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  1. guide to series and sequences... arithmetic and geometric
  2. In their most recent press release, the new management state
  3. According to a recent poll, owning and living in a
  4. A jury pool consists of 6 men and w women. If 2 jurors
  5. Is quadrilateral ABCD a rectangle?
  6. If x and y are nonnegative integers and x+y=25 what is x?
  7. Which of the following points could lie in the same quadrant
  8. Is xy > 0? (1) x - y > -2 (2) x - 2y < -6
  9. In a jar there are 3 red balls and 2 blue balls. What is the
  10. Galileo did not invent the telescope, but on hearing, in
  11. In the rectangle above, A is the midpoint of the side, and
  12. In which quadrant of the coordinate plane does the point
  13. If root{3-2x} = root(2x) +1, then 4x^2 =
  14. Scored 750 on the GMAT! (Q51,V40)
  15. Devastating Second Gmat Experience
  16. Profile Evaluation Indian Male Energy Sector
  17. John wrote a phone number on a note that was later lost
  18. If (x-y)^2=x^2-y^2, what is the value of nonzero integer xy?
  19. Struggling with Investment banks making a wrong decision
  20. In 1713, Alexander Pope began his translation of the Illiad,

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