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Simply works
May 24 | 2012

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With proven results of admission in Stanford R3 and waitlist in Haas R4, I have to say Admissionado's (formerly Precision Essay) service is simply amazing and working.

Admissionado's commitment and participation in local forums caught my eyes as early as I was still preparing for GMAT. As an international applicant, I needed a professional consulting service that has significant amount of experiences and successful cases in helping international students like me. Admissionado stood out very easily in this aspect when it's time for me to choose one.

Lauren, who is the director of operations, was always warm and fast to my request. She can always find me excellent consultants who are easy to connect and can really help to push the envelope.

Emily helped me on editing essays for both schools. She did a wonderful job and really made sense of my stories. Her editing was not only just literal, but also very guiding toward a better proposition of my own voice.

I was very confident of getting interview invitations after working with Emily. But I was completely naked for interviews when I contacted Lauren again for interview preparation. Mandy and Damon really did a transformative job that turned a non-native speaker into a visionary and leader who can confidently talk about his goal and dream.

The whole experience with Admissionado team was like a deep self-reflection accompanied by mentors about knowing who you really are and what you really want to do. It’s a very rewarding experience. I feel like a better myself after the process, rather than faking another personality begging for admissions.

Btw, did I mention all this happened while I was getting married and had a fulltime job requiring a lot of international travels and conf calls? For someone who is short of time and late in the game, my suggestion would be hiring Admissionado can definitely save your ass.
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