15 mocks.

I highly recommend this test series to all the GMAT aspirants.

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September 21, 2020

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Review of 15 mock tests by Experts Global


Firstly, i would like to say that the 15 mock tests provided by Experts Global is really good both subject wise and money wise.
All 15 tests provided cost only 50$ which is pretty reasonable.
The quality of questions too is decent but can be improved. The one thing i really like about their tests is the video explanations. These explanations help to understand the concepts better
However, one thing that can be done to improve the tests even more if if the tests can be written again. The option of writing tests again is not available. Its a one time thing only.

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December 19, 2020

Thank you for your review and the kind words.

Regarding not having the option of writing a test again-
To not have the option of "repeating a test" is a well-deliberated call we took owing to our experience of imparting firsthand training to thousands of GMAT aspirants. When you "repeat" a test, the (bound to be there) residual memory of the questions makes the test look easier and seem more comfortable. On the real GMAT, every question you see will have a "brand new" feel and this difference can mean a difference of several points. It is important that every question you attempt on a mock is a "never-seen-before", for the correct representation of one's level.
We hope that you and all serious test-takers will appreciate the thinking here. We have anyway solved the bigger problem by having a set of 15 mocks so that one doesn't feel the need for "repeating" on the first place.

Best wishes,
Experts' Global team

September 09, 2020

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Experts's global test review

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!5 tests give you a variety of questions to practice and makes you adapted to the test. Although the quality of questions can be improved for CR, overall it is worth the money. It offers a good analytics as well after the test, which can help you to analyze your test in a better way. The interface is like that of the actual GMAT test which helps you gain a real test like feel. Quant questions are generally repeated which can be worked upon by improving the question pool. Overall it is worth the money and one should go for it.

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August 14, 2020

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640 Q49 V29

Mock tests that you can rely on


Once I utilized all my Official mocks, I was looking for mock tests which are could give me a close representation to the actual thing on following aspects - I'd say I am happy that I picked Experts' Global -

1) Quality of questions - (5/5)
2) UI - (5/5)
3) Adaptive nature - not available
4) Score reliability - (4/5)
5) Analysis and explanation - (5/5)

Video explanations are great and you can also raise queries in case you're not satisfied with the quality of the question.

I had scored 710, 700, and 740 in the last 3 Experts' Global mocks. I ended up scoring 720 in the actual GMAT. Thanks Experts' Global!

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August 14, 2020

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Best in class value for money


I bought Experts' Global GMAT practice tests pack about a month before my exam date. If you look at the cost of a mock test series offered by other prep providers, what Experts' Global charges is a pittance. The quality of the questions is also very similar to the level that you'd expect on the main test, although GMAT prep mocks come closest in terms of mimicking the original GMAT exam. But GMAC offers two tests for 50$ and you get 15 full mocks from Experts' Global for the same price! Moreover, Experts' Global does a much better job of identifying your weak areas and provides detailed solutions to all of the questions.

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August 14, 2020

Joined: Jul 28, 2020

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750 Q49 V45

The best form of practice towards getting a high score!


I gave my first GMAT exam and though I was well prepared - it tanked. I managed a 690 after taking a penalty on both the scoring sections of the exam. I was heartbroken as time was slipping out of my hands and deadlines were coming closer. I did not have the score I needed, and the only way to up it was to quickly re-attempt and manage a higher score. I had no idea how that was going to happen.

I came across the Experts Global Mock Tests and decided to try out the free test. I was most impressed by its interface, which was as close as possible to the actual exam, and what followed after I finished my exam was detailed and thorough analysis of my performance on the mock. Not only did it tell me the questions I got wrong, it also told me the question category (E/M/H), the time I spent on the question, my fastest 25% on the exam and my slowest 25% on the exam (irrespective of whether the answer was right or wrong). To top it all, each question had a short answer explanation video right on the bottom right of the same screen and that was incredibly helpful in getting a quick answer about what went wrong. Not only was it helpful in learning how to avoid the mistake in future, but also it helped me learn some important tricks about how to get to the answer faster (especially in the quantitative section). I watched the videos for all my wrong answers and my slowest 25% and it was a great way to quickly learn what needed to be done.

I went ahead and purchased the mocks (which were really reasonable when it comes to pricing) - especially since I did not want to spend too much money on the mocks and was self-studying. I solved about 11 of those mocks in six weeks time - and it helped me improve my GMAT score by 60 points - I went from 690 to 750, and it saved me a year because I was able to apply to my target schools with a decent score for the same intake.

I strongly recommend you to use Experts Global mock exams as a way of practice - and alongside your preparation materials for conceptual learning. In my opinion, its a recipe for success at the GMAT.

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September 08, 2020

Hi, can you please confirm how close were the mock scores compared to the actual gmat scores you got for this specific test series?

September 08, 2020

Hi Saheel, the tests are non-adaptive, but the questions are great. Overall the difficulty level pretty much matches the exam (if not exceeds) which makes it a good practice for your actual exams. In addition, I’d recommend you to try out the GMAT official mocks that are offered for free when you register and decide for yourself if Experts’ mocks are your cup of tea.

October 04, 2020

Hi jeetendra,

Congrats on your score. Can you provide some light on the quality of questions in the verbal section of Expert's Global?