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Haas School of Business

The program at UC Berkeley was one of the first university-based business programs in the United States.

As most of you probably know, UC Berkeley is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accordingly, UCB is situated in one of the largest metro areas in the United States and is near the Silicon Valley. Berkeley has access to the typical roster of impressive firm names. However, its placements at many of the major firms are not particularly impressive relative to other schools in this cluster.

Haas also has a part time program that was originally offered in San Francisco but was moved to the main campus. However, the weekend program provides courses in Berkeley and in Silicon Valley.

The strongest specializations of UCB Haas are probably technology and entrepreneurship. It is also quite strong in real estate, health care, and not for profit management. Haas has some presence in global management but is easily outclassed by the ultra elites and top cluster Europe schools.

Two prominent themes are Innovation and Social Impact. Innovation arises from the research tradition of the University of California as well as the location near the SV.

  • Rankings
    • Berkeley's best showing on BW has been #8 (in the 2006 rankings), its worst showing has been #19 (also twice)
    • Berkeley's rankings climbed dramatically in 2006-2007, placing #8 in both US News and BW


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