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McGill MBA

Overview (by Hjort)

McGill has a long history in management education. Indeed, the Department of Railway Engineering offered a program that included internships with railroad firms during the summer in the early 20th century that was viewed as model of the importance of academic training for businesspeople. McGill started a diploma program in commerce in 1907 and then a three year BComm program in 1918.

The FT program lasts 20 months with the academic year divided into 3 modules. The first year is prescribed.

  • Rankings
    • FT 2003 ranked McGill #37 worldwide near Oxford, Vanderbilt, Rochester, and Ohio State. McGill was the fourth highest ranked in Canada behind Toronto, Western Ontario, and York and just ahead of Queen's.
    • FT2005 ranked McGill #39 worldwide. It was again the fourth highest ranked school in Canada.

Employment (by Paul)

I spoke to a few MBA grads of McGill and I found an interesting fact that is not really published, or at least that I could not find on their website. Despite being a reputed school, the career placement is quite weak. Only approx 65% of students had employment offer within 3 months of graduation. This could be also due to the fact that Montreal, being a small non-financial city of 2 million people, has 4 universities, a ratio higher than that of any Canadian city or perhaps even any city in the world. For int'l students, it might be wise to consider this fact before spending 22k in your MBA.


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