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Fantastic! November 24 | 2015
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This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package | Consultant: Yaron Dahan

I chose Admissionado based on the positive feedback from my friend, and also the online reviews. I am very pleased with their services, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to give that boost to his/her application. I opted for the Jr. Deluxe package. Yaron was fantastic, and I couldn't have asked for a better consultant. He was very thorough with his comments, responded promptly to any questions, and prepared me well for the interview. The rates at Admissionado are also very reasonable compared to other consultants out there, which is also a bonus if you're mindful of the budget.

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This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services | Consultant: Yaron Dahan

So I am admitted to Said Business School, the University of Oxford, a great school and my top choice. It was round 2 when I applied to Georgetown, Warwick, Duke, and Said. I got an interview call for executive MBA from Duke and for a full time from the rest three. I had decided to prepare on my own for Georgetown and Warwick, but when I got the call from Said, I decided on taking assistance from a professional consultant. Just so you know I had rejected the offer from Duke's executive one by that time.

Admissionado was my choice as I was constantly in touch with Lauren (COO, Admissionado) during the past few months. I wanted a consultant who would specifically suggest pointers for my profile and does not state generic comments. She suggested Yaron's name to me. And let me assure you of my utmost pleasure with Yaron's services and suggestions.

First, he heard him over a Skype call, which was a mock interview for me. So yes, there were mistakes. However, the mistakes looked obvious to me only after he pointed them out after the interview. I was an entrepreneur, I have had distinct career goals, and I was applying to a top college, so I could not have left anything to chances. The interview lasted for 25 minutes and his feedback for another 25. Let me put my point upfront - without Yaron's suggestions I could not have known the gaps in my application and what I was conveying in the interview.

Second, he was very prompt with e-mail responses. Whenever I needed his help on any particular question about the interview preparation, he did answer all my queries and in details.

Finally, he took my final mock interview - the second one! This was the time when I had to showcase my candidature. But yes, there were mistakes again - not so grave this time, but he pointed them out, suggested the possibilities, and prepared me for the final day.

There were still few days left for my main interview. And fortunately, I had Georgetown and Warwick in between. I believe in over preparing, so even though they held utmost importance to me, these two interviews served as mock for my Said one.

Meanwhile, I talked to him more on getting the list of probable questions or on having more queries, but as I mentioned he clarified and answered them all.

The result - Selection in all three and with Scholarships!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Yaron for Interview preparation.

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     By Van4ez 23 7
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package | Consultant: Yaron Dahan

After I failed my GMAT 20 days before R2 deadline and scored only 680 (lower than mean score of any school I applied to), he was the man who helped me to believe in myself again and told me not to consider tier 3 schools. He firmly believed that I should not look outside of top 15 schools. Yaron walked me through the whole application process, reviewing my resume and essays, giving advises to my recommenders, practicing interview with me and advising how to respond to all the questions in application forms. I believe he is the main reason I was so successful with business school applications. We managed to complete 3 applications to Ross, Fuqua and Tuck in 15 days time. After that I applied to Kenan-Flagler on my own, using information from the essays written with Yaron. As a result I was admitted to Fuqua, Ross and Kenan-Flagler and waitlisted at Tuck (because of my GMAT score). On top of that, I received some merit based scholarship at Duke and Ross. I think that the fact I was granted some money even with below average GMAT score shows the strength of the application we were able to put together with Yaron. I’m happy that I chose Yaron and Admissionado team, but not another consultant.

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     By Anonymous 13 12
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Yes - got into all

This review is for: Admissionado *** Deluxe Package | Consultant: Yaron Dahan

After extremely disappointing and disheartening R1 results with another consultant, I didn't want to give up and tried another 3 schools for R2. This time, I'm so glad I had Yaron on my side! I had a relatively low GMAT score (sub-700), so I knew I had to give it my all in my essays. Yaron was extremely attentive, detail-oriented, and strategic with the resume and essay writing. Yaron helped me rediscover the depth of my stories and really adhered to the "show not tell" principle, every time he would come back with feedbacks that asked me to dig a little deeper, to give more details in my examples. He also gave me a lot of confidence through mock interviews. In the end I got into INSEAD! I couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend Yaron to anyone who wants to put forward a stellar application.

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Worth every penny! May 09 | 2012
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Some, but not all

This review is for: Admissionado * Basic | Consultant: Yaron Dahan

I worked with Yaron, Admissionado's (formerly Precision Essay) Head Consultant to apply to 3 schools (Kellogg, Tuck and Whaton). It was an absolute pleasure to work with Yaron and compared to some of the other consultants I worked with or spoke to, Yaron was BY FAR the most attentive. I never felt like Yaron has any other clients! He spent a significant amount of time working through my "story", updating my resume and editing each essay to make sure that I was on point and always responded to me in a timely manner. Let me be clear...I paid a lot more money for another admissions consults to help me apply to Harvard and got 10x more service for half the price with Yaron. In addition, Yaron was more successful. He clearly knew what each school wanted to hear... I got into 2 and wait-listed at the 3rd because he was able to help me tailor my story to each school.

I am deeply thankful to Yaron and the Admissionado team for all they did for me in the process. Looking back, I wish I had used Admissionado for all of the schools I applied to and hadn't wasted my money with another consultant who clearly was overburdened with other applicants.

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