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Admitted to Wharton
September 10 | 2012

       By greenwich joined: September 10, 2012 | 12 | 2 |
The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  Hourly Services   Consultant:  Gali Sharon
I worked with Aringo only in a partial manner, after I turned to them late and there was no room for me. I was very sorry that I did not work with them fully, as it would probably have helped me get accepted to other places and saved me a lot of heart palpitations.
Given this, I think that if I would not have worked with them at all, I would not have been accepted anywhere, they helped me avoid a few mistakes that would have ruined my application and taken away any chance for me. Their guidance, professionalism and speedy response made all the difference and deserve appreciation and got me into Wharton.
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