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Tyler Cormney
April 18 | 2012
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     By misterchipper 37 6
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Yes - got into all

I was introduced to Tyler through a friend who used Tyler through his admissions process (who matriculated at Sloan). Although moderately reluctant to spend money on something I could possibly do on my own, I realized that an MBA admissions consultant could be very helpful – not to mention, it seemed that >50% of applicants who matriculated at a brand name school used a consultant.
As such, I began researching various MBA admissions consulting firms (the Big 3) and speaking with their past customers. Although some of them did seem happy with their experience, I estimated that about 2/3rd were either 1) woefully unimpressed with the work 2) felt ripped off 3) did not get into a top school 4) were given a “guarantee” of admission that amounted to worthless.
With this information at hand, I quickly moved to secure Tyler’s services.
What differentiates Tyler from everyone else is that he is incredibly creative, incredibly knowledgeable, wonderful listener (he remembers absolutely everything) incredibly disciplined, and intensely focused on crafting a compelling narrative. My undergraduate school was impressive, my GPA was not, and my leadership background was not particularly interesting – however, Tyler was able to help me craft an incredibly, fascinating story to tell the admissions committee. Even more importantly, he was able to help me better understand/determine what I want to do with my life.
In summary, getting into a top notch MBA school is very hard – there are hundreds of other people just like you and I with similar GMAT, GPA, and leadership experiences. The key (that I reluctantly learned) is that you must separate yourself from the rest of the pack by crafting a compelling narrative – at which Tyler is second to none. I highly recommend Tyler – so much so that I referred my younger brother to him (he is now matriculating at Kellogg). Tyler is absolutely, unequivocally worth every penny.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions

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     By fw120 1 0
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Some, but not all

I was introduced to Chris by a friend, and spoke to him and several other consultants are various firms before making a final decision on who to work with. Part of why I chose Chris was his balanced (in my view) take on the strengths and weaknesses of my candidacy in our initial call. Compared to other consultants who dwelled on the positives, I appreciated Chris’s attention to the gaps in my application, and his focus on how to address them. To be honest, I didn’t leave that first call feeling completely optimistic about the whole process, but on reflection I decided that’s what I was looking for from a consultant – someone to challenge and push me, and therefore help improve my application in ways I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.

I was late to the Round 1 process (Chris and I first spoke in August), and Chris helped me figure out a sensible number of schools to apply to (3). In retrospect, having seen other friends’ experiences, I’m very happy I didn’t push to submit more, and equally happy that I made sure to get apps in to all of my “top” choices within the same round. The videos / materials / worksheets developed by MBA Prep School were also a real benefit early in the process.

After our initial call, it was clear that I had a long way to go in creating a coherent “story” to tell across applications; the brainstorming and ideation exercises provided by MBA Prep School really helped me to bring forward the strongest elements in my background to deploy across schools and essays.
All that said, I think the personal dynamics really make or break this kind of relationship, and this is where Chris really shone. He certainly passes the “good guy” test, and – as I had judged from our initial call – was consistently supportive and easy to work with, while always challenging and looking to improve the final product. Most importantly, I never once felt like I had anything less than Chris’s full attention and commitment to my application – I might as well have been the only project he was working on. This was especially important given the short timeline we were working with – and frankly, time management was another primary reason I had engaged a consultant in the first place.

Chris helped develop a clear timeline to manage the process of getting 3 strong applications submitted, and he pushed me the whole way to accomplish that goal.

This process is tough. Working with Chris helped me internalize that, and realize that all you can do is put yourself in the best position to succeed and then roll the dice. Chris helped me put my best foot forward in all my applications – and even so, there were some surprises and disappointments. In the end, I got into one of my three top schools; and I also got a generous scholarship. I’m happy with my outcome, and grateful to Chris Aitken and MBA Prep School for helping me get there!

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     By 2018admit 0 0

Coming from a non-traditional background, I felt pretty overwhelmed by the whole MBA application process, and was initially hesitant to get any type of consulting help. Looking back now however, getting Tyler's help was the best investment I could've made.

Throughout the several months process, Tyler coached me on how best to share my story in a way that stuck true to who I am and where I want to go, while simultaneously keeping me organized/on track and even growing my writing skills. On top of that, I truly feel that I now know myself better both personally and professionally, beyond just for MBA applications, and have a strong idea of where I would like to go next. He is extremely insightful, knowledgeable and personable, and his vast experience in both MBA admissions and creative writing was invaluable to me as he helped me see how exactly the different bits and pieces of my story connected together in a coherent way. Additionally, he is extremely responsive and always willing to talk/answer any (big or small) questions along the way, which is incredibly helpful during such a stressful period.

I would highly recommend going with Tyler Cormney. There are a lot of components involved in the MBA application process (resume, scores, essays, recommendation letters, interviews), and working with Tyler put me at ease in knowing that I wasn't going to overlook anything, and that my final application package would give the very best representation of me. I cannot thank Tyler enough for all his guidance and support.

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Harvard says “YES”!
May 21 | 2016
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     By HBSclass2018 0 0

I am admitted to HBS!
Thank you for your support, counsel, and commitment, Tyler Cormney!

What I liked most about Tyler’s approach to MBA consulting was that it was structured from beginning to end. He started by gaining an understanding of all aspects of my profile and helped me to identify the strongest messages to create my very personal, one-of-a-kind application. Additionally, his video lessons were great, allowing us to make the best use of our live sessions.

Tyler’s commitment was remarkable: he would not give up until every point in my application was perfect – a truly hard working perfectionist!

Finally, Tyler is incredibly patient, supportive, and positive. He would recognize when I struggled in-between applications and offer a constructive break. I never felt that he was rushing through our materials, thinking about deadlines or how much time we were spending on the project.

Working with Tyler was an invaluable decision I made during my application process.

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     By associate2015 0 0

Working with Tyler was the best decision I made while going through the MBA application process. With Tyler's help, I will be attending my top choice school at HBS this upcoming Fall!
Background: I was referred to Tyler by a friend and I signed up for a package for a handful of schools. After a short phone call introduction, I could tell that Tyler was extremely qualified as an MBA consultant (an MBA from HBS and a Master's in Professional Writing from USC), but more importantly, that Tyler would be someone I could trust and easily relate with while navigating the stressful MBA application process.
Process: I applied Round 1 and we started off early on in June and immediately Tyler and I began working on my business school profile. I think what Tyler does best is help you craft your own story while still remaining genuine and true to who you are. It's really about getting to the core of who you are as a person and that's what business schools really care about.
After we had the groundwork laid out, we started getting to work on the application materials like resume, recommendations, essays, etc. Tyler is very knowledgeable in these areas and can help answer any questions you have and provide invaluable guidance. It’s tricky figuring out who to ask for your recommendations, how to ask them, and how to follow up with them – these are aspects that Tyler can really help out with. Finally, when it comes to writing the dreaded essays, Tyler is great at helping you brainstorm key ideas that fit into your overall application narrative and he really helps you boil those high level ideas down into a simple, yet elegant essay. Writing the essays is really tough and it is vital to be able to speak with someone who knows the best strategies for approaching them and can help you tailor the essays according to your personal narrative.
Tyler can also offer ancillary services when it comes to preparing for your interview, etc. and can leverage other consultants at MBAPrepSchool to provide a fresh perspective on anything. This is very unique and quite helpful.
Finally, I’d like to mention that Tyler is extremely personable and patient, which is very important because you feel comfortable asking him any question – no matter how stupid it might be! You can only imagine how much time and brain-damage it saves knowing that you can go to someone who can give you expert advice on the admissions process! Working with Tyler was the best decision I made throughout the entire MBA admissions process and I recommend his services without reservation.

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     By abc13579 0 0

Tyler is amazing and one of the best investments I ever made!!! I was referred to him by my good friend who had the best things to say (and who got into Booth and Sloan) and I never looked back. Tyler was not only my trusted adviser and strategist, but also a friend, mentor, and coach who provided motivation and structure, keeping me on track during the admissions process. I can truly say that I looked forward to my meetings with Tyler each and every week.

The MBA admissions game is often tricky, but Tyler is a seasoned expert who helped me unleash my potential and develop my branded story. Tyler ensured that my story was kept consistent throughout my application package, across my resume, essays, letters of recommendation, interviews, etc. If anyone is in doubt of having a unique story to tell, Tyler get's to know his clients so well and discovers each person's differentiating factors and brand identity that MBA admissions are seeking.

Tyler's background is ideal for admissions consulting as he has an MBA from Harvard + a degree in creative writing. I refer Tyler to all my friends who are seeking MBA admissions consulting.

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     By Anonymous 34 10

I considered a number of consultants prior to partnering with Esther and Faisal. From our first conversation it was clear that Esther is someone who genuinely cares about her clients’ success and has the skill set to push them to deliver the best and most genuine stories about themselves. I knew that I would need to deliver a refined narrative on my application to find success given that I came from a non-traditional background without a well-known employer on my resume.
What I especially appreciate is that Esther and Faisal do not impose their idea of what the perfect story is for you, but challenge you to figure it out yourself. This is valuable not only for the application and admissions interviews but also for future career discussions. I was able to authentically and articulately convey my story to other students and admissions staff.
Esther and Faisal were also accommodating to my tight timeline. We completed the entire process in just a few short weeks. They were both very responsive to my questions and ready to talk at any time. I strongly recommend Esther and Faisal to anyone who is looking for an MBA consulting team.

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     By Anonymous 0 0

I knew the second that I hung up from my 30-minute free consultation with Chris Aitken that I would be comparing every future consultation to his.

As a bit of a nontraditional candidate – slightly older, atypical work experience, broad range of targeted domestic and international schools – I had decided that enlisting the help of an admissions consultant would allow me to market my unique story more effectively than I could do alone.

In that initial call, Chris highlighted his extraordinary sense of perception by drilling down to the essence of my story (culled from the limited questionnaire I had completed) while offering a multitude of compelling ways to position my candidacy. He also tempered his words with a healthy dose of reality, reminding me that my profile also presented a few pinch points that would need to be addressed. Energized by the possibilities and encouraged by the direct and honest approach, I knew even before completing a round robin of free consultations that hiring Chris would be key in facilitating and complementing my admissions journey.

Four offers (and a scholarship) on four applications later, “facilitating” and “complementing” don’t even begin to describe the experience of working with Chris.

First, Chris employed an extremely successful process of self-reflection and contemplation that enabled me to think critically about who I am as a person before even completing a school selection, much less starting an application. Upon completion, I found that I was both intellectually and emotionally prepared to begin the application process, and I cannot understate the importance of the latter.

Second, and perhaps of most value, Chris placed a high premium on my ability to truly internalize my future goals, both short and long term: defining, redefining, and understanding the process to achieve them. I was continually challenged to conduct industry research and connect with the recognized leaders in my field in order to synthesize and realize my future trajectory, and can now say that I now have more clarity about the path before me than ever before.

Finally, Chris is totally and completely thorough – I once joked that he was worth his fee simply because, as an American, he called attention to my oversight in formatting an essay into A4 for one of my European schools. Nonetheless, in each of my four applications, Chris ensured that I took real pride in the final product; I never once clicked “submit” without feeling that there was nothing more that could have been done to make an application better. It was unbelievably liberating to know that even if my applications ultimately proved unsuccessful that I would find comfort in having submitted such polished work.

Ultimately, my time with Chris was a transformative and life-affirming journey of self-reflection. I am truly appreciative of his time, talent, and investment in my success, and I eagerly look forward to begin the next chapter of my life in a top MBA program with the confidence of purpose that Chris instilled in me.

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Its a product alright!
August 20 | 2015
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     By avik629 96 32

Yes, their 'offline' self-paced online consultant is more of a course than an actual consultant service. They do give you the tools/guides in order to do the most common things: select schools, prepare recommenders, write resumes, essays, etc. But its like this: they give you a very detailed recipe for a very good application. You follow the instructions but there's no one to tell you how much of a good job you have done. Only the adcoms know how strong your application is. Another thing I would like to point out is the advice is non school specific, whereas your application will be very school specific. Though you can ask them questions specific to you for clearing a particular doubt.

So, this is not a replacement for an actual living breathing consultant. Its a very cheap alternative for someone who believes in his skills of following instructions, and has a support structure to review his application (current/former MBA students). This can prevent that particular person from going all over the internet and searching for the same info on blogs/books or connecting with a lot of individuals to gain the same info.

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1 Commented by MBAPrepSchoolChris on September 13, 2015
Hi Avik: thanks for your feedback and congratulations on getting into Anderson! Regarding our digital products, we are pretty clear on our website that our online consultant offers our step-by-step methodology, videos, tools and examples versus working privately with one of our consultants one-on-one? Given the words that you wrote, we were curious why you gave us only two stars? If you're willing to share, I would appreciate learning more via phone, Skype, email or PM?

Thanks, Chris
Helped me reach my goals!
July 01 | 2015
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     By Anonymous 0 0
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

I begin my MBA this fall at the right school for me, and I have Tyler Cormney and Claudia Ruegg to thank for helping to get me there. What mattered most was maintaining my voice throughout the application, not becoming a cookie cutter applicant lost in the stack. I achieved that. Tyler and Claudia excel at digging deep to discover, build upon, and project your unique voice. I cannot say enough positive words about my experience working with them.

I contacted Tyler on the recommendation of a friend attending a top five B-School who had also used his services. Feeling that my application was weak, I had just made a frustrated decision to pull back my Round 1 submission. I knew working with Tyler and Claudia was the right move after our first conversation. Tyler laid out a straightforward path to meet Round 2 deadlines that covered every aspect of the application. I specifically liked his use of Asana as a collaboration tool. His Harvard MBA and Claudia’s Stanford MBA provided two unique perspectives. Tyler’s creative writing education helped tremendously in telling my story. Both Tyler and Claudia excelled at helping me identify strengths and link experiences to desired qualities. Claudia in particular made me feel as though I was talking to a longtime friend, allowing me to open up. The final product was a much higher quality than I could have produced myself.

Tyler and Claudia have no doubt helped me get closer to my goals. If you have any desire to strengthen your application, I urge you to give Tyler a call. You will certainly not regret it.

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