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Christine was a savior in disguise. Many consultants I've talked to testify to the fact that they are doing this job because they love to help others. But with Christine I actually experienced that on the first day.
Not only did she answer the questions that were really stressing me out, but she went out of her way to suggest websites and books that I could read to clarify my goals. And those sources were absolutely what I needed at the time.

After discussing my goals with me, she really dug into my essays to find out what I was trying to portray and gave comprehensive feedback on the structure and content.

The first review was an absolute eye opener. In minutes, I was able to understand where my thought process was diverting, going off track or where I needed to reflect again and then start writing.
And the most important quality I believe she had was her compassionate, empathetic nature. Because she didn't force her ideas on me, but she presented her opinion and guidance in such an easy to understand, natural manner, so that I could slowly absorb and grasp the reasoning behind those ideas. For me, this was the main characteristic that distinguished her from the other consultants that I had contacted.
I'm really fortunate to have gotten in touch with her at the right time and I would absolutely advise other potential MBA applicants, to contact her for any admissions related services.

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