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Admissionado is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm.  Admissionado stands out from the crowd by recruiting the sharpest diagnosticians (is that a word?) on the planet, who achieve results by developing strong personal connections with each and every client. Learn more about their unique approach and value.

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This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Dave Harelick

I first knew about Admissionado (precision essay formerly) when I submitted a candidacy assessment on the beatthegmat forums almost a year ago. Jon's response was candid and honest. Others gave me gibberish consulting jargon (which I am full aware of as I am a consultant myself) or basically told me I got no realistic shot at my target school. I was not buying it.

I believed I got the qualifications for the schools I was targeting and I could get in them. But, I decided to enlist an admission consultant's help because:
1) I have an atypical experience/background (I like to think!) for the programs I was targeting.
2) I had way to much work on my plate that I knew I would push the admissions essays to the last minute.
3) I knew the program I wanted to get into, and I wanted to do everything that I could do to make that happen. Go big or go home.

I wanted the admission consultants will help get the best of out of my background into a strong application, push me to get the work done early, and, well, give me strong guidance through out the process.

Admissionado was the first that I talked to. Though, to ensure I have the right man for the job, I talked to 2-3 of the bigger-names admission consulting firms but they all seemed inflexible to me, or even discouraged my chances for the schools I want to apply to. I didn't feel comfortable with any of them. I was about to spend a lot of money from my savings to work with someone over few months, I wanted to make sure I feel comfortable with them.

Through the initial conversations, despite the over-use of the word 'dudes' or may be because of it, Admissionado really seemed flexible, understanding, and, well, real people. Furthermore, they gave me a good deal in understanding of my situation; I had recently taken a 70% pay-cut when I moved abroad to work with a start-up.

Then, I started working with Dave Harelick who, as his profile describes him, ".. oozes MIT…" and he truly does.

They start with a general detailed assessment or questionnaire. When I first looked at the initial profile questionnaire I was a skeptic. I didn't understand why I needed to do that, but I did it. After a phone discussion with Dave about them, he helped me by drafting an "action plan." Basically, the essentials of my story. And, it was then clear why I needed that. It simply helped me clear out my vision and story; throw away the garbage, the clutter, and the unnecessary. Now, that I am preparing for the interviews, that action plan is a gold-mine.

We then talked about my list of schools. I knew my top school - but honestly had no clear idea about other programs. Beyond my top choice, they all seemed the same more or less. So - he helped me shuffle through my list and helped me eliminate many schools that I was considering for the wrong reasons or were definitely not aligned w/ my goals. (examples of not convincing reasons: INSEAD: "well, it is nice to live in France for a while." Harvard: "well - I gotta apply to Harvard. Gotta give it a shot!")

And, then the drafting begun. I soon realized that .. nope, this process is not saving me time. I was working waayyy too much on this. But Dave's feedback was warranted - I could see the significant improvement of the essays. So, yes, I worked on the essays A LOT. As you can read in other reviews, the feedback you get is not simply "this is not good." Dave really gave me detailed (and sometimes lengthy) feedback about the story. And, he was honest and clear about it (but not rude!). If it was too corny, he would say so. If he thought it is not strong, he would say so. Not only that, he will exactly, and in details, tell you what you need to do with it to take it to the next step. Also, you would hear him say "SHOW ME" and don't "tell me" so many times, you would think he's directing a play. But, really it works. Adcoms read hundreds if not thousands of self-praising applications - only if you show them how this self praise is warranted does your application stand out.

Now I can say that the content is all mine. Yes, the essays have been fleshed out, edited, chopped up, put-together, and re-written several times. But, they are mine, and they are pretty epic (if I may say!)

And here is my biggest advice to any person working through this process: you have to work hard to convey your story - at least to your consultant. Your consultant does not know your life, was not there when the story took place. If you feel he's not getting your story - then email him about it in layman words. If that is not working, call him up. And, with Dave, or Admissionado, this is simple - they are responsive and all ears. They just need to really understand what the story is, and then they can help you phrase it and write it.

I have not gotten any admits, yet. But I have just received my interview invitation at the LGO program at MIT. For y'all out there who're thinking about Sloan or the LGO, you would understand that getting the interview for Sloan and/or the LGO is them asking you to come out and seal the deal - getting the interview is more than half the battle. Consultants are a rare breed at the LGO program. Nonetheless, I have 4 years of pure consulting. In-fact, I went from tech consulting to strategy/management consulting over the last year. Further more, I realized that I had a missing period and a missing word that I inflicted on the essays in last minute changes after Dave's last polish, I still got the interview - which means my essays were strong enough that missing words and punctuations didn't matter (still- don't miss too much with your essay after a consultant worked on it!) Now that I am preparing for the interviews, I had a first call with Dave to give me general outlines about the interview process - and we have mock-up interview lined up this week.

I feel that the flexibility of Admissionado gives every candidate the ability to tailor the service to exactly what they need within the Deluxe package - but you have to also set the expectations right and talk to your consultant about what you are finding hardest to put together.

If you want to get in Sloan - you won't find any one more knowledgeable or helpful consultant than Dave. Despite the endless hours I spent online researching the school and the program, he always managed to send me a link or two about Sloan that left me thinking "well - this is awesome. how did I miss it?!" He's still very active within the Alum network and up-to-date on the happenings of Sloan. He's always responsive to his email, and has no problem getting on the phone on short notices (given it is reasonable requests!) Even more, he did go a couple of times beyond the 'four drafts' of the process to edit further revisions. Other consultants had told me that they won't put in more than a set amount of hours in the total process - and that included phone calls. Oh - one more thing - turn around was always very good and as promised.

Again, if your dream school is MIT and you are curious whether to enlist an admission consultant or not, I advice you to talk to Dave - you will immediately see clear the immense value that Dave will add to your application in any capacity you decide to work with him on the application.

And, if you are looking for an admission consultants to actually work with you rather than try to fit you in one of the molds they created, then talk to Admissionado - you will be happy.

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1 Commented by rajadi on January 25, 2013
Hi Polarmar,
Congratulations for your interview invite at LGO and wish you all the best for the interviewfest in Feb
I also applied to LGO and took the support of Admissionado and hopefully I'll also gain an interview invite

Awesome Admissionado
November 21 | 2012
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Yes - got into all

This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

I was lucky enough to work with Mark Lellouch at Admissionado. I spoke to over 10 different admission consulting services before I spoke to Mark (I was checking who was genuine) and after the initial 1 hr talk I knew that he was different.

From the 1st second he probed me on why I did what I did in my career and on why I chose certain career goals. He forced me to think of certain moments in my life that shaped who I am today and this really allowed me to realize what I truly wanted to do. My essays benefited from this and evolved over the time that I worked with him.

My resume was flawless (I never would have got it to this level without him). I applied to 3 top 5 schools and was interviewed at all 3.

When preparing for interviews he once again showed me the way and at this point I felt as though I was meeting a friend. He really is that good of a guy.

Marks dedication is superb- It almost seemed as though he was applying to the schools himself. He goes the extra mile and it is something that you will not get from most places. I know of people who paid what I paid and got half the level of commitment (from other consulting services). Mark was never late for an appointment and the turnaround time for every single part of my application was immediate (mostly 1 day - maximum 2 days).

If you are serious about getting into your dream school trust Admissionado and if you are lucky enough to get Mark you are in for a LIFE CHANGING experience.

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BEST Decision I ever made!
August 07 | 2016
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     By reidse 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado * Basic
Consultant: Leslie Curry

Using Admissionado to help me prep for my B school interviews was the best decision I have ever made. Leslie was amazing and her coaching helped me succeed in getting into my number top school. She went above and beyond for me during the interview process- from texting me right before interviews to calming my fears on phone calls after. I really got through the chaos of that time with her help. She was much more than just a consultant, she truly cares about her client's success! Interviews are a stressful time but having Leslie and Admissionado in my corner helped me articulate all of the best traits of my applications.

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     By LondonAdmit 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Uyen Tang

I initially reached out to Admissionado in early December 2015, recommended to me by a friend who got into Duke after working with them. I was interested in applying to MBA US programmes for the January 2015 deadline and had not even taken my GMAT or started the application process. Admissionado weren’t deterred and helped straight away with a package of phone support. Within 2 calls, the team had helped me understand my story and my post-MBA career goals. They provided immediate clarity and support. After I decided to postpone my applications for a year (because I really didn’t have time to get the GMAT score I needed), I signed on to larger packages with Admissionado in March 2015. Here’s what my experience was like:

- They are a no nonsense, professional support team. They reply to emails quickly, have quick turn arounds on essay edits and do not push their products on you.
They are good editors especially if you are a comfortable writer but just need to synthesise and prioritise.
They have a wealth of information and sent me a former customers essay for a school I was applying to. They chose that essay because he/she had been successfully admitted and had a similar background and career goals to me. It really helped me to understand how to write a good essay.
- They helped me get my CV in top shape, its the best it’s ever looked and I’ve had really positive feedback from it.
They advised me on all matters including my GMAT prep, recommenders, when to leave my job, etc.
They helped me think outside the box. Initially I was only keen on US programmes, but they helped me see how great the top European programmes are for me given my international background.
They were worth the money and they are flexible. I paid £500 per school, applying to 4 schools, getting help on all aspects down to every single tiny question on the online application. I had initially bought a package for 5 schools but when I decided to knock one school off my list, they let me use that last £500 towards LOR support, which they were really good on (minus one thing- see cons).

- They support you but they don’t hold your hand. At times it would have been nice to have chase up emails about essay edits. When you are working full time and trying to get apps done, it can be helpful to have your admissions consultants reminding you about deadlines etc, and they didn’t send follow up emails even if they hadn’t heard from me in a few weeks and deadlines were looming.
- They aren’t there to have a chat. A couple of times I was having mini feakouts about the GMAT and my application in general and all I really needed was a 10 minute call to talk a few things through. When I asked, they offered me a call package since the package I paid for didn’t include any phone time. For the amount you pay, it would be nice to be able to have a little chat every few weeks. Then again, I imagine some customers might abuse that, but I thought I had built a good relationship with my advisor so that was a little disappointing.
- They did not check LOR questions. I had found the LOR questions for a school online and had worked with Admisisonado and my recommenders to get answers together. When it came down to submitting those online, my recommender pointed out that two of the questions were different and I had to quickly help my recommender find new examples to address the new questions with the deadline hours away! Slightly stressful! I was surprised that the Admissionado team hadn’t picked this up or double checked I had the right questions.

Overall: I got into London Business School on a merit scholarship. The scholarship was based on the quality of my application which would not have been the standard it was without Admissionado. I would recommend them to a friend based on that alone. However, I would advise that anyone looking for an admissions consultant have a long chat with them before hand and really think about what type of support you are looking for so you ensure you have the right consultants and the right package. Good Luck! :-)

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     By mccooke08 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mandy Tang

While I am writing this review is admittedly later than I had hoped, I wanted to make sure I was able to include the full details and final outcomes resulting from my Admissionado experience! I'll begin by saying that I was skeptical, to say the least, about engaging the services of an Admissions Consultant, but after working with Mandy, I can't imagine that my MBA journey would have ended nearly as successful.

For Round One I worked with a group of friends whose companies provided formal support. Thinking I could benefit from their "expertise," please understand the sarcasm, I naively worked exclusively with them for my first two applications. This resulted in being waitlisted at Kellogg and denied without an interview at Sloan. Not the news I wanted.

Determined that I would go to a top business school this fall I re-evaluated my application strategy, reviewed schools for better fit, instead of just high rankings, and bit the metaphorical bullet and invested in an admissions consultant. After carefully reading the reviews of various companies and running my own cost/benefit analysis, I chose to work with Admissionado. Their responsiveness and attention to detail following my inquiry email piqued my interest and foreshadowed the type of relationship I would experience throughout the process.

During my initial consultation call with Mandy, which lasted just one hour, she had pulled out of me a completely different, and much more interesting, angle to my candidate profile. Instead of following a boring "former consultant wanting to transition into industry" story line she encouraged me to highlight passions and volunteer interests as a basis for my motivation to pursue an MBA. Together we completed the applications for four round two schools - Tuck, Haas, LBS, and Darden. Long story short, through countless email exchanges and 6+ revision cycles - per school - I secured interviews at each program, and ultimately admissions to 3, plus removal from the Kellogg waitlist.

Applying to MBA programs has been a whirlwind, 2+ year process that would not have been possible without a strong support network and I'm glad to consider Admissionado as a member of mine.

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This review is for: Admissionado ** Junior Deluxe
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

If I could describe Admissionado in one word, it would be, "SAVIOR". Previously having applied to the BBA program at Ross and getting rejected, I was determined to strengthen my application and reapply. But, at that time, there was little hope left inside me and I was in dire need of guidance and assistance.

That was when I sought out admission consulting services and came across Admissionado. The first thing that sparked my interest to go for Admissionado was their enthusiasm and professionalism which made me feel super pumped to work with them. As an example, here’s a quote from their first email, “We're excited to get down to business, so let's do this!”

Initially, I didn’t know which package (from the countless services that Admissionado offers) would be best for my situation. They were very understanding and provided me with a solution to try out the Discovery Package first and if I am satisfied with their services, I could upgrade to the Junior Deluxe Package.

After filling up the Client Questionnaire and Profile Evaluation Tool (which I found to be very useful as it would help me to clarify who I am, what I aim for and how Admissionado could help me), I was paired with Mark (EXCELLENT CHOICE!). Our first Skype session was mind-blowing because it really made me think about what I really wanted, what my strengths are and how I could demonstrate that to the Adcom. Due to Admissionado’s excellent customer service and follow-ups that have constantly kept me on track, I decided to upgrade my package.

It was the BEST DECISION EVER! Besides the thought-provoking analyses from Mark on my application essays, quick feedback on how I could improve and clarify my essay points and extra guidance on shaping how I write my extracurricular activities, I believe that Admissionado has strengthened my personality and built my confidence (making me more sure of who I am, what I want to become in future and how the BBA could help push me forward in life).

Thank you Admissionado for being there for me and guiding me to my dream school! I am very excited and am looking forward to attending the Ross School of Business at UMICH for the BBA Program this coming Fall.

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Nicely Done!
May 30 | 2016
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     By busbybabes 48 1
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

When I took the GMAT in 2012, I wasn’t really into the nitty-gritty of B-school application and I simply sent my score (760) to the Top 5 US MBA programs I had heard about. However, my interactions with the B-school community of applicants and admits over the next 4 years began to give me a clearer picture of the competition and by the time I finally decided to take the plunge in 2015, I knew the odds were stacked against me.

I am an Indian Male with an engineering degree from a Tier 3 university in India and all my work experience within my family business (revenues > $3m annually). I didn’t even have proper clients or supervisors at my business which made selecting recommenders much more challenging than it usually is. Although, I had some strong entrepreneurial experience in Africa and had volunteered for child rights protection for almost 5 years, I began to think the US Top 10 was beyond me. I conducted informational interviews with several admissions consultants (extremely skeptical of their value addition) and had one EXTREMELY FAMOUS consultant tell me why I would be competitive only at sub 20 schools. (read Kelley, Emory etc.)

Enter Admissionado and more importantly Mark Lellouch, who came in with a reputation for non- traditional candidates. The first things that struck me about Mark were his optimism and attention to detail. While filling out one of those drab info forms, I took the liberty of sending him links to some of my leisure writings (not that these were asked for) and he came back to me with genuine appreciation. My first chat with him was conversational yet reflective, as we talked not only about my work, but also my business and family. This represented a genuine attempt on his part to understand where I came from, my strengths and weaknesses and by the time I got off the phone, I knew if I wanted to work with someone, it was him.

After agreeing to work towards my DREAM school, I began sending in drafts for my essays and resume. Within 48 hours, I would get back documents filled with red and two short, but very important words – Nicely Done. Looking back today, I feel that the MBA application process is quite draining and these small “pats on the back” go a long way towards sustaining the motivation required to develop strong applications. His feedback always forced me to “get to the point” in the “simplest way possible” while maintaining my unique identity as an applicant. Working with him was almost like one of those career assessment exercises as I began noticing how he identified leadership stories I had discarded and gave life to a resume that had boring written all over it. He even took the time to answer some really silly questions – the kind one asks when obsessing over applications a bit too much.

Apart from the school we worked towards, Mark’s guidance helped me shape applications for 5 other schools as well. By April 2016, I had been admitted to 2 Top 15 schools and a Top 20 school with a Full Ride. However, I was waitlisted at my dream school.

Once again, Mark and I got to work developing a waitlist strategy that included a detailed update letter and a new letter of recommendation. After spending 6 months on the waitlist, I was finally admitted to my dream school. And as always, Mark’s reply to this long-awaited news read – NICELY DONE!

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     By SD26 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package
Consultant: Leslie Curry

While in the process of applying to the top B schools in US, I reviewed and held calls with many MBA admissions consultants, globally. One of them happened to be Admissionado. The first thing I noticed was their professional yet engaging style of communication – Claudia Aliperta, the Director of Operations, sent me a warm welcome email and introduced me to Leslie Curry, who sent up a free 30-minute consultation call to review my resume, ask about my strategy (if any) for choosing and applying to B schools and also a few basic questions about my background. Leslie was so very helpful, bright and thoughtful in that 30 minutes that I was sold! I had spoken with consultants from 6 agencies in my home country and US but none of them were as polite yet sharp in catching onto opportunities of improvement in a candidate. I signed on for the Deluxe 3-school package and insisted on having Leslie as my adviser.
Leslie is an MBA graduate from Darden but she holds a wealth of knowledge and resources about all the top B schools in US. When we first started working together, my application list was broad and unstructured. I didn’t have any logical reasons for even applying to some of them! Leslie took the effort to understand my strengths (through a very self-reflective and insightful questionnaire) and developed a matrix to help me rank the schools. This was indeed very helpful. Once I had my top 3 schools, we set to work on my resume. Leslie helped me bullet-point my achievements and even bring up points I had forgotten, by regularly asking me about my past work and volunteering activities. She didn’t exactly grill, but dove in to each story of mine so that she could better understand me and qualities I could express. Once we got my resume refined, I began writing the essays. I didn’t want my essays written for me and Admissionado ensures that you do the meat of the work while they guide you in polishing up what you want to convey, which is exactly what I was looking for. I had crazy ideas on why XX School and why I was a perfect fit for YY program, but Leslie broke it down, helped me structure it and even build on it. All the ideas were mine, but she would review them and even pull in a second pair of professional eyes (for a well-rounded perspective) and we would work on them in a timely manner until I was satisfied.
Once I got interview calls, we setup 2 mock interviews over video conference, to help me get an idea of the standard questions asked and how to best be prepared for them. It was great practice and Leslie shared a bunch of questions that I should expect and with her constructive feedback, I drafted my best answers and also, my best style for delivering them.
We hit all three schools and I am extremely proud to say that I am now attending the school that was my top choice. Leslie and I’ve been in touch thereafter even because I know this process helped me gain a friend and a well-wisher, not just a professional adviser. She was my coach and cheerleader at the same time. So for that, Admissionado gets a top rating from me, and I’d recommend it to all my friends and anyone looking for a little bit of help in their B school applications. It’s worth every $! Definitely ask for Leslie if you want someone who is as passionate about your journey as you and a true expert in this field.

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     By pk27 1 0
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services

I used the Admissionado Discovery Package.
I’m the Indian/IT Engineer/Female and I don’t hold a great GMAT score. Thanks to Admissionado, I made it to University of San Diego, University of Illinois at Chicago and Bentley University. Although the firm specializes in top 15 schools, I knew I have a very common profile and a low GMAT score. Furthermore, I wasn’t ready to re-take the GMAT, so I knew I needed a really good service that would help me put forward my best profile.
In the Discovery Package, I got two calls with my consultant and two extremely helpful files. One file covered the details on my strengths, weaknesses that I needed to cover in the Optional Essay and the common essay formats. The second file was the school short list. These files were EXTREMELY helpful as I knew exactly, what would work for and against me and I could address the same in my applications. Since I knew what would work against me, I could highlight those in the Optional Essay and was prepared for any query on the same during the interview. Also the files helped me frame GREAT essays. During the calls, I could clear out all my queries based on the data provided in the files.
The thing I liked about my consultant is that she has a good idea on which Program fits your profile best. She also went a step further and told me how I could improve my profile and which other schools I could target. Lastly, she was extremely prompt in getting back to me. When I submitted my applications, I knew my GMAT was low, but I was confident that I had put together a strong application.
I don’t think I could’ve made it to the schools without Admissionados help.
They helped me and I’m sure they can help anyone! I highly recommend Admissionado!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By verazheng 3 0
This review is for: Admissionado Hourly Services
Consultant: Julie Bowman

I started my connection with Admissionado with a ding-analysis service about one month ago, when I just got a waiting list decision from my target school. I became so frustrated and started to cast doubt on myself. I cannot accept this is all I can get after 8 months of stressful preparation, so I decided to give it a last try. I heard about Admissionado from Jon, who is the founder of this organization. I have to admit, at first I had reservations, since I barely knew it and all the staffs are so far away from me that I can only contact them via email or phone. However, after I finished my first call with my consultant, Julie, I knew I made a right decision to turn to Admissionado for help. There are several things I would like to emphasize:
1) Firm but non-aggressive attitude: when I conducted the ding-analysis, I was extremely down emotionally and thinking whether to accept a 3-tier offer. It was at this very moment, Julie gave me a very firm opinion, after scanning my materials, that I can do better than that, and if I can't make it this year, I should reapply. Her affirmation totally raised me up, and her firm attitude, based on her professionalism, distinguishes Admissionado from those irresponsible organizations whose staffs could just present some ambiguous and non-constructive words. But she is not aggressive at all, please don't mistake here. In fact, our conversation is really chatty and she has always been supportive during all the process.
2) Always on time: although the physical distance between us is remote, it feels as if they are just around me, since I never need to worry if they will reply me. Especially in my last submission, the deadline was approaching and there was really not too much time left for me. Julie gave me unconditional support by helping revising my essay as soon as possible, though she only needs to reply me within 24 hours according to the contract.
3) Detailed, support and in-depth critique: I really appreciate those useful comments in my essays. I am surprisingly impressed by the depth and breadth the remarks have brought to my essay. I have to say, before the revision, I didn't have a clear thought about some foundamental points. These detailed, support and in-depth critique not only help me make a stronger essay, but also reshape my thoughts.
4) Faithfulness: because of my limited budget, I got most of my service in the hourly way. And Julie was remarkably considerate and tried to help make full use of it.

I have just finished my last interview for this year's application last night. Though I have not got my offer yet, I got to say, I can see clearly my development during this process on a much larger scale, and I will highly recommend my friends who intend to apply for MBA to use Admissionado's service.


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