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November 13 | 2012

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Highly recommend this package. MGMAT self study plus was very useful for me since it let me pace my gmat preparation in my own way as it provides the previously recorded sessions.

Each one is unique. I chose this product as I can pace my own prep schedule. I rushed through the 9-session course in a month or so(about 5 weeks) and spent another 5 weeks on focussed preparation and then gave my gmat. I was good in quants and really went for this prep course to focus on my verbal skills.

I was consistently getting 640-680 score in MGMAT practicve test. I was hoping to cross atleast 700. Luckily, I got 730 on the real gmat and i'm excited about it. I took gmat for the first time about 8 months ago and had scored 640.
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