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September 03 | 2013

       By sid090188 joined: May 31, 2012 | 9 | 11 |
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This review is for:  Essay Review   Consultant:  Poonam Tandon
Poonam was very much punctual in reverting with the essays on time. She is also good in editing your matter.

I was looking for pointers for my essays and this is where there was a complete vacuum. I had to do all research on my own only. Poonam was not in a position to comment about the pointers.

Also as an international applicant, I found the cost to be high considering that it was more of for essay editing. On the other hand, this service is substantially cheaper than other MBA admissions consultants.

Looking at the rave reviews on GMAT club, I felt that this would be a truly value for money proposition. But it did not turn out to be as rosy as it seemed to be. Nevertheless, you can try taking one essay with Poonam and then decide whether you are comfortable working with her.
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E GMAT verbal review
April 19 | 2013

       By sid090188 joined: May 31, 2012 | 9 | 11 |
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This review is for:  e-GMAT Verbal Online | Location:  Online | Taught by:  
Hi Everybody,

I had signed up for the egmat course after giving my GMAT for the 1st time. The course was indeed good. Firstly,it is economical and secondly audio visual learning is an effective method of learning the concepts. I would say that there was not many new things I learnt, but the clarity of concepts learnt improved greatly. The efficacy in spotting errors improved. When I say this, let me tell you the best course which fits in here is Sentence Correction. They have loads of questions to apply and reinforce the concept in your mind.

As regards Critical reasoning,they use the pre thinking approach. Truly speaking, I dont follow this approach and have my own way of solving CR problems. They dont have a separate UGE for RC which is leaves you with less questions top practice with.

Then finally comes the RC part. Here too E GMAT does a good job of segregating the question types. But again there is no UGE here so less practice questions.

All in all,I would say that you can complement your study material with E GMAT. You will surely not repent. Moreover it is a verbal focussed course unlike other test prep companies which focus more on quant.
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