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mbaMission is a professional MBA Admissions consulting firm, specializing in helping business school applicants identify and showcase the strongest aspects of their candidacy in their applications. Their dedicated consultants work one-on-one with candidates to ensure their unique stories are presented in a compelling way that will make the admissions committees take notice.
The Business of Sex
April 03 | 2014
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

I’m a porn star. Well, technically an adult fetish model, producer, and community leader. But to anyone reading an application or resume, I’m a porn star. By day I also run my own small business in education, but it’s my other “adult” interests that were obviously my biggest concern, and obstacle in applying to business school.

Before starting the application process, I made the decision that I was going to choose to be “out” during the entire process. I didn’t want to lie to get in, and I didn’t want to live a lie at school, in constant fear of being discovered-- especially when the thing I was hiding was something I’m actually quite proud of. So I decided I was going to need help, and was hoping to find someone brave enough and bold enough to take me on as a client.

I started my journey with MBA mission through the free consultation. I chose Susan, and sent in my stats and resume, and crossed my fingers. Susan smartly decided to send my information to a few other consultants to get their opinions and insights to better help her with our first conversation. And it was at that time that Angela responded by saying essentially, “this girl seems awesome, and if she wants to hire us, I want to work with her!”

When Susan told me that another consultant had said that, I was thrilled. I felt so confident and hopeful knowing that the person I was going to be working with was not only not going to judge me and the choices I’ve made, but also was going to work hard to champion me, and was as motivated as I was to help me succeed and reach my full potential. She knew what she was up against, and she wanted the challenge.

I can say with all honesty and complete sincerity that if it weren’t for Angela, I would not have gotten in to any business school most likely, let alone my top choice (a top 15 program) with a prestigious fellowship, and a full ride to my third choice school. She was there for me during the entire process in ways that really exceeded her job description. From working holidays and extra “hand holding,” to a face to face conversation in a coffee shop about my future that I’m rather certain changed my life, Angela was there for me, pushing me to be and to do better.

Brilliantly, Angela made me take the GMAT. I had a strong score on the GRE, and had intended on simply using that score. But Angela thought it was important that I didn’t give anyone any reason to doubt my abilities, and she felt confident that I would do well on the test. So with some prodding, and some guidance on prep, I took the test, and scored a 750, which I know lent credibility to my overall application and allowed me to put my best foot forward. I didn’t want to take the test, but listening to her on that was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Angela also worked exceptionally hard to help me write my optional essay. We decided early on that that would be the place I explained my life—who I am and the choices that I’ve made. It was always a big ask. I needed to strike the perfect tone; the just right balance of being proud but not defensive, and understanding but not apologetic. We did over a dozen drafts of that essay, and Angela sent versions around to other consultants, getting second, third, and fourth opinions from people who didn’t know me as well to make sure that we hit that tone. In the end, those 250 words are some of the best “I’ve” ever written.

Personally, Angela is one of my favorite people ever. She’s witty and smart, passionate and opinionated, and she’s fun to talk to and be around. She worked hard for me and made me want to work harder for her. She believed in me when not very many people would have, and was prouder when I got in than just about anyone else.

I’m beyond thankful to have gone on this journey with Angela, and wouldn’t want to have done it with anyone else. Together what we achieved is pretty close to miraculous, and at the end of it, I’m thrilled to have worked with someone who I now like to consider a friend.

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages

Thought I would briefly share my consultant experience with the GC community:
• Last year I applied to only 1 school (outside of top 30). My stats were: 3.3 GPA/650 GMAT/4Yrs WE/Extensive EC. Result: Dinged w/o interview
• This year, I raised my GMAT to 700 and got a consultant through MBAmission. Result: Admitted to 4/8 Top-15 programs (possibly 5 depending on how the Wharton WL goes)
• My thoughts on why my consultant helped so much:
1. She knew where the land mines are in the application
2. Helped me NOT say stupid, arrogant, offensive, or other app-killing things. Believe it or not, this is SO VERY easy to do if you don't have proper guidance
3. Helped my story stand out and not be cliché.
4. Helped me recall stories that I had not even thought of using.
5. Assisted me in framing my stories in a concise and powerful way (She literally showed me how to take a 200 word paragraph and condense that down to about 30 words without losing any of the impact, incredible really).
6. Aided me in tying the entire application together (essays, resume, LOR's)
7. Provided this same kind of feedback to my recommenders (who thankfully took her advice)

Occasionally, the issue of the ethics of using a consultant to aid in the app process emerges. My thought is that if professional writers use professional editors, why would someone applying to b-school, not use the resource of a consultant? Baffling to me why more people don't use them (and why I didn't use one sooner!).
That said, those that are going to invest in a consultant need to know a couple things from the outset:

1. An admissions consultant will help you organize your "raw materials" into something eloquent and grand. However, if you don't have the "raw materials" such as leadership experience, relevant work experience, etc, the best consultant on the planet will not be able to help you get into your schools. If you find yourself in this category, my advice to you would be to postpone b-school apps and go get the leadership/work experience you need instead. Come back and apply when you have the "raw materials". You will be far better off in the long run.

2. DO NOT EXPECT them to do all the work for you. I applied to 8 schools. At an average of 4 essays for each school x on average about 7 drafts per essay = 200+ Drafts by the time everything is said and done. "but why not recycle the same essays for all schools?", you ask. In my opinion, one of the marks of a great consultant is that they perceive the subtle differences in the questions/ school culture and will help you re-frame the same (or different) stories to best answer the question and woo the adcom. If you are cutting and pasting, that is your first red flag. In short, having a consultant to help you will not lighten your work load in the app process, but it WILL make it way more efficient.

As far as recommending a specific company, I really can't comment on anyone other than the company I have used, I have been EXTREMELY pleased with their services, results and promptness in responding to all of my inquiries. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about breaking into a top tier school.

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1 Commented by chouzita on February 18, 2015
Thanks for sharing - just curious, you did the full package and paid for 8 separate school applications?
2 Commented by bb on February 18, 2015
FYI - the applicant has not been on the site for a while. However, looking at their profile, it appears they have attended/matriculated and possibly even graduated from Ross. :-)
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     By cay3georgetown 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

I wouldn't have been accepted to business school without Katy's advice and perspective. I only applied to two schools (HBS and Stanford) in the 2nd round, as a re-applicant and was accepted by HBS (interview at GSB). Katy understood and explained how I ought to polish my application (no major career changes in the yr).

Katy's brainstorming pre-work and interview advice were particularly helpful. Her pre-work exercise formed the basis of my essays. Her interview practice (the guides along with her voice-over) were invaluable perspective for what to expect, how to frame the conversation and how to best position my experiences.

Big thanks to Katy - would highly recommend to any of my friends/ family.

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This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: John Sisk

I found mbaMission through its affiliation with Manhattan Prep, the company I used for my GMAT preparation. Initially, I didn’t plan on hiring a consultant since I was applying to only one school, but after spending several stressful weeks drafting my essays I decided to change course. I selected John based on the very productive 30 minute free consult I had with him.

John's in-depth understanding of who our audience was, the AdCom, and what they were looking for, was a key component to the process that I would not have been able to figure out on my own. Through our discussions, I was able to create focused, well-rounded essays that told my story in a clear and concise way.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with John was one that I didn’t initially envision when I hired him - review of my resume. Going into the admissions process, I was pretty happy with it since I had used it on several interviews and assumed it didn’t need many modifications. John recommended I simplify the technical language so as to make it easier for a non-finance person (as the AdCom reviewers might be) to understand. Together we went about simplifying the layout and highlighting some of the more notable accomplishments of my career, which undoubtedly played a part in my acceptance to NYU Stern. I truly belive I wouldn't have gotten in without John's help.

I highly recommend mbaMission and John Sisk to anyone going through the admissions process. While the cost may seem high, I believe it’s worth every penny!

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Consultant: Angela Guido

As a part of Forte's 2015 MBALaunch class, for women preparing to apply to business school, Angela is ever-present. She's the main speaker on at least 6 webinars during the 10-month program, and covers some of the most important material: how to think about the whole MBA application process; how to determine which schools are a good fit; how to tell your story via your resume and your essays; how to communicate your career goals clearly. Angela is clearly having fun, all the while being very candid about her own experience and the mistakes she made. It's hard not to feel like she's definitely on your team and rooting for you, real solace during the long slog of applications. She provides a raft of free, awesome content on her Career Protocol blog, too!
But don't be deceived: she keeps it real, and will give it to you straight if you're being delusional or if your resume needs some serious work. I signed up for mbaMission's free 30-min consultation, and she is just the same one-on-one as she is on a webinar destined for 500 people: generous, enthusiastic, authentic, and unsparing in her constructive criticism.

The Forte program has been amazing for a number of reasons: the accountability, the support, the community of Launchers, the access to Admissions staff and insider knowledge about schools. Angela is a crucial part of the package.

*note that I have not yet applied or been admitted to any business schools, but gmatclub seems to require that I enter a school in order to post this review!*

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Thank you mbaMission!
August 16 | 2016
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This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Angela Guido

As most MBA applicants quickly realize, the application process requires a ton of soul searching. Angela’s greatest strength was her ability to guide me through that process. She was able to quickly understand all the twists and turns in my career and what each decision revealed about my underlying values (and how those values have evolved over time). Independent of the outcome of the application process, I found that the process of deep self-reflection was extremely helpful and rewarding.

Angela was also incredibly helpful with the tactical steps required to complete the application. From guiding me on how to write a business school resume to sharing how what I was writing might come across to an admissions officer, it was extremely comforting knowing that I had an expert on my side. Ultimately, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result, as I got into my top two choices that I applied to.

Thank you Angela!

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     By hyacinthgirl 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I’ve had the fortune of working with Angela through the Forté MBA Launch program. She led a number of webinars and workshops on resume, essays, interview prep, and storytelling for MBA applications. In these sessions, Angela shared her knowledge about each aspect of the MBA admissions process with honesty, energy, humor, and thoughtfulness. She has created a number of very useful tools and protocols to navigate each stage of the process, like the Explore Your Experiences Toolkit (

In her workshop on storytelling Angela asked participants to conduct mock interviews with partners, addressing professional successes and failures. We went through the exercise several times, incorporating new tactics into our responses after each run. Angela offered concrete methods for developing our answers into stories with a structured narrative arch. She helped me to transform the raw details of my professional experience into succinct, interesting responses for short essays and interviews.

In each of her workshops and webinars, Angela emphasizes the importance of developing an authentic connection with the admissions committee through effective storytelling. Each of her workshops encourages productive and useful self-reflection. Her protocols helped me to source a number of ideas for my applications. At times the MBA application process can feel overwhelming, but Angela’s approach combines creativity and introspection with efficiency and structure. Her MBA Resume Protocol ( perfectly demonstrates this combination. I dare you to get through it without learning something new about yourself! An unexpected benefit of working with Angela is that I now have even greater conviction about my decision to pursue an MBA and my short- and long-term career goals.

tl;dr Work with Angela Guido at mbaMission and get empowered to tackle the MBA application process!

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     By mfh08 0 0
Consultant: Angela Guido

I was lucky enough to work with Angela through my MBA application process through a series of webinars. Angela's webinars and toolkits are some of the most helpful pieces of advice of gotten throughout my MBA prep journey. In particular, her MBA Resume Protocol is one of the standouts from working with her. It helped me to focus in on both strengthens and weaknesses in my resume and figure out how to actually pull together a resume that reflects my accomplishments, the impact I've had but in a way that totally fits with my personality. I would highly recommend working with Angela on any piece of the admissions process. She is smart, funny and really thoughtful in the time she puts into working with you. She was a great balance of honesty to push you passed the hardest parts of this process as well as cheerleader in keeping you motivated and positive.

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     By Anon110 0 0
This review is for: mbaMission MBA Student Services
Consultant: Katharine Lewis

Katharine (Katy) Lewis did a fantastic job advising on my application process, and I could not have been more pleased with our experience working together.

Applying in Round 3 this past spring (2016), I knew that I was going to have an uphill battle if I was going to be accepted to one of my target schools (top-10, mostly). I began working with Katy approximately six-weeks before my application deadlines after I had already taken the GMAT exam. Immediately, Katy and I set to work brainstorming, discussing my background and goals in-depth over approximately two hours of phone calls so that we better grasp and articulate my “story”.

When I began working on my essays, this investment in brainstorming really paid off. Going into my applications, I knew that my above-average amount of job movement was going to be an issue that I would need to address, and Katy did an exceptional job of helping me express a coherent career path that emphasized professional growth and a breadth of experience gathered along the way.

Additionally, an added benefit of this brainstorming work and Katy’s guidance was that I approached my applications with a more well-defined sense of my career goals after my MBA and was able to better explain why these goals appealed to me personally, as well as why they tied into my overall “story”. This concrete sense of direction was incredibly helpful, both in creating well-crafted applications, and in planning for my MBA experience going forward.

Ultimately, I was accepted to my top school after initially being waitlisted. Statistically, the odds of a successful outcome after applying in Round 3 are fairly slim, and while a fair amount of luck was certainly on my side, I can honestly say that I do not think I would have arrived at the same point without Katy’s help. I strongly recommend her service, particularly to applicants with a “story” that is unusual or not immediately straight forward.

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     By Techmba18 0 5
This review is for: mbaMission * School Packages
Consultant: Jessica Shklar

Jessica was incredibly fast, responsive, and detail oriented. She was patient to work me through more drafts than normal to get to clean and concise stories for my resume and essays. She was also dedicated to creating the best outcome, even if it meant starting an essay over with a new story.

The process was less stressful than it would have been alone, but unfortunately I was not accepted by any of the R1 schools we felt comfortable about, so I had to apply to more than I was planning to in R2. I don't hold Jessica responsible for selection, but perhaps we could have done better there or landed on better stories to include in those essays. The additional applications did add to the stress, but I was very happy about the acceptances I received in R2.

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