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Johnson Graduate School of Management

Johnson School students experience performance-learning in a collaborative community and benefit from Cornell connections. Students may complete up to one quarter of their coursework in any program at Cornell.

Distincitive Features:

Overview (by Hjort)

Cornell offers a full time MBA program and a variety of Executive MBAs (including one with Queen's). It is one of esteemed MBA programs available in the state of New York.

  • Rankings
    • FT 2005 ranked Cornell #24 worldwide - just above UCLA and Rochester.
    • FT2003 ranked Cornell #19 worldwide - just above UCLA, Toronto, and Western Ontario.
    • EIU 2004 placed Cornell #17 worldwide - just above UCLA and UC Berkeley and just below MIT.

The fall in the rank probably has more to do with noise than any change in the intrinsic value proposition of attending Cornell. Cornell is clearly an elite school, albeit one that tends to have a rather high rank spread.


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