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Ala Carte services include resume, brainstorm /outline, single essay edits, interview prep, letters of recommendation, ding analysis, waitlist support, cover letter and hourly help.

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     By pk27 1 0
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services

I used the Admissionado Discovery Package.
I’m the Indian/IT Engineer/Female and I don’t hold a great GMAT score. Thanks to Admissionado, I made it to University of San Diego, University of Illinois at Chicago and Bentley University. Although the firm specializes in top 15 schools, I knew I have a very common profile and a low GMAT score. Furthermore, I wasn’t ready to re-take the GMAT, so I knew I needed a really good service that would help me put forward my best profile.
In the Discovery Package, I got two calls with my consultant and two extremely helpful files. One file covered the details on my strengths, weaknesses that I needed to cover in the Optional Essay and the common essay formats. The second file was the school short list. These files were EXTREMELY helpful as I knew exactly, what would work for and against me and I could address the same in my applications. Since I knew what would work against me, I could highlight those in the Optional Essay and was prepared for any query on the same during the interview. Also the files helped me frame GREAT essays. During the calls, I could clear out all my queries based on the data provided in the files.
The thing I liked about my consultant is that she has a good idea on which Program fits your profile best. She also went a step further and told me how I could improve my profile and which other schools I could target. Lastly, she was extremely prompt in getting back to me. When I submitted my applications, I knew my GMAT was low, but I was confident that I had put together a strong application.
I don’t think I could’ve made it to the schools without Admissionados help.
They helped me and I’m sure they can help anyone! I highly recommend Admissionado!

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Admissionado Excellent Service
December 26 | 2015
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     By Dardenwootwoot 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Leslie Curry

I ordered the MBA Standard Interview Prep and worked with Leslie.

Leslie was awesome. She was generous with her time, thoughtful in her approach, and genuinely wanted to see my succeed.

After reading a bit about my background, she helped me think of interview questions that would be specific to my experience. We worked together to hone my responses and she gave excellent advice on developing/communicating my overall profile.

She was very responsive via email, which helped as I was prepping in between our sessions. I really enjoyed working with Leslie and walked away feeling increasingly confident after each session.

I would highly recommend Leslie.

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     By Anonymous 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Yaron Dahan

So I am admitted to Said Business School, the University of Oxford, a great school and my top choice. It was round 2 when I applied to Georgetown, Warwick, Duke, and Said. I got an interview call for executive MBA from Duke and for a full time from the rest three. I had decided to prepare on my own for Georgetown and Warwick, but when I got the call from Said, I decided on taking assistance from a professional consultant. Just so you know I had rejected the offer from Duke's executive one by that time.

Admissionado was my choice as I was constantly in touch with Lauren (COO, Admissionado) during the past few months. I wanted a consultant who would specifically suggest pointers for my profile and does not state generic comments. She suggested Yaron's name to me. And let me assure you of my utmost pleasure with Yaron's services and suggestions.

First, he heard him over a Skype call, which was a mock interview for me. So yes, there were mistakes. However, the mistakes looked obvious to me only after he pointed them out after the interview. I was an entrepreneur, I have had distinct career goals, and I was applying to a top college, so I could not have left anything to chances. The interview lasted for 25 minutes and his feedback for another 25. Let me put my point upfront - without Yaron's suggestions I could not have known the gaps in my application and what I was conveying in the interview.

Second, he was very prompt with e-mail responses. Whenever I needed his help on any particular question about the interview preparation, he did answer all my queries and in details.

Finally, he took my final mock interview - the second one! This was the time when I had to showcase my candidature. But yes, there were mistakes again - not so grave this time, but he pointed them out, suggested the possibilities, and prepared me for the final day.

There were still few days left for my main interview. And fortunately, I had Georgetown and Warwick in between. I believe in over preparing, so even though they held utmost importance to me, these two interviews served as mock for my Said one.

Meanwhile, I talked to him more on getting the list of probable questions or on having more queries, but as I mentioned he clarified and answered them all.

The result - Selection in all three and with Scholarships!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Yaron for Interview preparation.

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July 10 | 2014
     By mauryamodi 0 0
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This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Lauren Herskovic

I contacted admissionado (Claudia and Lauren)when I was waitlisted at UT-Austin in April 2014 to chalk out the waitlist strategy. To start with, Claudia and Lauren were blazing fast and awesome in responding to my emails and queries. I remember Claudia spending over 30 mins on the phone with me to understand my situation. After that, once we knew that McCombs was not accepting any material from waitlist applicants, Claudia and Lauren did not push me to pay and sign up for their services (may people would take advantage of your vulnerable emotional state in a situation like this). They continued to follow up with me for 12 weeks without asking me to sign up for any kind of services. After being on the waitlist for 12 weeks, I almost gave up and I contacted them back to get my ding review done so that I can work on the gaps in my profile, before I reapply. Again, both were super prompt, we exchanged about 50 emails in 2-3 days, Lauren spent another 30 mins on the phone with me without me yet signing up for any services. During the telecon with Lauren, I decided to sign up for the ding review and Lauren sent me an invoice, and then I asked them that I would wait for a few days before paying the invoice since I need a break from the MBA stuff, to be able to think fresh. They completely understood this and supported my decision. During the waiting period, I got admitted to McCombs and I emailed Lauren and Claudia and I could picture them jumping with joy with me for the admit. All of this for a unknown person who did not sign up for any services says a lot about Claudia, Lauren and Admissionado.

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1 Commented by govind440 on October 09, 2015
I am confused. Did you get admission in 2015 or 2014. You said it was Waitlist then ding then got admission. Is it possible to get admission in the same year after ding. in Gmatclub you logged in only once and there are no other messages? What strategy did you apply to get admission?
kudos to Admissionado team
April 11 | 2014
     By shyam6uc 4 3
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services

Alison from Admissionado team did a fab job in compiling my essays , spent hours/days reasoning every line of what I wrote and got the best essays for my applications to Stanford and Haas.

The essays were so good that I was actually called for interviews at both Stanford and Haas. Though I could not convert Stanford I am quite happy to be admitted to Haas. If you have too much content and don't know how to best present the essays please do yourself a favor and use Admissionado. I felt La Carte services are worth every penny and gave me exactly what I wanted with out shelling lot of money.

Once again Kudos to you Alison, you are just too good :-)please keep up the good work.

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Extremely helpful!
January 03 | 2014
     By Anonymous 0 0
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Some, but not all

This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Lauren Herskovic

After I received interview invitations from three amazing schools I contacted Admissionado for help. I knew each school had a different interview style and from Admissionado's website I saw that they had experts in each of the amazing institutions I was interviewing for.

The first appointment was very close so I contacted them during a weekend and I was thrilled that they answered me right away!

In one interview prep package they arranged for me to do three mock interviews, each focused on a specific school and always with an alum.

I was blessed to have them help me and as a result got 2 admits and one waitlist.

Great experience, great consultants, I strongly recommend the Admissionado team!

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Don't give up!
June 26 | 2013
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     By Anonymous 0 0
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Damon Chua

I had bought the service of three complete applications with a local consulting firm well branded. Since I had received my GMAT a bit late in the game (7th January), I had not much time to focus on each essay and build a strong application. I decided to apply for at least four schools (NYU, McCombs, Cornell, and Tepper).

I did the application with the help of this first consulting firm, but I was not yet satisfied with the outcome and I had a short deadline, so I decided to try one shot with ADMISSIONADO, because I discovered that they could return the review of my essays in a really short time, especially with the “rush service fee”, everything that I needed at that time. What I discovered was that they were not only fast in returning the essays, but they also were really professional. They knew what they were doing and my essays really stand-out! I received and interview invitation from TEPPER and I was wait listed in CORNELL.

A little disappointed with CORNELL answer, even though I decided to hire the WAIT LIST SERVICE, which I thought it could be a waste of money, but it was not. I had depth conversation with DAMON CHUA (ADMISSIONADO consultant) and we together setup a really strong strategic approach to this sensitive situation. We worked really hard and I did all the correct moves. I got out of the waitlist, did interview preparation with the same consultant, performed well in the interview, and finally I received my offer from CORNELL.

In short, I highly recommend the ADMISSIONADO SERVICES, specially the essays reviewing, interview practice and wait list service.

For those in the WAIT LIST, don’t give up! Keep positive, work hard, show that you are really committed. It will pay off.

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     By Anonymous 1192 1256
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Dominic Dragisich

I attended a 3 day Admissionado bootcamp in last week of May and got a clear sense of what it would be like in one’s b-school application process and how Adcom perceives it.

It was fantastic and thanks to Dominic (one of the most active and popular Admission Consultants on forums like BTG etc.) for making the session Interactive from the very beginning...He made it very clear that as an HBS grad he wants us to actively participate in the session and make it look like b-school class environment where you won't be able to sit to listen to only...

I would say it's a great head-start for one's application in all possible fields where an Admission Consultant can help you in - Resume, LORs and those suckers..yup! I'm talking about the essays...Dom will make it shining better and better by compelling you to get involved in it with some serious efforts. He would show you the right path in this short session (5 hours total in 3 days)...

I would rate it the 5/5 for what it has been in these 3 days but I think it would have been much better in terms of 'getting best out of these', if it could be organized these for couple of more days or at least one more day while increasing the time duration of each day by 1-1.30 hrs..This way we could have got more in-depth analysis for resume and LORs or any other part of the application (except GMAT..ha ha).

These are certainly the areas of improvement they should focus on going forward. And to implement this if required, I won't mind if the bootcamp costs a bit more by $50 or $100 because for GC members it's now @ $100 only whereas a few Admission Consultancies charge around @$500 for a stretched (re: incorporating the extra days/time duration I talked about here) bootcamp session.

So, overall considering this improvement-required part, I would rate it 4.5/5 and once this is incorporated I think it'll be simply above & beyond in terms of both Quality and Pricing. It’ll be then a bit more than just giving you a head-start in your journey.

I highly recommend this to the folks who want a head-start in their application….especially Indian applicants would be immensely benefited from these considering its high quality and low price.

P.S : Lauren-without whom this session wouldn’t have been such what it has been. I would call her a supersonic lady. She sends your work during the bootcamp @ 20Mbps may be-I didn’t get to test her speed :)
And I Selected 'No' in the below drop-down that asks you "if you were admitted to your schools"...as it's not applicable for this bootcamp I think and there should have been an option like ‘NA’ for this kind of a-la-carte services...

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     By MichaelScottDMifflin 41 9
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Kyn Chaturvedi

After going through hundreds of PDFs, forums , videos about how to go about your essay, I wrote what I thought were the most brilliant 300 odd words that described my career goals. This was before I attended the Admissionado 3 day workshop.

The first session itself with these folks made me tear apart what I thought was a good essay. Kyn was outstanding in his in depth explanations about each building block in the essays. His explanations were not only crystal clear, but they were exciting enough to ignite your own desire to go ahead and write better. After the first session I simply could not wait to put pen to paper. And it only went better from here on.

Three sessions of rich insights,valuable interaction and brilliant critique by Admissionado helped me much more than gigabytes of text or video I looked up endlessly on the internet. I wish I had attended these 6 hours earlier and saved those internet bills and more importantly my TIME.

Admissionado is made of a bunch of cool and innovative folks who simply stand apart from those regular 'yawn' companies keeping you energised all along your admissions and making the entire process exciting !

Thanks to Kyn for outstanding sessions and Lauren for keeping things real smooth and alive!!!

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     By duffman26 37 9
This review is for: Admissionado A La Carte Services
Consultant: Mark Lellouch

I contacted Admissionado for prepping for Wharton's new interview and was assigned to work with Mark Lellouch. The way Mark was able to break up my strengths and help me focus on the issues I needed to work on and highlight really improved the way I approached the interview.

Although I didn't get into Wharton, my experience was great and I decided to work with Admissionado for my next application - INSEAD. Throughout the process, Lauren who is the coordinator was insanely helpful and set up an awesome package for me which was within my budget and sufficiently covered my requirements to improve my application. She was super efficient and at times it even felt like she was more interested in my success than me!

Initially, I worked with Mark who helped me strategize my approach for the application and establish which parts would be covered best in which essay. Having worked with other consultants before, I can easily say Mark has been the best of the lot and the way he probed me about my career with his quick wit went a long way in setting the framework for my essays.

After strategizing, I worked with an editor, Tiffany Chen. Her inputs completely changed the shape of my essays. The way she gave me a holistic overview of my essays and the manner of getting them together showing a long term progression transformed my essays. More than anything, since I was running close to my deadline, she was super quick and the turnaround time for all the edits was superb.

Eventually, I was really happy with the way the essays turned out and have recommended all my friends to work with Admissionado!

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