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February 14 | 2014

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  MBA Admissions Consulting   Consultant:  Natalie Epstein
I worked with Natalie from and had an incredible experience. I highly recommend working with her!

I had free consultations, basically interviews, with 8 different firms. Each lasted 45-60 minutes, but the content varied greatly from conversations regarding a firm or consultant's general approach, to outlining a list of schools and an application strategy, and everything between. Some of the firms will match you with your actual consultant before the initial conversation, while others will tell you that you need to be evaluated before you are matched (or, in some cases, given a few consultant options to choose from).

In my case, I spoke with Natalie directly. Accepted was the last firm that I spoke with, and had pretty much already made up my mind on another consultant, until I spoke with her, and immediately knew that she was the one. Not only did our personalities mesh well, but she demonstrated an incredibly intimate knowledge of the admissions process and the interworkings of adcoms at top-tier schools.

I purchased a 6-school comprehensive package, and hit the ground running. The value that I received from Natalie went far beyond simply editing my essays; we worked on finalizing my school list, updating my resume, crafting my story/brand, each individual school's specific essays, mocked my video essays, mocked my interviews, etc, etc etc. She assisted and provided valuable insight into every single step of the process. In addition, her knowledge of the process saved me an enormous amount of time that would have otherwise been spent researching specific questions that Natalie could simply answer off of the top of her head.

Of course, results are the most important factor, and I have been thrilled with the outcome of my applications thus far. I have several top programs to choose from for R1, and still have two R2 application decisions to look forward to!

Overall, incredible experience, and worth every penny. I doubt I would be in the incredible situation that I am in without the help of Natalie and Accepted!
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on this review. Transformed Me
July 26 | 2012

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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:  Yes - school of my dreams
This review is for:  MBA Essay Editing   Consultant:  Natalie Epstein

I am recommending the services from Natalie and accepted. com. I get to know Natalie through this community and it has been a truly grateful, pleaseant experience to work with such seasoned professionals. She have helped me to get into one of the top 10 MBA in the nation and I truly appreciate for her caring atttiude, energy and professional serivices that she have prepared me in this journey.

Natalie basically tansformed me from a raw material into a presentable statue. My background is Ivy League, medium-ranked GPA, 720 GMAT, 2+ yrs I-banking experience in New York. However, Natalie not only help me edit the essays but also teaches me how to strcuture the essays into a presentable format. I truly appreciate her help.

If you have any questions or comments, please pm me, thanks!
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