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The GMAT Pill Method gives a whole new meaning to online learning. With 5 On-Demand video topics brought to you by the creator of the GMAT Pill Method, Zeke Lee, you can learn how to think through the questions so you can take on any GMAT question with confidence. Includes 300 Minutes of OnDemand video, 65 videos (30 videos explaining the 10 Core Frameworks) and Another 35 videos showing you how to apply the frameworks.  Learn more about GMAT Pill...

very good videos
January 11 | 2014

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       By vikram4689 joined: June 30, 2011 | 274 | 28 | non-native speaker
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this is a very good course. i like the way zeke has all the concept under one roof and uses simple method to make us understand. i am sure you would love his method and would use it to help in your prep for the gmat. sc is an important section and many struggle but after this you will find it better to understand concepts and exceptions (although you need to work for them on your own) this is with every course and this one is not exception. if you need exceptional score work hard and beat the odds. goodluck folks

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How GMAT SC Pill Blew My Mind?
April 24 | 2012

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       By brendanbrosnan joined: August 11, 2011 | 0 | 0 | native speaker
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I recently finished The GMAT SC Pill, and would like to share a few things about it here for all to see. Excuse me if this gets a bit emotional but I must say it’s about time someone stood up (Zeke Lee) and simplified the GMAT prep process, started to use simple language, and made easy to remember methodology for attacking the GMAT, especially sentence correction.

The unique study method Zeke has created is ever so important in SC because SC could drive the best of us crazy with the almost countless idioms, expressions, and grammar rules in English. He has come up with a method that is both visual and auditory and I am yet to come across something to match it in my GMAT journey so far.

My experience so far in preparing for GMAT began as a GMAT instructor for Kaplan, and apart from a few basic strategies that I learned there, I can say my score had remained in the 600s. I also studied MGMAT and felt an immediate improvement after going through their guides too but still feel they lack the psychologically stimulating edge that The GMAT Pill provides.

Let me describe how it felt to move from Kaplan to The GMAT Pill for the first time...(This may sound a bit far out there but bear with me:)) It feels like when a person moves from Jakarta to Bali! Trust me, the difference is huge. Your GMAT Pill for Sentence Correction is awesome. Moving from Kaplan's online course to the GMAT SC Pill was an awakening!

Here are just a few of the things I have learned from The GMAT SC Pill:

1.I learned to remember X&Y consistency, and watch for keywords such as “and”. As soon as I see “and” in a sentence now, I immediately focus on whats on the left and what’s on the right to make sure they are consistent.

2.I learned a cool concept that Zeke calls “Laundry Lists and Long Sentences”. By this I mean lists of items, be they nouns, adjectives, phrases etc. The important thing with “laundry lists” is that they are following a parallel structure.

3.I learned to deal with verb tenses better than I used to. One of the most enlightening things in the SC Pill was the lesson on past tense. Zeke showed that if the sentence starts in the past tense, then it’s most likely that if there were other actions in the past tense after that event then the tense to use would be past simple. If the writer wants to emphasize a past before another past then you use the past perfect (had +verb-ed)

4.I learned to use the visual concept of Apples and Oranges, when facing comparison issues, and this helped me greatly in an area that I was kind of less confident about before taking The GMAT SC Pill

In addition to these benefits, I got a feeling of confidence from Zeke’s tutorials that I had not received elsewhere. I guess it’s because Zeke has a very common sense approach to the GMAT, and I think none more so than on sentence correction. He truly believes and proves that anyone can master sentence correction in this cool product. If I had only gotten my hands on this sooner...

Regards and thanks Zeke

Brendan Brosnan
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GMAT Pill SC -- Good
January 10 | 2012

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       By goalsnr joined: April 3, 2007 | 1377 | 232 | native speaker
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So far I was able to cover only half of the SC videos and my review is limited to those videos:

1. The study material is awesome!! Watching videos to study SC is fun and less tiring than reading from the paper material. It is as if someone is tutoring you.
2. The study material is similar to Manhattan but simpler and easier to understand
3. There 10 frameworks to approach a SC. Basically the frameworks works all the chapters from the Manhattan book. Most of the Gmat Clubbers recommend Manhattan SC book for SC prep. With the GMAT pill you'll cover the Manhattan SC plus learn strategies to attack the SC and time saving tips.
4. Once such strategy is reading without the fluff.
- Saves a lot of time esp for long SCs with lot of modifiers.
5. The concept of linking verbs is new to me. I haven't seen this covered in other study materials(Kaplan/Manhattan/Princeton). I learned something new with the GMAT pill
6. The explanation for who/whom concepts by using she/them is awesome.
7. The concept of Main sentence/phrase is explained very well. The usage of "ing" verb in the phrase refers to the subject in the main sentence will help with the modifier testing questions.
8.The explanation for present perfect/past perfect in Manhattan is very confusing. The video explains the tense concepts with a table and you don't get lost in the terminologies - Past perfect, perfect what?? ;-)
9. Onion layers -Concentrate on the details/inside layer is a good tip. I was always lost with SCs such as " The Statue of liberty's defects in structure...". The video helped to understand what the SC was suppose to mean and how eliminate fluke answers in a short time.
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