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Need a lot of work on this:

  • Develop Forms for editing Schools and Rankings
  • Explain things like FT Top 100 - 2008


Project Roadmap

This roadmap will eventually become a separate page.

We have:

  • Relevant forums (todo: list here)
  • School pages and rankings (todo: link here)
  • Advice and best practice pages (todo: organize into a wikibook)

We also have applicants profiles in the People project (todo: link here).

We would eventually like to have:

  • B-School Application Guide with advice on choosing a school and all stages of the application. Particularly wanted: advice on financing your studies.
  • The B-School Database organized by program strengths, industry, rankings, geography, with applicants, admits and ambassadors listed.

You can help:

  1. By finding relevant content in the Forum and dumping it onto new Wiki pages; it will be later picked up, reformatted and plugged into the B-School project by the wiki maintainers;
  2. By helping organize this project;
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