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My intensive and successful process with Aringo
July 08 | 2012

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Let’s start as expected, from the end - I was accepted to my first choice – Stanford, and second - Kellogg. All this I could not have done without the professional help and intensity of Aringo.

I began the process at a very late stage, and in reality I squeezed the GMAT, TOEFL, and all the applications into the four most intensive months (in parallel to a demanding job…). Right from the start I understood that without serious help I would not succeed in completing the task.

I understood that without help I had no chance to do all that wan necessary in time and I therefore turned to Aringo. Aringo’s method and the knowledge accumulated there helped me significantly in preparing the materials. Thanks to my consultant, I received daily professional and personal support, a ready ear and advice in every area connected to applying.

My consultant helped me not only in editing but also in thinking about the topics and aspects I would want to emphasize and reinforce as the most important.
I want to thank Aringo for the process I underwent, for the help, support, and professionalism, and especially my consultant who was there for me always, at any hour, and invested a lot more than required from her role.
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