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This project tries to systematically collect information about our members so that people can find GMAT study partners, future classmates, and GMAT Club business school ambassadors easily. This project is just starting.

If you are a new user, be sure to check out the forums first [1] - this is where most of the activity is presently going on, and you are much more likely to find timely help there.

If you are an active user already, consider helping out with this project. First of all, consider creating a public profile (Public profiles) in addition to the profile you have on your forum. How this will help:

  1. Your name will automatically appear on the pages of the schools you are applying to, so that new potential applicants can find you and ask questions
  2. You will be listed in WhoIsApplyingWhere2008
  3. You will be available through the drilldown (work in progress: [2])

New profiles are now constructed and edited by filling out a form. This form is by no means final - we are looking for ideas of what to include in the profiles and how to organize the information.

Project maintainers: User:Tino and User:Dzyubam. We are looking for other maintainers too, contact us if interested.

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