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UC Davis Graduate School of Management

One of the many well respected offerings of the University of California system, UC Davis GSM is located in the northern part of the state near Sacramento.

The Graduate School of Administration (now the Graduate School of Management) at Davis admitted its first student in 1981.

  • Rankings
    • EIU 2004 ranked Davis #47 worldwide - near such US schools as Texas-Austin, Minnesota, Penn State, Maryland, and Purdue.
    • FT 2005 ranked Davis #76 worldwide - near such US schools as South Carolina, Temple, Ohio State, and William & Mary.
    • In 2004 FT ranked Davis #91, near Arizona and Georgia Tech.

Davis offers a number of PT programs including one in the Sacramento area and one in the eastern region of the Bay Area (San Ramon).

UC davis is mostly known as a research institution. science field is the strongest. one of the best agriculture related school in the nation.

  • Tutition Per Annum
    • In-state: 21k
    • Out of state: 34k

FT 2005 Value for Money: #43, better than any other school in the state.


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