Review for the New Brunswick Location w/ Steve Odabashian
April 29 | 2013

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This review is for:   Veritas Prep  Veritas Prep Full Course | Location:   Princeton, NJ USA | Taught by:  Steve Odabashian
This review is for the New Brunswick, NJ location; there isn't a selection for this option under the GMATClub's choices.

I would like to commend the instructor, Steve Odabashian, for a great job of teaching. Steve spent a lot of time and effort in teaching the Veritas Prep materials and also personalizing the course to each student's needs. Steve also went above and beyond and provided tips and insights on how to succeed on the GMAT based on his own test-taking strategies and experience.

After taking this course with Steve, I feel a lot more confident in my preparations for the GMATs.
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