Haas-bound and couldn't have done it without Andy & SBC
April 03 | 2013

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The MBA application process - with the help of my excellent SBC consultant Andy Pelletier - was incredibly revealing and rewarding in terms of self-discovery - regardless of the school I ended up choosing. With Andy's probing, pushing, and constructive criticizing, I learned so much about myself and the person I want to become - which not only helps me personally define my goals and a pathway to get there, but also helped immensely with crafting my applications.

I did the hourly service, and Andy was attentive and timely. He responded to my drafts very quickly (usually less than 1 hour, including off-hours and weekends). His advice was effective & efficient - he always started high level with what messages/themes are most valuable to get across to AdCom, then dove deeper to help me organize my thoughts around that central message.

I am on the young end of the MBA spectrum, so I wasn't really sure if an acceptance anywhere this year was feasible (I was half expecting to have to reapply next year). Clearly Andy's help worked, as I got into Berkeley Haas (one of my top choices!!) and received a $100k Forte Fellowship to Cornell Johnson! I am also on the waitlist at MIT Sloan, and Andy quickly and thoroughly helped me craft a campaign to improve my chances of getting in off the waitlist.

Andy legitimately wants you to succeed. I would definitely recommend working with Andy Pelletier at SBC on your MBA admissions applications!
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