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July 04 | 2012

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This review is for:   Princeton Review  GMAT Private Tutoring | Location:   Bangalore, India | Taught by:  Harsha Deepti Merily
I initially enrolled at TPR with the idea that having someone to whom I was answerable - would make me more focused towards my GMAT preparation.
If I remember correctly, my diagnostic GMAT score was 550.

I thought hard work would be enough to get me past 700, but I was wrong.

Immense credit goes to the teachers at TPR who guided me and helped me with issues that were unique to my style. Their guidance was useful, not only for GMAT prep, but also for understanding the nuances of the application process.

I especially found the "booster sessions" provided, very useful as these helped me identify the flaws in my process of approaching and understanding questions.

But more than their technical inputs, the confidence and encouragement that my trainers infused me with helped a great deal.

I still remember my trainer saying that he was willing to pay for my 2nd attempt at the GMAT, after I scored 710 - saying that it was under representative of my abilities.

Their faith in my ability, and their nurturing of the same - is what made my experience with TPR truly memorable.

Really do owe TPR one for this!
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