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Owen Graduate School of Management

Overview (by Hjort)

Vanderbilt offers one of the few Near Elite MBA programs in the South of the United States. Vanderbilt is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The Nashville Economic Area is roughly the 33rd largest economic area in the United States in terms of Personal Income.

Academic Year: Semesters divided into 2 modules

Graduation Requirements: The "Core" makes up 23 of 61 required credit hours. The first semester is entirely prescribed.

Subsequently, students must take 12 credit hours in at least one Concentration. In addition, students can select an 8 credit series called an Emphasis. Many of the Concentrations and Emphases appear to in turn consist of their own sets of required and elective courses.

  • Rankings
    • FT 2005 ranks Vanderbilt #31 worldwide - near Emory and Maryland and ahead of Texas and USC.
    • FT 2003 ranked Vanderbilt #35 worldwide (tied with Oxford)- ahead of Rochester and Ohio State and just behind Warwick and Maryland.
    • EIU 2003 ranked Vanderbilt #62 worldwide, near Durham, British Columbia, Western Ontario, and Pittsburgh.
    • FT 2005 Value For Money #60, near Notre Dame and better than Rochester or Georgetown.

CEOs: Emerson Electric, Union Planters (Law).


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