Knewton = Godsend
January 20 | 2012

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Knewton is simply an awesome program. I went with the complete prep version, which includes pre-recorded classes for all sections. I actually think it's better than the live version because one can watch the classes at their own pace. There would be some weeks where I was on vacation and/or too burned out to study, so I'd just push it off to the next week.

Basically, I scored a 660 with my original study materials, which comprised mainly of the Manhattan GMAT books. While they tremendously helped me brush up my rusty math skills, they did not do a good job of emphasizing the proper study materials. For example, for my first exam, I overemphasized studying probability and combinatorics vs. rates and ratios and number properties, which can make up the bulk of the quant section. Furthermore, their practice exams are unrealistically difficult on the quant side, and unrealistically easy on the verbal side.

Anyway, enough about Manhattan GMAT. Knewton did an amazing job of allowing me to think like the testmaker. It also had CAT's which much better reflected actual GMAT problems. Basically, over four months, the course subtly emphasized the most important aspects of the GMAT exam, while taking it easy on subjects that wouldn't show up as much.

If there is a negative (which is a big IF), it is the CAT scoring algorithm. Scores can vary wildly between tests. Additionally, they can be lower than what is reflective of your actual performance. However, I would much rather have it this way, than the other way around. My scores ranged from 590 to 670 before my final CAT, on which I made a 710. My final GMAT was a 730.
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