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March 31 | 2013
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This review is for: GMAT Pill - 6 Pill Combo Course
Location: Online

I first learned about GMATPill while googling around. I was stuck on some questions and came across some of their explanations which I found helpful. I decided to do my research and came across some resources including MGMAT and Kaplan. I did get my hands on the MGMAT books but I found some of them to be really dense. I started off with them but after some practice tests, I still did not see my score go up.

I decided to sign up for the GMATPill online course. It really helped me a lot on RC. I remember from the days of SAT - I just had a tough time with reading comprehension and this time I'd have to deal with it again. The reading strategy really helped, I wished I had it back when I took the SATs. It really saved me a lot of time and I'm proud to say I think my ability to read -- a life skillset -- has improved tremendously. These are the skills I wished I had but schools just never taught this. Schools gave you a big fat textbook and expected you to get every detail. Reading Comprehension on the GMAT is the opposite - usually focused on the main idea, and not any specific detail in the passage. So the reading approaches can be quite different.

There's a really extensive probability/combinatorics section in the quant pills. I found them really educational. Granted there aren't THAT many combinatoric questions - maybe just 1 or 2 for those in the 700-range. But it gave me a lot more comfort knowing how to solve these types of problems -- when I did see them on the exam I didn't freak out and that's what matters. There are so many types of combination questions I had no idea. The videos cover a wide range and that really helped me going into the exam.

I found the Brutal DS videos the most helpful - as the topics are different from PS. They are mostly focused on inequalities and divisibility...whereas PS has a lot of number properties. The approach was very structured and that helped prevent me from panicking when I came across tough DS questions. As long as I followed the approach, I'd end up with the answer. So thanks a lot to Zeke and the team for creating good quality videos here.

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