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{{#x:box| This is a wrong place to get GMAT or B-School help. If you are looking for that kind of help, check out our Forum:

  • GMAT prep help [1]
  • B-School application advice, profile evaluations [2]


{{#x:sidebar| Help: technical wiki documentation

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The Help project is a growing collection of technical documentation for GMAT Club wiki users and contributors.

The purpose of Help is to answer how to questions. What to questions are addressed by GMATClub:Roadmap, a page giving an overview where the site is going and how to help out.

If you are looking for something you cannot find, you are welcome to ask questions:

  • at the support forum Support forum
  • by email: {{#x:to|support}}

Project Maintainers: User:Tino, User:Dzyubam

Project roadmap

The roadmap should become a separate page eventually.


  • fill in the missing (red) pages on the right;
  • link to other wiki projects;
  • collect and answer FAQ;
  • let the Forum users know about the Help project;
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